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to the town of Watervliet. It is about 2 miles
long, half a mile wide, and is crossed by the Rens-
selaer and Saratoga Railroads.

Green Lake, N. Y., an extremely beautiful sheet
of water, lies in the town of Manlius, Onondaga
co., and within a few rods of the Erie Canal. It
is about three fourths of a mile long, and quarter
of a mile in width. It affords several kinds of
excellent fish, and the water is so clear and trans-
parent they can be plainly seen at the depth of
50 feet with the naked eye. Its depth is 176 feet,
and in several places the water is 60 feet deep
within five feet of the shore.
A small circular
lake, whose depth has never been ascertained,
lies about 20 rods N. of this.

Green Lake, Marquette co., Wn. It lies in the
E. part of the county, and communicates on the
N. with Neenah or Eox River.

Green Lake, Ma. Situated near St. Croix Riv-
er, S. from Buried Eagle Lake.

Green Mountains, Vt. This range of moun-
tains rises in Lower Canada. They pass nearly
through the centre of the state of Vt., from N. to

S., and the westerly parts of the states of Ms.
and Ct., and terminate near New Haven, on Long
Island Sound. Erom their green appearance
they give the name to Vt., and decrease in height
as they approach the S. The north peak, in
Mansfield, is the greatest elevation, being 4279
feet above the surface of Lake Champlain.

Green Mountains, Ts. A branch of the Rocky
Mountain range, lying in the N. W. part of the
state, between Arkansas River and Rio Grande.

Green or Quodotchquoik River, Penobscot co.,
Me., is an important branch of the St. John's,
which it enters about 24 miles W. from the New
Brunswick boundary.

Green River, Vt,, rises in tbe town of Eden,
and falls into the Lamoille in Wolcott.

Green River, N. Y., rises in Austerlitz, Colum-
bia co., flows S. E., and enters the Housatonic
River in Ms.

Green River, Wayne co., Te., flows N. N. W.
into Buffalo River.

Green River, Ky., rises in Lincoln co., and pur-
suing a W. N. W. course, enters the Ohio 200
miles below Louisville, and 50 above the mouth
of Cumberland River. It is 200 yards wide at
its mouth, and is navigable for boats nearly 200 m.

Green River, Is., rises in Winnebago Swamp,
in the N. part of Bureau co., flows W. across
Henry co., and empties into Rock River.

Green River, Ca. This large river rises among
the Wind River Mts., flows in a winding S. course,
and unites with Grand River to form the Rio

Greenville Point, On. Situated N. N. W. from
Gray's Harbor.

Greenwood Cemetery, N. Y. See Brooklyn.

Gregory Cape, On., extends into the Pacific just
below the mouth of Umpqua River.

Grenadier Island, Jefferson co., N. Y., lies in
the E. part of Lake Ontario, and is attached to
the town of Lyme.

Grindstone Island, Jefferson co., N. Y., lies in
the St. Lawrence River, and is attached to the
town of Clayton ; it is one of the largest of the
“ Thousand Islands," being 5 miles long and 2
miles wide.

Grive Cceur Lake, St. Louis co., Mo. A small
sheet of water lying near the Missouri River.

Grosse Point, Cook co., Is., juts into Lake
Michigan a little W. of N. from Chicago.

Grover's Island, on the coast of Ga., belongs to
the U. S. government, and contains between
and 350 acres.

Guadaloupe Mountains, Ts. A range running
N. W. and S. E. between Colorado and Grand

Guadaloupe River, Ts. A large stream flowing
S. E. into San Antonio River, which it enters
near its mouth.

Guests River, Va., rises in the Cumberland
Ridge, flows S. E., forming the boundary between
Russell and Scott counties, and empties into
Clinch River.

Gull Island, Great and Little, Suffolk co., N. Y.,
are attached to the town of Southold ; they are
situated in what is called the Race, from the
swiftness of the current, and, had they not been
composed of solid rock, must have long since

Gull Islands, Mn. Situated in Lake Michigan,
at the entrance of Green Bay.

Gull Island, Mn. A small island lying in the
N. part of Lake Michigan, W. from the Beaver

Gun Lake, Mn. A small sheet of water lying
in the W. part of Barry co.

Gunpowder Falls River, Baltimore co., Md.,
rises in the N. part of the county, flows S. E., and
uniting with the Little Gunpowder Ealls, empties
into Chesapeake Bay.

Guyandot Big River, Va., flows N. W., entering
the Ohio
327 miles below Pittsburg. It is nav-
igable for canoes
60 miles.

Guyandot Little River, Va., falls into the Ohio
in Ion.
81° 12' W., and lat. 38° 14' N.

G winn's Island, Va. Situated in Chesapeake
Bay, off the N. E. coast of Matthews co.

Gwinn's River, Baltimore co., Md. A small
branch of the Patapsco River, which it enters at

Hackensack River, N. J., rises in Rockland Lake,
Rockland co., N. Y., and after a S. course of about
40 miles, enters Newark Bay. The upper part
of its course affords fine mill seats. The tide
meets it at the town of Hackensack, after which
its course to the. bay is through a marsh.

Hadley's Falls, N. Y., are in the Hudson, just
above the mouth of Sacandaga River, between
the towns of Hadley and Luzerne.

Haivnakraus Kill, N. Y., rises in Albany co.,
flows E., and enters the Hudson near the village
of Coeymans.

Hakah, or Root River, Ma. It rises a little
above the sources of the Upper Iowa River, flows
in an E. direction, and empties into the Mississippi.

Halifax River, Orange co., Ea. This river runs
parallel with the Atlantic coast, receives several
branches, the principal of which is Tomoeo
Creek, and enters the Atlantic at Musquito Bar.

Hallett's Cove, N. Y. See Astoria.

Hall's Stream forms the N. W. boundary be-
tween Canada and N. H., from its source to its
iunction with the Connecticut at Stewartstown,
N. H.

Ham Fork, Ca. A small W. branch of Green

Hammonasset River, Ct. This stream flows
S. E., forming part of the boundary between New
Haven and Middlesex counties, and empties into
Long Island Sound.

Hammond's Bay, Mn. A curvature of Lake
Huron on the N. border of Presque Isle co.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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