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Ferns, The, seat, 3½ m. SE. of Cuckfield, E. Sussex.

Ferns Lock, ry. sta., on border of cos. Meath and
Kildare, 2 m. NW. of Kilcock and 21 m. NW. of Dublin.

Fcrnsborough, seat, 2 miles S. of Ballywillan ry.
sta., E. co. Longford.

Fernworthy Circle, ancient circle of 27 stones, S.
Devon, 5 miles SAY. of Chagford.

Fernybank, seat, in Glen Esk, Forfarshire, 8 miles
NW. of Edzell.

Fernyhalgh, school, near Manchester, Lancashire.

Fcrrard, bar., S. co. Louth, 48,812 ac., pop. 11,294.

Ferrensby, township, Farnham and Knaresborough
pars., E. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 2½ miles NE. of
Knaresborough, 424 ac., pop. 117.

Ferrer Gate, hamlet, Worfield par., S. Shropshire,
3 miles NE. of Bridgnorth.

Ferriby, North, par. and township with ry. sta. (Fer-
riby), East-Riding Yorkshire, 7 m. SW. of Hull—par.,
1542 ac., pop. 563 ; township, 1008 ac., pop. 473; P.O.

Ferriby, South, par. and vil., N. Lincolnshire, on
river Humber, 8½ miles N. of Brigg, 1750 ac. land and
1495 water, pop. 733; P.O.; in N. vicinity of vil. is
South Ferriby Hall.

Ferriere Rocks, between the E. coast of Guernsey
and the island of Sark, Channel Islands.

Ferrill, dist., Alvechurch par., E. AYorcestershire, 4
miles E. of Bromsgrove.

Ferrindonald.—country of the Clan Munro, in E.
of Ross-shire, between Dingwall and Invergordon.—2.
Ferrindonald, school, in par. and near church of
Sleat, Skye island, Inverness-shire.

Ferring, coast par., AY. Sussex, 3½ miles W. of
AVorthing, 948 ac. and 171 foreshore, pop. 232; con¬
tains the hamlets of East Ferring; P.O.; and West
Ferring; P.O.

Ferris, small bay, near Larne, co. Antrim.

Fcrriter Islands, co. Kerry. See Blasket.

Ferriter’s Cove, near Smerwick Harbour, co. Kerry.

Ferrox Hall, seat, near Tunbridge Wells, mid. Kent.

Ferry, ry. sta., on W. border of Norfolk, 2 miles N.
of Wisbech.

Ferry, East, township, Scotton and Owston pars.,
N. Lincolnshire, 6 m. NE. of Gainsborough, pop. 143.

Ferry, Little, across outlet of Loch Fleet, SE.
Sutherland, 4 miles N. of Dornoch.

Ferry, Meiklc, across Dornoch Firth, between
Sutherland and Ross, 4½ miles SAA7. of Dornoch and 4
miles NW. of Tain.

Ferry Bridge Junction, ry. sta., 1½ mile NW. of
Knottingley sta., E. div. AAfost-Riding Yorkshire. See

Ferry Corner, par., S. Lincolnshire, 1 mile SW. of
Swineshead, pop. 45.

Ferry Frystonc, par. and township (partly also in
Pontefract par.), E. div. AAfost-Riding Yorkshire, in the
pari. bor. of Pontefract—par., pop. 843; township, 1168
ac., pop. 1131 ; contains the seat of Frystone Hall.

Ferry Hill, township (ry. sta. Ferryhill Junction),
Merrington par., in co. and 6 miles S. of Durham, 2502
ac., pop. 3510; P.O., T.O.; and P.O. at Ferry Hill
Village, 1½ mile S. of sta.

Ferry Hill, peninsula, in Firth of Forth, Fifeshire;
on its extremity is the vil. of North Queensferry.

Ferry House, ferry sta., on Windermere, between
Lancashire and Westmorland, 1 mile SW. of Bowness.

Ferry Nab, prom., on E. side of Windermere.

Ferrybank, seat, 1 mile SAY. of Cupar, Fifeshire.

Ferry bank.—vil., on river Suir, S. co. Kilkenny, 1
mile N. of Waterford; P.O.—2. Ferrybank, school,
Kilbride par., co. Wicklow.

Ferrybridge, hamlet with ry. sta. (Ferry Bridge Junc¬
tion), Ferry Frystone par., E. div. West-Riding York¬
shire, 4½ mile NW. of Knottingley sta.; P.O.; was the
scene of a skirmish (1461) before the battle of Towton.

Ferry den, fishing vil., Craig par., Forfarshire, on
river South Esk, opposite Montrose, pop. 1520 ; P.O.

Fcrrylield, print-work, in Vale of Leven, Dumbar¬
tonshire, near Bonhill.

Ferryhill, dist. in SW. of city of Aberdeen.

Ferryhill Junction, ry. sta., in co. and 6 miles S.
of Durham. See
Ferry Hill.

Ferryport, creek, near the entrance of Lough Foyle,
NE. co. Donegal.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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