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Brack, and the latter those of Gratz, Marchburg,
and Cilley. Though a mountainous country
there is much land fit for tillage, and the soil is
fertile. The mountains are clothed with oak,
beech, and pine; every kind of grain is well .cul-
tivated, and tbe white wine is very pleasant. It
contains mines of excellent iron, whence the arms
made here are in great esteem ; also mines of'lead
and coal. The principal rivers are the Enns,
Muhr, Drave, and Save. The inhabitants are for
xe2x80xa2the most part Catholics, but Protestants are tol-
erated, and Jews in a limited degree. Gratz and
Judenburg are the chief towns.

Suabia, the former name of one of the ten cir-
cles of Germany, bounded on the N. by Franconia
and the circle of Lower Rhine, W. by that circle
and Alsace, S. by Switzerland, and E. by Bava-
ria. It comprised the greater part of the kingdom
of Wurlcmberg, the grand duchy of Baden and
some other territories.

Suakem, or Suaquam, a sea-port and the capital
of the country of Abex, seated on a small island of
he same name, in the Red Sea. It is the resi-
.ence of a Turkish governor under the bashaw of
Cairo, and was once a very flourishing place, but
is now gone to decay. Long. 37. 55. E., lat. 19.
56 N.

Sabiacco, a town of the papal states, in Cam-
pagna di Roma, seated on the Teverone, 33 m. E.
by N. of Rome.

Succadana, a town on the S. W. coast of Bor-
neo, capital of a kingdom ofthe same name. The
chief products of the country are camphor and
diamonds. It is seated at the mouth of a river.
Long. 110. 15. E., lat. 1. 10. S.

Success, a township of Coos Co. N. H. Pop. 14.

Success Bay, a bay on the S. eoast of Terra
del Fuego. The S. promontory, at its entrance,
is called Cape Success. Long. 65.27. W. lat. 55

Suckasunny p.v. Morris Co. N. J.

Suczava, a town of European Turkey,in Molda-
via, formerly a flourishing city, but now much
declined. It is seated on a river ofthe same name,
70 m. N. W. of Jassy. Long. 25. 52. E., lat. 47.

57. N.

Suda, a strong fort ofthe Isle of Candia, situate
on an islet, in a gulf of its name, which is one of
the finest and safest harbours in the Levant. This
fort was constructed by the Venetians, who pre-
served it a great while after Candia was no long-
er in their possession. vIt is 8 m. E. of Canea.

Sudbury, a borough in Suffolk, Eng. 54 m. N.
E- of London.

Sudbury, p.v. Rutland Co. Vt. 43 m. W. Wind-
sor. Pop. 812, ph. Middlesex. Co. Mass. 20 m.
W. Boston. Pop. 1,424.

Suderhamn, a town of Sweden, in the govern-
ment of Gefleborg, with a considerable trade in
linen, butter, timber, and flax; situate at the
mouth of a river, near the gulf of Bothnia, 20 m.
N. of Gefle. Long. 17. 5. E., lat. 63. 20. N.

Suderkoping, a town of Sweden, in E. Goth-
land, seated on a navigable river, 10 m. S. S. E.
of Nordkoping

Sudermama, a province of Sweaen Proper, 62 m.
long and 42 broad; bounded by Upland, West-
mania, Nericia, and the Baltic. It is the most
populous part of Sweden, and abounds in corn,
and mines of divers metals. Nykoping is the cap-

Sudertelge, a town of Sweden, in Sudermania,
with a manufacture of worsted and silk stockings,
16 m W. S. W. of Stockholm.

Sudoree, one of the Feroe Islands, in the North-
ern Ocean, remarkable for a dangerous whirlpoo.
near it, which is occasioned by a crater, 61 fathoms
deep in the centre. The danger, especially in
storms, is very great; but at the reflux, and in
very still weather, tbe inhabitants venture in boats,
for the sake of fishing.

Suen-hoa, a city of China, of the first rank, in
the province of Pe-tche-li, seated amid mountains,
near the great wall, 77 m. N. N. W. of Pekin.
Long. 114. 39. E., lat. 40. 38. N.

Suez, a sea-port of Egypt, with a castle, seated
at the N. end of the W. arm of the Red Sea, cal-
led the gulf of Suez. This gulf is separated from
the Mediterranean by an isthmus, 125 m. over,
which joins Asia to Africa. The town is sur-
rounded by a sandy country, and is without water
Several vessels are employed in the navigation
between this port and Jidda, where the commo-
dities are bartered for Indian goods and the coffee
of Arabia. The commerce of Cairo with Suez is
carried on by caravans, which wait the arrival, ana
set out on th# departure of the vessels, that is
about the end of April, and in the course of July
and August. The merchandise consists in corn,
wood, iron, lead, wool, cloth, cordage, &c.    65m

E. of Cairo. Long. 32. 51. E., lat. 30. 2. N.

Suffield, ph. Hartford Co. Conn. 18 m. N. Hart
ford. Pop. 2,696. A township of Portage Co.
Onto. Pop. 397.

Suffolk, a county of England, 58 m. long and 28
broad; bounded on the S. by Essex, W. by Cam-
bridgeshire, N. by Norfolk, and E. by the German
Ocean. The number of inhabitants in 1821 was
270,542. The soil is of various qualities, but the
country, in general, is level. Near the shore it is
sandy and full of heaths, but abound in rye, peas,
turnips, carrots and hemp, with numerous flocks
of sheep. High Suffolk or the woodlands, which
is in the inland part, yields good pasture, which
feeds abundance of cattle. That part on the con-
fines of Essex and Cambridgeshire affords also ex-
cellent pasture ; and to the N. and N. W. it is
fruitful in corn. Its chief produce is butter and
cheese ; but the latter has gained almost prover-
bially the character of the worst in England. Ip-
swich is the principal town.

Suffolk, a county of Massachusetts, comprising
Boston and Chelsea. Pop. 62.162. Boston is the
Capital. A county of New York, consisting of
the E. part of Long Island. Pop. 26,980; p.v.
Nansemond Co. Va. 28 m. S. VV. Norfolk.

Sugar Creek, townships in Stark. Tuscarawas
Green and Wayne Cos. Ohio.

Sugar Lraf,a iownship of Luzerne Co. Pa.

Sugar drove, q.v. Warren Co. Pa.

Suaasville, p.v. Clark Co. Alab.

Sugulmessa,or Sigilmessa,a town of the kingdom
of Tafilet, tbe capital of a district, which abounds
in corn, dates, and other fruits, and has mines of
iron, lead, and antimony. It is seated on the Zig,
140 m. N. N. E. of Tafilet. Long. 5. 5. W., lat.
,29. 40. N.

Sulda, a town of Prussian Saxony, capital of
Henneburg, with manufactures of fustian, linen,
leather, and steel. It is seated on the Hazel, 7
m. N. of Schleusingen.

Suhlmgen, a town of Hanover, in the county
of Hoya, on a river of its name, 22 m. W. by N.
of Nieburg.

Suire, a river of Ireland, which rises in Tippe
rary flows by Clonmel and Carrick to Waterford,
and meets the Barrow at the head of Waterford

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