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Pawtucket, and meets the tide waters in Provi-
dence River.

Blackwater River, N. II., derives its name from
the color of its water. It is formed in the W.
part, of Andover, by the junction of two small
streams, and flowing through Salisbury and Bos-
cawen, enters Contoocook River in Hopkinton.

Black Water River, Mo. This stream, with its
tributaries, drains Johnson co., flows N. E., and
enters La Mine River, in Saline co.

Blackwell's Island, N. Y., belonging to the city
of New York, lies in East River, about 4 miles
from the City Hall. It is 1|-miles long, and
quite narrow. On it are situated the City Peni-
tentiary and the Lunatic Asylum, two massive
stone buildings.

Blanco or Orford Cape, On. A point of land
extending into the Pacific Ocean, N. from the
mouth of Tlamath River.

Block Island, R. I. See New Shoreham.

Blood River, Te. and Ky., rises in Henry co.,
Te., flows N. E., and empties into the Tennessee
River in Calloway co., Ky.

Blue Hill and Bay, Me. See Towns.

Blue Bayou, La. This stream is an outlet of
the Bayou La Pourche, which it leaves at Thibo-
deauville. It then flows in a S. E. direction, sepa-
rating La Fourche Interior and Terre Bonne
parishes, and enters the E. part of Timbalier Bay.

Blue Buck Point, La. This is the S. W. ex-
tremity of Calcasieu parish, and extends into Sa-
bine Lake.

Blue Hills, N. H. This is the name generally
given to the range commencing in Nottingham,
and extending through Strafford, Farmington,
and Milton. Teneriffe, Saddleback, and Tuck-
away are among its principal peaks.

Blue Hill, Milton, Ms. Height 635 feet.

Blue Mountains, On. A range extending
through the interior of the territory, nearly par-
allel with the Cascade Mountains.

Blue Ridge, or South Mountains, branch off from
the E. part of the Alleghany Mountains, in N. C.,
cross the state of Va., and extend to the “ High-
lands," N. Y. The highest summits, called “ the
Peaks of Otter," are in Bedford co., Va. The
E. peak measures about 4000 feet in height.

Blue River, Grant co., Mn., drains the N. E.
part of the county, and empties into Wisconsin

Blue Stone River, Va. It rises in the E. part of
Tazewell co., among the Great Flat Top Moun-
tains, flows N. E. through Mercer co., and falls
into New River, near its junction with the Green-

Bluewater River, La., falls into the Missouri, 9
miles E. of the Kansas.

Bluff Island, in the St. Lawrence, is attached
to the town of Hammond, St. Lawrence co., N. Y.

Bluff Point, N. Y. See Crooked Lake.

Bluff Point, Va. The S. extremity of North-
umberland co., extending into Chesapeake Bay.

Bozakill rises in Schenectady co., N. Y., flows
E., and enters Norman's Kill, in Albany co.

Bodeau Bayou rises in the S. W. part of As.,
flows S. into La., and enters Lake Bodeau.

Bodeau Lake, Bossier parish, La. This long
and narrow sheet of water receives Bodeau Bayou
on the N., and is connected by outlets on the S.
with Red River and Lake Bistineau.

Bodkin's Point, Md., extends into Chesapeake
Bay, Ion. 76° 35' W. and lat. 38° 10' N.

Bceuf Bayou, or Creek, La., rises in Rapide
parish, and flows through a fertile country, divid-
ing into two channels, one of which connects with
Red River, and the other with Crocodile River, to
form the Courtableau.

Bog Strea?n, Piscataquis co., Me., rises near
Moosehead Lake, flows S. S. E., and empties into
Piscataquis River.

Bogue Chito, River, rises in Mi., flows 90 miles,
mostly in La., and enters Pearl River from the W.

Bogue Home Creek, Mi. This river rises in Jas-
per co., flows
S., and enters Leaf River a little E.
from Augusta.

Bogue Inlet, N. C. Situated between Carteret
and Onslow counties, and communicating with
Goose Sound.

Bohe River, Md., falls into the Chesapeake at
Ion. 76° 8' W. and lat. 39° 30' N.

Bohemia Creek, Md., enters Elk River 4 or 5
miles above its mouth.

Bois Blanc Island, Mn. Situated in Detroit
River, near its entrance into Lake Erie.

Bois Blanc Island, Mn. A large island situated
in Lake Huron, at the entrance of the Straits of

Bolivar Point, Ts. A point of land enclosing
Galveston Bay on the S.

Bombazine Lake, Vt. See Castleton.

Bone Hill River, Ma. It enters the Tehan
Sansan, or River a Jaques from the N. W.

Bon Homme Island, Ma: Situated in the Mis-
souri, a liftle E. from the mouth of Wananri River.

Bonpas Creek, Is. The head branches of this
stream rise in Richland and Lawrence counties,
and it flows S., forming the boundary between
Edwards and Wabash counties, until its entrance
into the Wabash.

Bon Secour Bay, Aa. Situated in the E. part
of Mobile, and separated from the Gulf of Mexico
on the S. by Mobile Point.

Boon Island, Me. This is a ledge of rocks on
which is a light-house. It lies about 9 miles E.
from Kittery.

Boone Lake, Iowa. A small sheet of water
lying in the N. part of the state, being the source
of Boone River.

Boone River, Iowa. This stream rises in Lake
Boone, in the N. part of the state, flows
S. S. W.,
and empties into the Des Moines, a little N. from
Boone county.

Boquet River, N. Y. This fine mill stream
rises in Keene, Essex co., and flows E. 45 miles
into Lake Champlain.

Boreas River, N. Y. This river rises in Essex
co., and flows S. into the Hudson, of which it is
a head branch.

Boro Isle, Me., lies in Penobscot Bay. It is a
long island, very narrow in the middle, but wider
at each end.

Boston Harbor, Ms. This harbor extends across
Light-house Channel and Broad Sound, from
Point Alderton, on Nantasket, to Point Shirley, in
Chelsea, a distance between the islands of about •
4 miles. It is said to cover an area of 75
square miles, more than half of which is good
anchorage ground for ships of the largest class.
The whole British navy might moor in this har-
bor with ease, and ride in safety. This harbor is
formed by the sea, and is entirely free from sand
bars and running ice, which often obstruct the
passage of vessels to harbors at the mouths of
large rivers. The most 'important part of this
harbor is entered by a narrow pass, between two
and three miles below the city and navy yard,















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