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Barn Island, Great, New York co., N. Y., lies
in East River, on the N. side of Hell Gate, 7 miles
from the City Hall. It is about 2 miles in cir-

Barn Island, Little, N. Y., lies at the junction
of Harlem and East Rivers, and N. E. of Great
Bam Island, from which it is separated by a nar-
row channel called “ Little Hell Gate."

Barnes Sound, Ea. A large expanse of water,
situated between Dade co. on the N. and the
Florida Keys on the S. and E.

Barnegat Bag, N. J. This bay is separated
from the ocean by Island and Squam Beaches,
extends from Barnegat Inlet, 20 miles, to Mete-
cunk River, and is from 1 to 4 miles wide.

Barques River, Mo., enters the Missouri at Ion.
93° 14' W. and lat. 38° 43' N.

Barren Island, King's co., N. Y., lies at the
mouth of Jamaica Bay, between Plumb and Rock-
away Inlets.

Barren Rivers, Ky., two small rivers, called the
Big and Little Barren, are tributaries of Green
River. The former falls into it in the N. W. cor-
ner of Warren co., the latter W. of Greensburg.

Barrell Creek, Iowa, flows S. W., and enters Mis-
souri River in Mills co.

Barrier River, On., flows in an E. direction, and
falls into Clark's fork of Columbia River, a little
below Fort Okonagan.

Barrington Fort, Ga., 14 miles above Darien,
on the E. bank of the Alatamaha, was erected in
1720 by the Carolinians, to prevent the escape of
the negroes to the Spaniards at St. Augustine.

Barron's Island, Grafton co., N. H. A small
island in the Connecticut River, attached to the
town of Piermont.

Bartlett's Island, La Pointe co., Wn. Situated
in Lake Superior, N.E. from the Apostles' Islands.

Barton River, Yt., is formed in the township of
Barton, by the junction of two head branches, one
of which rises in Glover, and the other on the
boundary between Sheffield and Sutton. The
main stream flows N. and N. E., receiving Wil-
loughby's River near its head, and qjassing through
parts of' Irasburg and Orleans, empties into Mem-
phremagog Lake. It waters about 160 square

Basin Harbor, Addison co., Yt. See Ferrishurg.

Baskahegan River, Me., rises in Baskahegan
Lake, Washington co., near New Brunswick line;
it then flows 15 or 20 miles in a W. direction, and
empties into the Matawamkeag, a tributary of the
. Penobscot.

Bass Islands, O. Situated in Lake Erie, N. W.
from Cunningham's Island and N. from the town
of Port Clinton.

Bastien Bay, Plaquemine parish, La. A long,
narrow body of water extending from the Missis-
sippi River S. W. into Barataria Bay.

Basture Island. A small island lying in the
Gulf of Mexico, near the coast of Mi.

Batache Bayou, La. A small branch of the
Dorchcat Bayou.

Baitahatchee River rises in Aa., and after a
i course of 70 miles in a S. W. direction, enters the
Tombigbee, in Monroe co., Mi.

Batten Kill rises in Vt., flows W. through Wash-
ington co., N. Y., and enters the Hudson l£ miles
below Fort Miller bridge. It is a good mill

Battle Creek. Mn., is the largest branch of the
Kalamazoo. It has a winding course of 40 miles,
and furnishes good mill seats.

Battle River, Aroostook co., Me. A small
stream flowing in a S. E. direction into the Mat-
awamkeag River.

Bay Creek, Is., rises in the N. part of Pike
co., flows W., and. empties into the Mississippi in
Calhoun co.

Bay River, Craven co., N. C., empties into Pam-
lico Sound, N. from Neuse River.

Bay Ronde, La. This small bay lies off Pla-
quemine parish, just above the Delta of the Mis-

Bayou des Arcs, As. This stream flows in a
S. E. direction, forming the boundary line be-
tween White and Pulaski counties, and empties
into White River.

Bayou Meter, As. This river rises in the N. W.
part of Pulaski co., flows S. S. E., its tributaries
draining a large extent of land, and falls into the
Arkansas River, in Arkansas co.

Beach Island, Ms. This island lies off the town
of Wellfleet, enclosing Wellfleet Bay.

Beacon Hill, or the Old Beacon, N. Y., one of
the highest peaks of the Highlands of the Hud-
son, is situated in the S. part of the town of Fish-
kill, close on the borders of the Hudson, above
which it is elevated 1471 feet.

Beacon, New, or Grand Sachem, N. Y., situ-
ated half a mile S. of the former, is the high-
est peak of the Highlands, or Matteawan Moun-
tains, being elevated 1685 feet above the tide
waters of the Hudson. The view from the
summit of this mountain is extremely beautiful.
The river is visible from West Point to Tappan
Bay on the S., and for an extent of 50 miles on
the N. The surrounding rich and highly culti-
vated country, dotted with villages, and wanting
in nothing that renders so extensive a landscape
lovely, lies as a picture before the observer.

Bean Hill, Merrimac co., N. II. See Northfield.

Bean's Creek, Franklin co., Te. A small branch
of Elk River.

Bearen Island, N. Y., lying in the Hudson,
opposite the town of Coevmans, Albany co., was
on the S. boundary of the old Rensselaerwyck
colony, and was fortified and garrisoned by one
of the early patroons, in 1644. All foreign traders
were obliged to come here and learn the terms on
which the port of the colony might be entered.

Bear Camp River, N. H. " This river is formed
in Ossipee, by the junction of its two principal
branches, and empties into the W. side of Ossipee

Bear Creek, the outlet of Bear Lake, rises in
Stockton, Chatauque co., N. Y., and flowing S.
enters Cassadaga Creek.

Bear's or Tiffin's Creek rises in Mn., and enters
the Maumee l£ miles above the Auglaise. It is
54 miles long.

Bear Creek, Is., rises in the interior of Hancock
co., flows S. S. E., and enters the Mississippi by
two mouths in Adams co.

Bear Creek, Iowa. A S. branch of the Maco-
quetais River, which it enters in Jackson co.

Bear Creek. A branch of Tennessee River,
rises in Aa., and after a course of 70 miles enters
the Tennessee, between the states of Aa. and Mi.

Bear Creek, Ts. A small W. branch of Trinity

Bear Grass River, Ky., falls into the Ohio, at

Bear Lake, Chatauque co., N. Y., is a small
body of water lying partly in the town of Pom
fret and partly in Stockton.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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