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Earn wood, hamlet, Kinlet par., S. Shropshire, 8g
miles S. of Bridgnorth.

Earraid, island, Argyllshire. See Errait.

Earsdon.—coast par. and township, S. Northumber-
land, 4 miles NW. of North Shields—par., 11,418 ac.,
and 438 foreshore, pop. 16,820; township, 1062ac., pop.
1518; P.O.—2. Earsdon and Earsdon Forest, 2 town-
ships, Bothal par., N. Northumberland, 5 miles N. of
Morpeth—E., 1100 ac., pop. 64; E. F., 762 ac., pop. 24.

Earsham.—hundred, S. Norfolk, 26,011 ac., pop. 7962;
contains 13 pars, and part of another.—2. Earsham,
par. and ry. sta., S. Norfolk, on river Waveney, 1 mile
SW. of Bungay, 3052 ac., pop. 608; P.O.

Ears wich, township and ry. sta., Huntington and
Strensall pars., North-Riding Yorkshire, on river Fosse,
4b miles NE. of York, 1164 ac., pop. 148.

Eartham, par. and hamlet, AV. Sussex, 5| miles NE.
of Chichester, 1539 ac., pop. 154 ; contains E. House.

Eastoy.—par. and township, North-Riding Yorkshire,
1 mile SE. of Richmond—par., 5581 ac., pop. 860; town-
ship, 1282 ac., pop. 123; contains the ruins of Eastoy
Abbey (1152).—2. Eastoy, township, in par. and 4 miles
E. of Stokesley, North-Riding Yorkshire, 1210 ac., pop.
136; contains Eastoy Hall.—3. Eastoy, vil., in par.
and 1
b mile NE. of Brampton, E. Cumberland.

Easdale, island and vil. with pier, Argyllshire, off
W. coast of Seil island, 11 miles SW. of Oban, pop.
460; P.O., T.O.; has large slate quarries, which have
been worked since 1631. Easdale Sound, between
Easdale vil. and Ellenabriech vil., on Seil island, is
400 ft. wide; it forms a natural harbour.

Easetoonrne.—hundred, Chichester rape, W. Sussex,
31,113 ac., pop. 7515; contains 13 pars. — 2. Ease-
bonrne, par. and vil., AV. Sussex, 5 miles NW. of
Petworth, 4040 ac., pop. 1016 ; P.O.

Easedale, mountain valley, on AV. border of West-
morland ; descends from White Stones mountain 3
miles SE. to head of Grasmere; contains Easedale
Tarn, 6 miles NAV. of Ambleside.

Easegiil Force, waterfall, on Jenkin Beck, near
Ingleborough mountain, West-Riding Yorkshire.

Easenixall, township, Monks Kirby par., N. AVar-
wickshire, 4
b miles NAV. of Rugby, 1112 ac., pop. 205.

Easixing, Upper and lower, 2 hamlets, in par. and
b mile W. of Godalming, W. Surrey; in vicinity are the
Easixing Paper Mills and the seat of Easixing House.

Ensington.—-ward, N. Durham, 79,053 ac., pop.
106,117.—2. Easiixgton, par., township, and vil., in
co. and 9 miles E. of Durham—par., 13,490 ac. and
252 foreshore, pop. 9829 ; township, 5058 ac. and
167 foreshore, pop. 1260; P.O.; has large collieries,
and quarries of magnesian limestone.—3. Easington,
hamlet, Chilton par., Bucks, 3 miles NW. of Thame;
P.O.—4. Easington, township, in par. and 1 mile
NE. of Belford, N. Northumberland, 862 ac., pop.
152.—5. Easington, par., Oxfordshire, 6
b miles SAV.
of Thame ry. sta., 235 ac., pop. 22.—8. Easington,
hamlet, in par. and near Banbury, Oxfordshire. —
Easington, coast par. and township, East-Riding York-
shire, 5 miles SE. of Patrington—par., 2995 ac., pop.
425; township, 2319 ac., pop. 382; P.O.—•§. Easington,
coast par. and township with ry. sta., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 9 miles NE. of Guisbrough—par., 6221 ac.
and 183 foreshore, pop. 1313; township, 3767 ac., pop.
644; P.O.—9. Easington, township, Slaidburn par., N.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, on river Hodder, 6 miles
NAV. of Clitheroe, 9199 ac., pop. 299.

Easiixgton Grange, township, in par. and 1J mile
NE. of Belford, N. Northumberland, 402 ac., pop. 61.

Easington lane, hamlet, 3b miles NW. of Easing-
ton, N. Durham ; P.O.

Easingwold, town, par., and township (ry. sta. Alne,
3 miles SW.), North-Riding Yorkshire, 10 miles SE. of
Thirsk and 13 miles NW. of York—-par., 11,281 ac.,
pop. 2522; township, 7000 ac., pop. 2044; P.O., T.o., 2
Banks ; has trade in agricultural produce, and has long
been known for its mfr. of steels. Easingwold was a
place of some importance before the Conquest.

Eask, rivulet, S. co. Donegal, flowing from Lough
Eask past the town of Donegal into Donegal Bay.

Easky.—coast par. and vil., NW. co. Sligo, on river
Easky, 14 miles NE. of Ballina—par., 13,285 ac.,
pop. 3583; vil., pop. 374; P.O., 1 Bank. Market-day,

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