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Bear Mountain, Wendall, Ms. Height 1281 ft.

Bear River, Me. This stream rises in the High-
lands, near Umbagog Lake, and falls into the
Androscoggin, opposite Bethel.

Beasley's Creek, Ky., falls into Ohio River, Ion.
83° 55' W. and lat. 38° 35' N.

Beaver, Big, River, Pa., is formed by the Maho-
ning and Shenango. It enters the Ohio River
near the town of Beaver, Pa. The main river is
about 20 miles long, and to its sources 80 miles.
The Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal passes along
the valley of this river.

Beaver Dam Creek, Beaufort district, S. C. A
small branch of the Savannah River.

Beaver Dam Lake, Tunica co., Mi., lies a little
E. from the Mississippi River, with -which it is
connected by an outlet.

Beaver Brook, Aroostook co., Me., is a tributary
of Aroostook River, which it enters on the N. side.

Beaver Brooks, N. H. There are several streams
of this name in the state. The largest rises in a
small pond in Unity, and flowing W. empties into
the Connecticut at Charlestown. Another rises
in Mount Vernon, and empties into the Souhegan.

Beaver Creek, Crawford co., Wn. A tributary
of Black River.

Beaver Islands, Lake Michigan. These islands
are 5 or 6 in number. The largest, Big Beaver,
contains 40 square miles.

Beaver Islands, Great and Little, Mn. They lie
in the N. part of Lake Michigan, Great Beaver
being S. and Little Beaver S. W. from Garden

Beaverkill rises in Ulster co., N. Y., flows
through Sullivan into Delaware co., and falls into
the Papacton, a branch of the Delaware. It is a
good mill stream.

Beaver Lake, Hamilton co., N. Y., is a small
body of water emptying into Moose River.

Beaver River, N. H. and Ms., rises in Beaver
Pond, in Londonderry, flows S. through Pelham,
and falls into the Mem mac, in Dracut, Ms., nearly
opposite the mouth of Concord River.

Beaver River rises in Hamilton co., N. Y., and
flowing W. empties into Black River, in Lewis co.

Becket Station Mountain, Becket, Ms. Height
2194 feet.

Bedlow's Island is situated in New York Bay,
near Ellis's Island, and 2946 yards S. W. of the
Battery. It belongs to the U. S. government, and
on it is located Port Wood, a strong fortification,
which, with the vrorks on Governor's Island, forms
the inner defence of N. Y. harbor.

Beech River, Te. This stream rises in the W.
interior of Henderson co., flow's E., receiving
Piney, Cane, Mill, and other small creeks, and en-
ters the Tennessee at Perryville.

Beerkill rises in Sullivan co., N. Y., flows E.,
and empties into Rondout Creek, in Ulster co.

Belamaqueen Bay, Vt. A small bay jutting
into the town of Eerrisburg, from Lake Champlain.

Belle River, Mn., passes through Lapeer and St.
Clair counties, and after a course of 50 miles en-
ters St. Clair River. It is navigable for bateaux
a short distance from its mouth.

Belle Pond, or Belle Water Pond, Vt., lies in the
S. E. part of Barton, and is 3 miles long and l£
miles wide.

Bell Kedgwick River, Me. A branch of the Kat-
awan Kedgwick, which it enters on the W. side.

Bellingham Bay, On. Situated in the N. W.
part of the state, between the Gulf of Georgia
and the Straits of Juan de Puca.

Bellows Falls, Vt. See Rockingham.

Bennett's Creek rises in the S. part of Steuben
co., N. Y., and flowing N. enters Canisteo River.

Benton Lakes, Ma. Situated at the head of
Coteau Percee Creek, a tributary of Sioux River.

Bete G'ris Bay, Houghton co., Mn. Situated on
the N. E. part of Keewaiwona Bay.

‘Betsie River, Mn. This stream rises in a small
lake in the S. W. part of Leelanau co., makes a
curve into Manistee co., then flowrs through the
W. part of Leelanau co. into Lake Michigan.

Big Bay de Noquet, Mn. This is a large bay
extending into the N. part of the peninsula, N. E.
from Green Bay. It receives the waters of several
rivers, and communicates with Lake Michigan.

Big Bay Creek, Is. This stream flow's S. E.,
draining Johnson and Pope counties, and empties
into the Kentucky River.

Big Biwyah Creek, Choctaw co., Mi. One of
the head branches of the Big Black River.

Big Black River, Mi., is 160 miles long, and
empties into the Mississippi.

Big Blue River, la., falls into the Ohio, 2 miles
W. from Leavenworth.

Big Blue River rises in the E. part of In. ter.
and falls into the Missouri in Jackson co.

Big Bone Creek, Woodford co., Ky., flow's W.
into the Ohio River.

Big Branch Creek, Ripley co., Mo. A tributary
of Current River, which it enters near the centre
of the county.

Big Flat Creek, Bedford co., Te., enters Duck
River from the S., opposite Shelbyville.

Big Hatchy River, Te., falls into the Mississippi
in Tipton co., after a course of 100 miles.

Bighorn River. This river rises in the Rocky
Mountains, and flowing in a N. E. direction, about
800 miles, joins the Yellowstone at Manuel's
Fort. It waters a fine, fertile country, and is
navigable for canoes to a great distance.

Big Horse Creek, Edgefield district, S. C. A
small branch of the Savannah, which it enters a
little below Hamburg.

Big Indian Creek, la., rises in the S. part of
Johnson co., flow's W., and empties into the W.
fork of White River, in Morgan county.

Big Lake River, On. It rises in a lake on the
N. border of On., flow's S. W., and empties into
Clark's Pork of Columbia River, a little W. from
Pend Oreille's Lake.

Big Laurel River, N. C., rises among the Blue
Ridge Mountains in Yancey co., and flows S. W.
into the French Broad River.

Big and Little Sandy Forks, On. and Ca. These
streams rise in the Wind River Mts., unite, and
flowing S. W. into Ca., empty into Green River.

Big Loutre River, Mo. This river waters the
S. E. part of Audrain co., flows S. S. E., and en-
ters the Missouri, opposite Loutre Island.

Big Mill Greek, Jackson co., Va., flows in a
N. W. direction, and empties into the Ohio River.

Big Muddy River, Is. This river rises in the
N. part of Jefferson co., flows S. W., receiving
numerous tributaries, and enters the Mississippi
in the N. W. corner of Union co.

Big Pigeon Creek, la. It rises near the centre
of Gibson co., flows in a winding southerly direc-
tion, and enters the Ohio River in Vandcrburg co.

Big Pigeon River. This stream rises in the
S. E. part of Haywood co., N. C., flows N. W.
into Te., and enters the French Broad River in
the N. part of Cocke co.

Big Sandy River, rises in Va., and enters the



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