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Marbnry.—township, Great Budworth par., Che-
shire, on Grand Trunk Canal, 14 mile N. of Northwicli,
384. (45 water) ac., pop. 26; contains Marbnry Hall,
seat, in beautiful grounds, with lake.—2. Marbnry,
par. and vil., Cheshire, 7 miles SW. of Nantwich, 3719
ac., pop. 676 ; P.O.; contains Marbnry Hall, seat.

Marbnry with Quoislcy, township, Marbury par.,
Cheshire, 2166 ac., pop. 346.

March, market town and par. with ry. sta., Cam-
bridgeshire, on river Nen, 14|: miles E. of Peterborough,
154 NW. of Ely, and 82 N. of London by rail, 19,141 ac.,
pop. 6190; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Wednesday. March has trade in coals, timber, and corn.

March, ancient name of Merse : which see.

Marcham, par., township, and vil., Berks—par.,
4940 ac., pop. 1128; township, pop. 786; vil., 24 miles
W. of Abingdon; P.O.; near vil. is Marcham Park, seat.

Marchamley, vil., Hodnet par., Shropshire, 54 miles
E. of Wem.

Marchant, Le, one of the Channel Islands, adjacent
to Guernsey.

Marchfield Spa, a mineral spring in the grounds of
Barnton, Cramond par., Edinburghshire; it had once
some medicinal reputation.

Marchington, township and vil. with ry. sta., Han-
bury par., Staffordshire, 34 miles SE. of Uttoxeter,
pop. 453; P.O., T.O.

Marchlngton Woodlands, township, Hanbury par.,
Staffordshire, 2 miles SW. of Marchington, pop. 319.

Marchlyn-mawr, mountain tarn, Carnarvonshire,
on N. side of Elidyrfawr, 24 miles NE. of Llanberis.

Marchmont, ry. sta., Polwarth par., Berwickshire,
3| m. SW. of Duns ; in vicinity is Marchmont Honse,
seat, built by the last Earl of Marchmont about 1754.

Marchwlel, par., Denbighshire, 24 miles SE. of Wrex-
ham, 3397 ac., pop. 564; contains M. Hall, seat.

Marcbwood, eccl. dist. and vil., Eling par., Hants—
dist., pop. 719; vil., on Southampton Water, 2 miles
SW. of Southampton; P.O., T.O.; in vicinity of vil. is
Marcbwood Park, seat.

Marcle, Little, par., Herefordshire, 3 miles SAY. of
Ledbury, 1218 ac., pop. 146; P.O.

Marcle, Much, par., township, and vil., Hereford-
shire—par., 6349 ac., pop. 1048; township, 4940 ac.,
pop. 858; vil., 54 miles SW. of Ledbury; P.O.; Marcle
Hill is said to have been moved by an earthquake in1575.

Marcross, par., Glamorgan, on Bristol Channel, 64
miles SW. of Cowbridge, 920 ac. and 114 foreshore,
pop. 74; has remains of an ancient castle, and other

Marcus Lodge, Tannadice par., Forfarshire, on river
South Esk, 7 miles NE. of Forfar.

Mardale, mountain vale, Westmorland, extending 24
miles NE. from Harter Fell to Hawes AYater; Mardale
Green, vil., is 1 mile S. of Hawes Water.

Marden.—par., township, and vil., Herefordshire, on
river Lugg—par., 4048ac., pop. 874; township, 3671 ac.,
pop. 840; vil., 5 miles N. of Hereford; P.O.; in vicinity
of vil. is Marden Court, seat; the body of King Ethel-
bert was buried at Marden previous to its removal to
Hereford.—2. Marden, hundred, Scray lathe, Kent,
13,527 ac., pop. 4198.—3. Marden, par. and vil. with
ry. sta., Kent, 9£ miles E. of Tunbridge and 164
AY. of Ashford, 7750 ac., pop. 2321; P.O., T.O.—4.
Marden (or Merton), par. and vil., Wilts, on river
Avon, 6 miles SE. of Devizes, 1278 ac., pop. 203; P.O.

Marden, East, par., Sussex, 6 miles SW. of Mid-
hurst, 938 ac., pop. 91; P.O.

Marden, North, par., Sussex, 1 mile N. of East
Marden, 697 ac.,, pop. 39.

Marden, Up, par., Sussex, 1 m. SW. of East Marden
and 7 m. SW. of Midhurst, 2943 ac., pop. 336.

Marden, West, vil., Up Marden par., Sussex ; P.O.

Marden Hill, seat, Tewin par., in co. and 34 miles
NW. of Hertford.

Marden Park, ry. sta. and ancient seat with finely
wooded grounds, Godstone par., Surrey, 6 miles S. of

Mardock, ry. sta. (for Wareside), Herts, 2| m. NE.
of St Margarets by rail and 5J m. NE. of Hertford.

Mardy.—near Ferndale sta., 6 miles NW. of Ponty-
pridd Junction, Glamorgan; P.O.—2. Mardy, 2 miles
from Abergavenny, Monmouthshire ; P.O.

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