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the foregoing province, celebrated for its beautiful
pottery, carpets, and- stuffs. It is 120 m. N. by
W. of Gombron. Long. 55. 15. E., lat. 29. 20. N.

Kernesville, p.v. Northampton Co. Pa.

Kerpen, a town of Prussian Westphalia, in the
duchy of Juliers. It has a collegiate church, and
is seated on the Erft, 10 m. E. S. E. of Juliers.

Kerrsville, a village in Lawrence Co. Ohio.

Kerry, a county of Ireland, in the province of
Munster, bounded on the E. by the counties of
Limerick and Cork, W. by the Atlantic Ocean,
N. by the Shannon, which separates it from
Thomond, and S. by Desmond and the Ocean.
Its greatest length is about 67 in. and its maximum
breadth 62, comprising about 1,040,487 statute
acres, or 1,639 square m. The southern part is
plain, and fertile in corn ; but the greater part is
mountainous, and chiefly adapted for grazing.
Considerable quantities of beef, butter, hides, and
tallow, are exported from its excellent harbours.
Tralee is the capital.

Kerry, a parish of Wales, in Montgomeryshire,
situate in a beautiful vale of the same name, 3 rn.
from Newton.

Kershaw, a District of South Carolina. Pop.
13,545. Camden is the capital.

Kertch. a sea-port and foriress on the E. coast of
the Crimea. The fortress is of great importance,
as one of those commanding the passage which
forms the communication between the Black Sea
and the sea of As-roii. It is GO m N. N. E. of
Caffa. Long. 36. 24. E , lat. 45. 15. N.

Keschim, a sea-port of Arabia Felix, in Hadra-
maut, 80 m. E. of Shibam. Lon<r. 50. 50. E.,
lat. 15. 25. N.

Kesh, or Sebs, a town of Usbec Tartary, in
Bukharia, once the ordinary summer residence
( of Timur, who surrounded it with walls, and
built a new palace in 1379. It is 30 m. S. by W.
of Samarcand.

Kessel, a town of the Netherlands, in the pro-
vince of Antwerp, with a handsome castle, seated
on the Maese, 7 m. N. of Ruremonde.

Kesseldo-rf, a village of Saxony, 7 m. W. of
Dresden, celebrated for a victory gained by the
king of Prussia over the Saxons, in 1745.

Keswick, a town in Cumberland, Eng.; seated
in a vale of its name, near the rapid river Greta.
This vale is much visited bv the admirers of na-
ture xe2x96xa0 here is the lake of Keswick, or Derwent-
water: and to the N. of this soars the loft
minnt' Skidd
1 w. one of the most distinguished
in E.;g’.ind. Keswick has manufactures of
c-it; xe2x80xa2n. unen. and coarse woolen goods, and an
es*.-a rent for making some of the finer tex-
tures .ii- >ea recently opened. About a mile
a:.d a . .f the S. of the town is a remarkable
arrersg-m-ict of rude granite stones, which form
a cl re -. c *’.ei the Druids’ temple. It is 25 m.
N. W ;.f Kend-il. and 293 N. N.,W.'of London.

K-.g. a town in Northamptonshire, Eng.

, i ': ?t rr- s of tammies, serges, lutestrings,
A:. It ’2 rn. N. E. of Northampton, and 74
X. W. of L mi n.

Kexe2x96xa0is'' or K'adf . a town of Prussian Sax-
on r.
6 m. 8 E. of Mersburg.

Kur. a vhlrge in Surrey. Eng. 6 m. W. by S.
of London. Tne royal palace of Kew, taken
down in
1828, was a favorite retreat of George
xil., who enlarged the gardens, and united them
with those of Richmond. The botanic garden,
chiefly for exotics, is one of the finest in the

Kexholm. See Wiburg.

Kexlwlm, a town of Russia, in Finland, formeily
the capital of the Swedish province of Carelia
and now of a Russian government. It is seated
on two islands in the River Woxon, which here
flows into lake Ladoga. 90 miles N. of Peters-
burg. Long. 30. 25. E., lat. 61. 3. N.

Keynsham, a town in Somersetshire, Eng. with
a trade in malt: seated on the Chew, at its con-
flux with the Avon, 5 m. S. E. of Bristol, and
114 W. of London.

Keysville, a village of Charlotte Co. Va. 70 m.
S. W. Richmond.

Key- West, a small island in the Gulf of Mexico,
near the southern extremity of the peninsula of
East Florida. A settlement was made here by
the United States government with the design
of making it a naval station, but it has been
abandoned, from the unheallhiness of the spot.

Kharkoff, or Charkow, a town of European
Russia, capital of a government of the same
name : seated on the small rivers Kharkoff and
Lapan, 400 m. S. by W. of Moscow.

Khorassan. See Cko.

Kiium. See Com.

Kia-king, a city of China, of the first rank, in
the province of Tche-kiang. Canals are cut
through most of the streets; and passengers are
sheltered from the sun and rain by beautiful
piazzas. The silk manufactures are very exten-
sive. and the trade considerable. It is 590 m. S.
S. E. of Pekin. Long. 120. 14. E., lat. 30 50. N.

Kiakla, a town of Asiatic Russia, in the govern-
ment of Irkutsk. It has a considerable fur trade
and is the centre of the Russian and Chinese com-
merce. It stands on a small river, near its conflux
with the Selenga, 75 m. S. S. W. of Selenginsk
Long. 106. 30. xc2xa3., lat. 50. 20. N.

Kiangari, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Natolia,
chief place of a sangiacat, with a castle on a rock
230 m. E. of Bursa. Long. 34. 47. E., lat. 39. 56.

Kiang-nan, a province of China, bounded on the
W. by Ho nan, S. by Tche-kiang and Kian-si, E.
by the gulf of Nan-king, and N. by Chantong. It
is of vast extent, and contains 14 cities of the first
rank, and 93 of the second and third, which are all
places of considerable trade, the whole country
being intersected by lakes, rivers, and canals.
Its silks, cottons, japanned goods, and paper, are
in high esteem. Nan-king is the capital.

Kiang-si, a province of China, bounded on the
N. by Kiang-nan, W. by Ilouquang, S. by Quang-
tong, and E. by Fokien and Tche-kiang. The
N. part contains the great Potyang lake, and some
extensive morasses'; the middle and S. parts are
mountainous, but intermixed with fertile and
well cultivated valley’s. It contains 13 cities of
the first rank, and 78 of the second and third. It
is celebrated for its porcelain, which is the finest
and most valuable of the empire. Nan-tchang is
the capital.

K'tan-ku, or Yang-tse-lciang, the largest river of
Asia. It flows E. during the first part of its
course along the borders of China, after which it
enters the empire, and passing through the grand
central provinces falls into the gulf of
in the eastern sea.

Kiburg, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Zurich, with a castle, seated on the Theoft’, 14
m. E. N. E. of Zurich.

Kiekapoos, a tribe of Indians in Illinois and tho
neighborhood. They have about 600 warriors.

Kidderminster, a corporate town in Worcester-
shire, Eng. It has long been celebrated for it*


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