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170    MOUNTAINS, El YENS, LAKES, &c.,

for vessels of 100 tons to the falls at Petersburg,
the head of tide water. There is a canal around
these falls, and the river is boatable 80 miles above.

Appoquininunk Creek, New Castle co., De.,
rises in the W. part of the county, and flows
N. E. into Delaware Bay.

Aransas River, Ts., flows in a S. of E. course,
and empties into Espiritu Santo Bay, a little be-
low the town of Eefugio.

Ararat Mountain, Pa., lies in Luzerne and
Wayne counties. Length 15 miles.

Ararat, or Pilot Mountain, N. C., lies 9 miles
N. W. from Bethania, between Yadkin Eiver on
the S. and Ararat Eiver on the W. It is about
1 mile in height, of a pyramidal form, with an
area of an acre at the top, which supports a rock
300 feet high.

Arguello Point, Ca. Situated N. W. from Point

Argyle Fort, Bryan co., Ga., situated on the
W. bark of Ogechee Eiver, 6 miles above Oge-
chee Bridge, was built in 1733, to protect the
early settlers against the Spaniards. It is now
in ruins.

Arkansas Pass, Ts. A passage between two
islands leading into Espiritu Santo Bay.

Arkansas River, As. This river rises in the
Eocky Mountains, about lat. 42° N., near the
sources of the Del Norte, and near the boundary
between Nebraska and New-Mexico, and for some
distance forms a part of that boundary. It flows
through the central part of Arkansas, and after
a course of 2170 miles, enters the Mississippi
in lat. 33° 40' N. Its general course is E. S. E.
The navigation is not obstructed by rocks, shoals,
or rapids, and it is navigable for boats at some
seasons 1980 miles. The country watered by
the Arkansas, in its upper parts, is sterile; but
in the lower parts it is tolerably fertile, and on
its alluvial borders it is rich. The whole surface
watered by this river and its tributaries is esti-
mated at 178,000 square miles.

Armstrong Fort. Situated on the S. extremity
of Eock Island, Is.

Aroostook River, Me. This river rises in the inte-
rior of Piscataquis co., flows more than 100 miles
in a circuitous course, receiving many important
tributaries, and enters St. John's Eiver in New
Brunswick. The land on its borders is very fer-
tile, and said to equal the celebrated Genesee
land for the raising of wheat.

Ascutney Mountain, Windsor co., Yt. This
mountain lies in the towns of Windsor and
Weathersfield, and is a huge mass of granite, pro-
ducing but little vegetation of any kind. Its
name is undoubtedly of Indian origin, but writers
are not agreed as to its signification. Erom the
summit of this mountain the prospect is extensive
and very beautiful. The Connecticut, which is
easily seen winding its way through fertile and
highly cultivated meadows, adds much to the
charm of the scenery.

Ash Point, Chippewa co., Mn., extends into the
Straits of St. Mary, opposite St. Joseph's Island.

Ashepoo River, Colleton district, S. C. This
river rises in the W. interior of the district, flows
S. S. E., and empties into St. Helena Sound.

Ashley Fork, Ca. A W. branch of Green Eiver,
which it enters below Brush Creek.

Ashley River, S. C. This river rises in the W.
part of Charleston district, flows S. E., through
Colleton district, and enters Charleston Harbor
opposite the city of Charleston.






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Ashley River, Ea., waters the W. part of the
state, and falls into the Gulf of Mexico.

Ashtabula River, Ashtabula co., O. It rises in
the E. part of the county, flows about
30 miles
in a N. W. direction, and empties into Lake Erie.

Ashuelot or Ashwillit River, Cheshire co., N. II.
This stream rises in a pond in the town of Wash-
ington, flows in a southerly direction, through Mar-
low and Gilsum, to Keene, where it receives a con-
siderable branch supplied from ponds in Stoddard.
Erom Keene it proceeds to Swanzey, where it re-
ceives another branch, and thence pursues a south-
erly and westerly course, through Winchester into
Hinsdale, where it empties into the Connecticut,
3 miles from the S. boundary of the state.

Assabet River, Ms. It rises in the vicinity of
Westborough, flows through Marlborough, North-
borough, and Stow, and unites with Sudbury
Eiver at Concord.

Assemoqua River, Mn., rises in the S. W. corner
of Clare co., flows E., and empties into the Titti-
bawasee on the S. border of Gladwin co.

Attanwa River, St. Croix co., Wn., flows S. W.
into the St. Croix Eiver.

Attonowining River, La Pointe co., Wn. A
small stream flowing S. into the St. Croix Eiver.

Attwater's Falls, in Norfolk village, St. Law-
rence co., N. Y., are formed by the descent of
Eacket Eiver from a height of
50 feet.

Au Barque, Point, Mn., extends into the N. W.
part of Lake Huron, E. from the Big Bay de

Au Barques Point, Huron co., Mn., situated at
the mouth of Willow Eiver.

Au Bay Point, Mn., situated between Big and
Little de Noquet Bays.

Au Chapeau Point, Huron co., Mn., extends into
Lake Huron, at the mouth of Pinebog Eiver.

Au Cuivre River, Mo. This river is formed by
three principal branches, called Indian Creek,
Middle, and Eagle Eorks. After the junction of
these large streams, the river flows in an easterly
direction, forming the boundary between St.
Charles and Lincoln counties, and empties into
the Mississippi.

Auglaize River, O., rises in Allen co., receives
numerous branches, and forms a large branch of
the Maumee Eiver, entering it on the S. side, at
Defiance. It is boatable, at high water,
50 or 60 m.

Au Haut Island, Me. This island lies off Han-
cock co., E. from the Yinalhaven Islands.

Au Pain de Sucre Point, Huron co., Mn. Situ-
ated E. from Point au Chapeau.

Au Sable, Point, Schoolcraft co., Mn. Situated
E. from the mouth of Hurricane Eiver.

Au Sable Point, Brown co. Wn., extends into
Green Bay, N. E. from the town of Green Bay,
and opposite Grass Point.

Au Sable River, N. Y., sometimes called the
Great Au Sable, rises in the Mohegan Mountains,
Essex co., near the sources of Hudson Eiver,
flows N. E., and enters Lake Champlain in the S.
part of Clinton co. Its two main branches unite
at the village of
Au Sable Forks; the river then
passes through the manufacturing villages of
Clintonville, Keesville, and Birmingham, afford-
ing extensive water power. There is a succes-
sion of falls, in all of about
150 feet descent, at
Birmingham, 2 miles below Keesville. The river
enters a deep ravine, of singular and romantic
beauty, immediately below the falls. The rocks
rise on cither side of this chasm, which is formed
by the wearing of the waters, or by some convul-

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