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sion of nature, to an almost perpendicular height
of from 75 to 150 feet, for a distance of about 2
miles, and an average width of about 50 feet,
forming a great natural curiosity. There are
other ravines of singular formation in this vi-

Au Sable River, Little, rises in Clinton co., N.
Y., and enters Lake Champlain a few miles N. of
the Great Au Sable.

Au Sable River, Is. A small branch of the Illi-
nois River, which it enters from theN. in Gundy co.

Austin's Creek, Ga. It falls into Savannah
River, about 12 miles N. W. from Savannah.

Aux Grais River, Mn., rises in the S. E. part of
Ogemaw co., flows S. E. into Arenac co., where
it falls into Rifle River.

Avalanche Lake, Newcomb, Essex co., N. Y.
This small lake is situated between Mounts Mc-
Intyre and McMartin. It is much the highest
body of water in the state, large enough to be
called a lake ; being elevated 2900 feet above the
tide waters of the Hudson, of whicli it is a tribu-
tary. It derives its name from an avalanche that
must have occurred on the W. side of Mount Mc-
Martin many years since.

Avon Springs. See Mineral Springs, &c.

Ayer's Hill, Haverhill, Ms. Height 339 feet.

Back Creek, Va., drains Frederick co., and
flows N. E., through Berkley co., into the Poto-
mac River.

Back River, N. II. The head stream of this
River, called Bellamy Bank, is formed by two
branches, which unite in Madbury. The stream
then falls into the Piscataqua, on the W. side of
Dover Neck, and is called Back River.

Back River, Va., forms the boundary between
York and Elizabeth City counties, and empties
into Chesapeake Bay.

Bad River, Mn., rises in Saginaw co., and
empties into Saginaw River.

Bad River, La Pointe co., Wn. This stream
has many large branches, which drain the E. part
of the county. They unite to form the main
stream near its entrance into Lake Superior.

Bagaduce Point, Me. A cape extending into
Penobscot Bay.

Bahama Channel, or Gulf of Florida, the nar-
row sea between the coast of America and the
Bahama Islands, is 135 miles long, and 46 wide.
The currents here, formed by an inflection of the
Gulf Stream, are very violent, passing at the rate
of from 2 to 5 miles an hour among islands, and
vessels are frequently wrecked in passing through
this dangerous strait.

Baker's Island. Me., lies S. E. of Mount De-
sert Island, off Hancock co.

Baker Mount, On. This is an elevated peak of
the Cascade Mts., situated on the N. border of the

Baker Pond, Me. Situated in the N. part
of Somerset co. The S. branch of St. John's
River passes through it.

Baker's River, Grafton co., N. H. This is
a considerable stream, formed by two branches.
The N. branch rises near Moosehillock Moun-
tain in Benton, flows in a southerly direc-
tion through Warren into Wentworth, where it
unites with the S. branch. The river then flows
in a S. E. and S. course through Rumney and
Plymouth, where it unites with the Pemige-
wasset, just above Plymouth Village. It was on
this river, in the township of Rumney that

General Stark was captured by the Indians, ou
the 28th of April, 1752.

Bald Eagle Mountains and Valley, Pa., are situ-
ated N. E. of Juniata River, on the confines of
Huntington and Centre counties. Bald Eagle
Valley lies on the E. side, and is 5 miles wide,
having beneath it a bed of limestone. It has
also a place where caverns in the rocks absorb
the principal streams of the valley, which run
several miles under ground before they emerge.

Bald Eagle River, Pa., runs in a N. E. direction
44 miles, through Centre and Clinton counties,
and falls into the W. branch of the Susquehanna,
after a course of 50 miles.

Bald Face Mountain, Coos co., N. II., lies in
the town of Bartlett, between Ellis River and the
Rocky branch of the Saco.

Bald Hill, Douglas, Ms. Height 714 feet.

Bald Mount, Somerset co.. Me., lies W. of Pe-
nobscot River.

Bald Mountain Hills, Rensselaer co., N. Y., is a
high range extending from the town of Hoosick,
through Petersburg into Berlin.

Bald Mountain Ridge, Me. Situated in the N.
W. part of Somerset co., near the source of the
W. branch of Penobscot River.—
Bald Mountain.
An isolated peak, situated in the same county, S.
from the Ridge.

Bald Peak, Mt.Washington, Ms. Height 2624 ft.

Baldwin's Creek rises in Erin, Chemung co.,
N. Y., and flows S. into Chemung River.

Balize, La. This is the principal entrance into
the mouth of the Mississippi, and is 100 miles be-
low New Orleans. It is about 20 miles long, and
has 16 feet of water on the bar.

Ballston Springs. See Mineral Springs, &c.

Baloxi, Bay of, Mi. ThiS bay lies between
Harrison co. on the N. and Ship Island Sound
on the S.

Baloxi River, Harrison co., Mi., is a small
stream emptying into Baloxi Bay.

Bamonegemook Lake, Me., lies in the N. part of
Piscataquis co.

Bank Creek, Pa. The head branches of this
stream rise in the W. part of Clearfield co. It
flows in a S. W. direction, separating Clarion and
Armstrong counties, and empties into the Alle-
ghany River.

Bannister River, Va., runs through Pittsylvania
and Halifax counties, and falls into Dan River, 10
miles above its junction with the Roanoke.

Baptism River, Ma. A small stream flowing
S. E. into Lake Superior.

Baraboo River, Wn. It rises in the N. W. part
of Sauk co., flows S. of E., and empties into Wis-
consin River, in Columbia co., just above the town
of De Korra.

Barataria Bay, La. This bay sets up from the
Gulf of Mexico, and receives the waters of a chain
of lakes lying between it and the Mississippi River.

Barataria Island, La. A strong military post on
the N. side of the Gulf of Mexico, at the entrance
of Barataria Bay, 55 miles N. W. from the Balize.
It is a healthy island, and has a safe and commo-
dious harbor.

Barataria River, La., runs S. into a bay of the
same name.

Bare Mountain, Orange co., N. Y. This is one
of the W. peaks of the Highlands, lying in the
towns of Cornwall and Monroe.

Barnhart's Island, St. Lawrence co., N. Y., lies
in St. Lawrence River, being the most N. island
in this river belonging to the U. S.

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