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which form Edisto Island. It is navigable 100
miles for large boats. The island is 12 miles
long and from 1 to 5 broad.

Edward, Fort, Fort Edward village, Washing-
ton co., N. Y.

Ediuards River, Is. This stream drains the S.
interior of Henry co., flows a little S. of W. across
Mercer co., and empties into the Mississippi.

Eel River, la., rises in Hendricks co., and, after
a winding course, falls into the W. fork of White
River, at Point Commerce, Greene co.

Egg Harbor, Great, River and Bay, N. J. The
river rises in Gloucester co., and flows 45 miles
into the bay. It is navigable for sloops over 25
miles above May's landing, below which it flows
through a marsh. The harbor is 5 miles long,
and from one half to 4 miles broad.

Egg Harbor, Little, River and Bay, N. J. This
river rises in Burlington and Gloucester counties,
and flows S. E. into the bay. It is navigable 25
miles, and is approached through New Inlet, which
is from 15 to 18 feet deep.

Egmont Island, Hillsboro' co., Ea. Situated at
the mouth of Tampico Bay, S. from Mullet Island.

Eighteen Mile Creek, N. Y., rises in Niagara co.,
and flows N. into Lake Ontario.

Eighteen Mile Creek, Putnam co., Ya. An E.
branch of the Great Kanawha.

Eighteen Mile Creek, S. C. A branch of Seneca
River, which it enters in Anderson district.

Elbow Lake, Ma. This lake, which receives its
name from its shape, is the principal source of
the head branch of North Red River.

Eleven Mile Branch, Barnwell district, S. C. A
small tributary of the Savannah River.

Eleven Point River, Mo. and As. This river
has its source in Oregon co., Mo., flows S. E. into
As., and, uniting with Spring River, empties into
the Big Black.

Elizabeth Bay, Mn. A large curvature of Lake
Michigan, extending into Michilimackinac co.

Elizabeth, Cape, Me., lies in the town of Cape
Elizabeth, and forms the W. boundary of Casco
Bay. Near the extremity of the cape is a light-'
house, 50 feet in height, in N. lat. 43° 33', W.
Ion. 70° 11'.

Elizabeth Islands, Ms. See Chilmark.

Elizabeth River, Ya. This river rises in Princess
Ann and Norfolk counties, and, flowing N. W.
25 miles into a large estuary at the mouth of
James River, forms the fine harbor of Norfolk.
It forms, in conjunction with the Dismal Swamp
Canal and Pasquatank River, a communication
from Chesapeake Bay to Albemarle Sound.

Elk Creek, Sanilac co., Mn., flows into Lake

Elk River, Md., rises in Pa., and flows into a
broad estuary on the N. part of Chesapeake Bay.
It is navigable to Elkton, 15 miles.

Elk River, Aa., rises in Te., and, flowing S. W.
into Aa., enters the Tennessee a little above
Muscle Shoals.

Elkhart River, la., rises in Noble and Lagrange
counties, and flows N. W. into St. Joseph's River,
in Elkhart co.

Elk Head River, Ca., rises in the Rocky Mts.,
and flows S. W. into Yampah, or Bear River.

Elkhorn River, Ky., enters the Kentucky on the
E. side, in Franklin co., after a course of 30 miles.

Elkhorn River, Is., rises in Washington co., and
flows N. W. into the Kaskaskia.

EUejay River, Ga. A branch of the Coosa.

Ellicott's Creek, N. Y., rises in Genesee co., flows

W., and enters Niagara River near the mouth of
Tonawanda Creek, in Erie co. This stream
affords a number of good mill sites.

Elligo Pond, Orleans co., Yt. This pond lies
in the towns of Greensborough and Craftsbury,
and is sometimes called Elligo Scotland, a cor-
ruption of the Indian name of Elligo Scootlan.

It is about 2 miles long and half a mile wide, and
has two outlets, one to the N. and the other to
the S. The N. outlet constitutes one of the head
branches of Black River; the S., after passing
through Little Elligo Pond, communicates with
the River Lamoille in Hardwick. The scenery on
the borders of this pond is very fine, and near its
centre are two small islands. The waters abound
with trout of excellent quality. This was for-
merly a favorite hunting-ground of the St. Francis
Indians, to whom the N. part of the state once

Ellis Island, N. Y., sometimes called Gibbet
Island, from the executions which take place here,
lies at the mouth of Hudson River, opposite the
city of New York. It belongs to the U. S. gov-
ernment, and Fort Gibson is situated on it.

Ellis River, Me., rises in the N. part of Oxford
co., flows S. through the town of Rumford into
the Androscoggin.

Ellis River, N. H., rises on the E. side of the
White Mountains, near the sources of Peabody
River. Its two main branches unite in the town
of Jackson, and fall into the Saco River at Bart-

Elm Creek, Is. It rises in the S. part of Clay
co., flows S. E., and empties into the Little Wa-
bash River.

Elm River, Houghton co., Mn. A small stream
rising in Juliet Lake, and flowing N. W. into Lake

Elm River, Ma. A W. branch of North Red

Embarras River, Ma. A small stream flowing
S. E. into St. Louis River.

Emenija River, Ma. This river flows S. W.
into the Sioux, which it enters at the N. W. cor-
ner of Iowa.

Emery River, Te., is a branch of Clinch River.

English Lake, Stark co., Ia. A sheet of water
lying near the centre of the county, and through
which the Kankakee River flows.

English River, N. Y., rises in Clinton co., flows
N. 30 miles, and enters Chateaugay River in

Englishman's Bay, Washington co., Me., is sit-
uated a few miles W. of Machias Bay. Chan-
dler's River, a considerable stream, flows into it,
and it contains many islands and fine harbors.

Head Harbor Island is its W. boundary.

Eninandigo River, La Pointe co., Wn., rises in
the N. W. part of the county, and flows S. into
the St. Croix River.

Ennoree River, S. C. A branch of Broad River.

Eno River, Orange co., N. C. This stream rises
in the interior of Orange co., flows E., and empties
into the Neuse, of which it is a head branch.

Enty Catecome River, On. It flows S. E., and
empties into Clark's Fork of Columbia River, a
little below Barrier River.    •

Erie, Lake, one of the chain of great lakes lying
between the United States and the British pos-
sessions in North America. Its waters wash
the shores of four of the states, N. Y., Pa., O.,
and Mn., and of a large section of Canada.

The greatest length of the lake, from the mouth

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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