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Bull Hill, Phillipstown, Putnam co., N. Y., a
high peak of the Highlands, is situated on the E.
side of the Hudson.

Bull's Island, Charleston district, S. C. Situ-
ated S. W. from Bull's Bay.

Bullock's Creek, York district, S. C. A branch
of the Broad Biver, which it enters at Pinckney-

Bulwagga Bay, Essex co., N. Y., lies on the W.
side of Lake Champlain, between Cedar Point
and Crown Point.

Bumsket Hill, Paxton, Ms. Height 1407 feet.

Bunkara River, Ca. One of the head branches
of Grand River.

Buried Eagle Lake, Ma. Situated N. from
Green Lake, and connected on the E. with St.
Croix River.

Burlington Bay, Vt. A fine open bay, lying
W. from Burlington village, between Appletree
Point on the N. and Pottier's Point on the S.

Burnham's River, N. H. See Lyman.

Burnt River, On. It flows in a winding, east-
erly direction, and enters the Lewis Fork of Co-
lumbia River, above Malheur River.

Burnt Coat Island, Hancock co., Me. This
large island, which is surrounded by other smaller
ones, lies off Blue Hill Bay, about 13 miles E. by
S. from Deer Island, and about 6 miles S. by W.
from the town of Mount Desert. It has a light-
house and good harbors.

Burnt Wood Islands, Mn. Situated at the
mouth of Big Bay de Noquet.

Bush River, Newberry district, S. C. A branch
of the Saluda.

Busseron Creek, la. This stream and its
branches drain Sullivan co., and flowing S. W.,
enter the Wabash in Knox county.

Butle River, Ca. It rises among the Sierra
Nevada, and flows S. W. into the Rio Sacramento.

Butter Hill, N. Y., a high, steep eminence, is sit-
uated on the W. side of the Hudson, opposite
Breakneck Hill. These are the N. hills of this
range on the river, and in ascending the Hudson
the villages of Cornwall, New Windsor, New-
burg, and Fishkill, together with the beautiful
and highly improved farms in view, present a
charming contrast to the rude and romantic
mountain scenery just passed.

Buttermilk Channel, N. Y., is situated opposite
the city of Brooklyn, between Governor's Island
and Long Island.

Butternut Creek, N. Y. This is a good mill
stream, rising in Burlington, Otsego co., and flow-
ing into Unadilla River.

Buttermilk Falls, N. Y. A beautiful and ro-
mantic cascade, 2 miles below West Point, on the
W. bank of the Hudson.

Butternut River, Aroostook co., Me., has its
source in a small pond, and flows E.into St. John's

Buzzard's Bay, Ms. This bay is formed on its
S. E. side by the Elizabeth Islands, and contains
the important harbors of New Bedford, Fair-
haven, Rochester, Wareham, &c. It juts up
from the sea some 25 miles; its mean width is
about 6 miles, and the width at its mouth about
7 miles.

Byram River rises in Westchester co., N. Y.,
flows S. 18 miles into Long Island Sound. It
forms the boundary line between N. Y. and Ct.
for a short distance.

Caballo Pass, Ts., is situated N. E. from Es-

piriiu Santo Pass, at the mouth of San Antonia

Cabbage Island, Fa., lies off the coast of Hills-
boro' co., a little above Tampa Bay.

Cacapon River, Great, Va. This river has its
sources in the E. part of Hardy co., flows N. E.t
and enters the Potomac in Morgan co., W. from
the Cacapon Mts.

Cacapon River, Little, Hampshire co., Va., flows
N. E., parallel with the Great Cacapon, and emp-
ties into the Potomac.

Cache River, As. This is a large river, rising in
the N. part of Greene co. It flows S. S. W., sep-
arating Greene and Poinsett from Randolph,
Lawrence, and Jackson counties, crosses St. Fran-
cis and Monroe counties, and enters the White
River at the town of Clarendon.

Cadose Creek rises in Tompkins, Delaware co.,
N. Y., and flows S. into the Papacton, a branch
of the Delaware.

Cahaba River, Aa., rises in St. Clair co., and
flows S. into the Alabama, 195 miles above its
junction with the Tombigbee. It is 120 m. long.

Cahokia Creek, Is. This river rises in Macou-
pin, and falls into the Mississippi 2 miles below
the ferry at St. Louis. Its course is sluggish near
the mouth, and a mill dam backs the water for
15 miles. It formerly passed the village of Ca-:
hokia, but a mischievous Frenchman, owing to
some pique, cut a channel which has since become
its outlet from the creek to the Mississippi. Along
its borders are 60 or 70 mounds.

Calaberas River, Ca., rises among the Sierra
Nevada, and flows S. W. into the Rio San

Calcasieu River, La. This river rises S. W. of
Red River, in the parish of Natchitoches; towards
its mouth it expands into a lake 30 miles in
length, and from 1 to 10 in width, but it con-
tracts again to a river before it enters the Gulf of
Mexico. The tide flows above the head of the
lake, but both the river and lake are too shallow
to be of much service for navigation.

Caleebee Creek, Macon co., Aa. This stream
flows N. W. into the Tallapoosa River.

Calf-Killer Creek, White co., Te., flows S. W.
into the Caney Fork of Cumberland River. •

Caliboge Sound, S. C., is on the shore 7 miles
N. E. of the mouth of Savannah River.

Callicoon Creek rises in Liberty, Sullivan co.,
N. Y., passes through Coshocton, and empties into
the Delaware.

Calliou Lake, La., lies in the S. part of Terre
Bonne parish.

Cambahee River, S. C., is formed by two branches,
called the
N. and S. Saltketcher, and falls into St.
Helena Sound.

Camel's Hump, Chittenden co., Vt. This moun-
tain lies in the E. part of Huntington, and is the
most elevated summit of the Green Mts., with the
exception of the Chin. It is situated 17 miles W.
from Montpelier, 25 N. E. from Middlebury, and
20 S. E. from Burlington. The summit is con-
spicuous from the whole valley of Lake Cham-
plain, but is hardly accessible except from, the N.
When it is reached, however, the prospect which it
commands is hardly surpassed in extent and
beauty. It is usually ascended by way of Dux-
bury, where carriages can approach to within
about three miles from the summit. The rocks
which compose the mountain are wholly of mica
slate, and the Hump is nearly destitute of soil or

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