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and is well protected by two powerful forts — In-
dependence and Warren. The outer harbor, be-
low these forts, will shortly be protected by a very
powerful fortress, now nearly completed, on
George's Island, at a great expense, by the gov-
ernment of the United States. This harbor is
easy of access, and never obstructed by ice, except
that part of it near the city; nor is that part en-
tirely frozen over pftener than twice or three
times in the common age of man. Boston Har-
bor contains many islands of great beauty, and is
the reservoir of the Mystic, Charles, Neponset,
Manatiquot, and other small rivers. Its bor-
ders are environed by the towns of Hull, Hing-
ham, Weymouth, Braintree, Quincy, Dorchester,
Roxbury" Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown,
and Chelsea; and the numerous small bays, coves,
and inlets indenting their shores, give great varie-
ty, and add much to the scenery of this delight-
ful harbor.

Bottom Creek. Lapeer co., Mn. A head branch
of the N. fork of Flint River.

Bourbease Creek, Mo. Its head branches drain
the N. W. part of Crawford co. It then flows N.
E., and enters the Maramec River in Franklin co.

Bourne's Hill, Sandwich, Ms. Height 297 feet.

Bowbaclc Mountain, N. II. See Stratford.

Bowman's Creek, N. Y., rises in Schoharie co.,
and flowing N. enters' the Mohawk near tli,e vil-
lage of Canajoharie.

Boyer's Eiver, Iowa. It rises in a small lake,
which is also the source of one of the head
branches of Raccoon River, flows S. W. and
falls into the Missouri.

Bracken Creek, Ky., falls into the Ohio, Ion. 84°
8; W. and lat. 33° 36; N.

Braddock's Bay. Monroe co., N. Y., is a small
body of water communicating with Lake Ontario.

Brady Fort, Sault St. Marie, Chippewa co., Mn.

Branch Brook rises in Smithtown, Suffolk co.,
N. Y., flow's W. 4 or 5 miles, then turns to the
N., and falls into the Nesaquake River, or Smith-
town Harbor. The tide flows up the latter stream
several miles.

Brandyioine Creek, Pa. and Do., rises in Pa.,
flows into De., and uniting with Christina Creek,
enters the Delaware at Wilmington. It furnishes
excellent water power, and is navigable to Bran-
dywine village.

Brant Island, N. C. Situated in Pamlico
Sound, between Neuse and Pamlico Rivers.

Brant Lake, Horicon, Warren co., N. Y., is a
small body of water emptying into the Schroon,
a branch of the Hudson. The scenery on its
shores is wild and romantic. It is surrounded by
a heavy growth of pine, hemlock, and spruce, in
which deer and other wild game are found. Its
waters abound in fine trout.

Brassua Pond, Somerset co., Me., lies W. of
Moosehead Lake, and receives several rivers.

Brazos River, Ts. It rises between Red and
Colorado Rivers, flows S.
E., and empties into the
Gulf of Mexico.

Breach Inlet, Charleston district, S. C. The
nassage between Long and Sullivan's Island.

Breakfast Hill, N. H. See Eye.

Breakneck Hill, N. Y., is situated on the E. side
of the Hudson, on its N. entrance into the High-
lands. It is a precipitous eminence, 1187 feet
high, and remarkable for containing the rock
called the upper Anthony's Nose.

Brier Creek, Ga., a branch of the Savannah, is
100 miles long.

Broad Brook, Vt. This small mill stream
rises in Barnard, crosses the S. E. corner of
Rovalton, and falls into White River in Sharon.

Broad Creek, Prince George's co., Md. A small
stream emptying into the Potomac River, just
above Piscataway Creek.

Broad River, S. C. This river rises in N. C.,
receives Pacolet and Tiger Rivers from the W.,
and uniting with the Salada above Columbus,
forms the Congaree.

Broad Eiver, S. C., is an arm of the sea be-
tween the main land and Port Royal Island.

Broad Eiver, Ga., enters the Savannah, of
which it is a W. branch, at Petersburg.

Bronx River rises in Westchester co., N. Y.,
flows 25 miles, and enters East River, opposite
Flushing Bay.

Brother's Islands, North and South, attached to
the towm of Newtown, Queen's co., N. Y., are
situated in East River, at the lower end of Long
Island Sound.

Brown's Inlet, Onslow co., N. C. Situated N.
E. from New' River Inlet.

Brown Point, On., encloses Gray's Harbor on
the N.

Broicn's River, Vt., rises among the Mansfield
Mountains, flows westerly through Underhill and
Jericho into Essex, and thence northerly through
Westford into Fairfax, where it enters the La-
moille. Length about 29 miles.

Brule Lake, Mn. A small sheet of water in
the S. W. part of Marquette co., and at the head
of Brule River.

Brush Creek, S. C. A small branch of the Sa-
luda River, which it enters in Anderson district.

Brush Creek, Ca. A small W. branch of Green
River, which it enters below Yampah or Bear

Buck Creek, Harrison co., Ia. A small branch
of the Ohio River.

Buffalo Creek is formed in Erie co., N. Y., by
the junction of Cayuga and Seneca Creeks; it
then flows in a N. W. direction, until it enters
Lake Erie at Buffalo, receiving Cazenove Creek,
6 miles above. It is navigable for steamboats
and the largest vessels for some distance, and
forms the harbor of Buffalo, which is rendered
secure by means of a pier and light-house, and is
easily approached from the lake at all seasons,
except in the winter, when closed by ice.

Buffalo Creek, Ga. A branch of the Oconee
River, which it enters in Washington co.

Buffalo Fork, of the White River, As. This
large stream rises in the W. part of Newton co.,
flows E., and enters White River in Yardco.

Buffalo Lake, Marquette co., Wn. This is an
enlargement of one of the head branches of
Neenah or Fox River. It lies W. from Pucka-
wav Lake.

t) iff do Eiver, Te. The head branches of this
river rise in the N. part of Law'renee co. It flows
W. through a part of Lewis and Wayne counties,
then turns to the N., and unites with Dutch
River in Humphreys co.

Buffalo River, Wn. It forms part of the
boundary between Chippewa and Crawford
counties, and falls into the Mississippi.

Buffalo River, Ma. It is supplied by numer-
ous chains of lakes, and flows N.
W. into North
Red River.

Bull's Bay, Charleston district, S. C. This
bay is enclosed by the Raccoon Keys on the N.
E., and Bull's Island on the S. W.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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