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Ohio at Catletsburg, Ky. It is formed by the
junction of E. and W. forks, and its E. fork con-
stitutes the boundary between Va. and Ky. for
nearly 200 miles.

Big Stone Lake, Ma. This is a long, narrow
sheet of water, lying S. E. from Lake Travers.
The waters of Minesota or St. Peter's River pass
through it.

Big Swamp Creek, Lowndes co., Aa., flows
N. W., and enters the Alabama River at Benton.

Big Thibeau Riven', Mo., rises in the N. E. part
of Henry co., flows S. E., and enters the South
Grand, near its junction with Osage River.

Big Whippoorwill Creek, Logan co., Ky., flows
S. E., and empties into Red, a branch of Cumber-
land River.

Big Wills Creek, Aa. This stream has its
source among the Alleghanies, flows mostly in a
S. W. course, and falls into the Coosa River.

Big Wood River, On. It rises among the
Salmon River Mountains, flows S. of W., and
falls into Lewis's fork of Columbia River, just
below Fort Poisee.

Big Creek, Posey co., Ia., flows S. W. into the
Wabash River.

Big Creek, As. A small branch of White River.

Big Creek, Ts. An E. tributary of Brazos River.

Bigelow Mountains, Me., lie S. of Dead River,
in Franklin and Somerset counties.

Billingsgate Island, Ms. This is the most
southern of four islands enclosing Wellfleet Bay.

Birch Lake, Chippew'a co., Wn. One of a chain
of small lakes supplying the head waters of Red
Cedar River.

Birch Stream, Penobscot co., Me., enters the
Penobscot River just above Oldtown Island.

Bird Island, N. Y. Situated in the E. part of
Lake Erie, opposite the city of Buffalo, is a small,
rocky island. The great Black Rock Pier com-
mences here, and extends to Squaw Island, oppo-
site Black Rock, a distance of 2 miles, affording
an immense hydraulic power, also an inexhaust-
ible feeder for the Erie Canal.

Bird Song Creek, Benton co., Te. A small
branch of the Tennessee River.

Bishop's Brook, N. H., waters Stewartstown, and
empties into the Connecticut.

Bistineau Lake, Claiborne parish, La., receives
Dacheet River, and connects with Red River, the
waters of which it receives in the wet season, and
discharges in the dry season. It is 35 miles long
and 2 miles wide.

Biswell's Creek, Livingston co., Ky. A small
branch of the Cumberland River.

Black Bay, Va. A small bay in the Ches-
apeake, at Ion. 76° 21' W. and lat. 37° 9' N.

Black Bay. Situated in the N. part of Lake
Superior, Ion. 88° 10' W. and lat. 48° 36; N.

Black Bay, La., lies off St. Bernard and Pla-
quemine parishes, between Chandeleur Bay on the
E., and the Bay de la Riviere au Chenes on the S.

Black Creek, Vt. See Fairfield.

Black Creek rises in New Hudson, Alleghany
co., N. Y., and flows N. E- into Genesee River.

Black Creek, N. Y. This stream, which affords
good water power, rises in Genesee co., and flows
into Genesee River, in Monroe co.

Black Creek, Brown co., Wn. An E. branch
of Wolf River.

Black Creek, Fa. A tributary of St. John's
River, which it enters in Duval co.

Black Beard Island, Ga., belongs to the U. S.
government, and contains 1600 acres.

Black Lake, St. Lawrence co., N. Y. This lake,
which lies nearly parallel with St. Lawrence
River, is about 20 miles long, and from 1 to 2A
miles in width, and seems a mere expansion of
Black River, which enters it from the S. Its out-
let, after flowing 2 or 3 miles, enters Oswegatchie

Black River, Me. This river rises in several
ponds near the Canada line, and flows S. E. into
St. John's River.

Black River, Little, Me., rises N. E. of the for-
mer. and flows S. E. into the St. John's.

Black River, Windsor co., Vt. It rises in
Plymouth, flows through Ludlow, Cavendish, and
Weathersfield, affording many mill sites, and
falls into the Connecticut at Springfield. Its
length is 35 miles.

Black River, Orleans co., Vt., rises in some
ponds in Craftsbury, flows through Albany, Iras-
burg, and Coventry, and falls into Memphrema-
gog Lake at Salem. Its length is about 30

Black River, the third river in size that has
its course entirely in N. Y., derives its name
from the color of its waters. It rises in Herki-
mer and Hamilton counties, flows N. W. about
120 miles, and empties into Black River Bay, in
the E. part of Lake Ontario. It is navigable from
the High Falls, in Leyden, where it has a descent
of 63 feet, to the Long Falls at Carthage, a dis-
tance of 40 miles. The remainder of its course
is circuitous, being a succession of rapids and
falls. It is mostly a deep, sluggish stream, its
falls, however, affording fine water power. Its
lower part is bordered by a fertile and thickly
settled country.

Black River Bay, N. Y., an expansion of Black
River at its mouth, is situated E. of Lake Ontario,
with which it communicates. It is 5 miles long,
and 1 mile wide.

Black River, S. C. This river rises in the E.
part of Kershaw district, flows S. E. across Sump-
ter and Williamsburg districts, and empties into
Winyaw Bay at Georgetown.

Black River, Mn. This river is formed by 3
principal branches, which unite on the boundary
between Allegan and Van Buren counties, and
empties into Lake Michigan.

Black River, Mn., drains the W. part of the
upper peninsula, flowing N. into Lake Superior.

Black River and Lake, Ottowa and Allegan
counties, Mn. The river flows mostly in Ottowa
co., and widens into a lake near its entrance into
Lake Michigan.

Black River, Wn. It rises in the W. part of
Portage co., and flows
S. S. W. into the Missis-
sippi River. This river has many tributaries, and
drains a large extent of country.

Black Lake Creek, La., rises in Claiborne parish,
S., receiving numerous tributaries, and unit-
ing near its mouth with the Grand Bayou, enters
Black Lake.

Black Fish River, Crittenden co., As. A small
tributary of the St. Francis.

Black Oak Island, Sumpter district, S. C.
Bounded E. and S. by the Santee River, and W.
and N. by some of its branches.

Blackstone River, Ms. The most inland branch
of this river rises between Paxton and Holden.
It passes Worcester, receives the waters of the
ponds in Shrewsbury, passes Auburn, Grafton,
Millburv, Sutton, Northbridge, Uxbridge, and
Mendon, and entering R. I. changes its name to

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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