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It contains many islands, receives the waters of
numerous small lakes and rivers, and is the prin-
cipal source of the River St. Croix. There are
several other lakes in this state of considerable
magnitude and beauty bearing the same name.

Grand River, Me., rises in New Brunswick, and
flows S. S. W. into St. John's River.

Grand River. 0. It rises in Portage and
Trumbull counties, flows N. through the W. part
of Ashtabula co., then it turns to the W., and
crossing Lake co., falls into Lake Erie.

Grand River, As., flows S. E. into the Arkan-
sas. Navigable about 200 miles.

Grand River, Mo., rises in Iowa and, flowing
S. E., enters the Missouri 240 miles from its mouth.
It is boatable 100 miles.

Grand River, Mil., is the largest river running
wholly in the state. Its two principal branches
unite in Jackson co., and, pursuing a winding
N. W. course, it enters Lake Michigan at Grand
Haven, Ottawa co. It is 270 miles long, and
about 60 rods wide at its mouth, admitting ves-
sels drawing 12 feet of water. It is navigable
for steamboats 40 miles, to the Grand Rapids,
and 240 miles for bateaux.

Grand River, Ca. It rises in the W. part of
Na., flows S. W. into Ca., and unites with Green
River to form the Rio Colorado.

Grand Rond River, On. It rises among the
Blue Mts., flows N. E. and empties into the Lewis
Pork of Columbia River, just above Salmon River.

Grand Sachem of the Highlands, N. Y. See
Beacon, New.

Grand Traverse Bay, Mn. This is a consid-
erable inlet from Lake Michigan, towards the N.
part of the state.

Grand Traverse River, Mn.. drains Ivaleasca
and Omena counties, and empties into Grand
Traverse Bay.

Grant's Island, N. II., lies in Connecticut River,
opposite the town of Lyme, and contains 24 acres.

Grant River, Grant co., Wn. It flows in a gen-
eral southerly direction, and empties into the Mis-
sissippi River.

Grass Lake lies in the town of Hammond, St.
Lawrence co., N. Y.

Grass Point, Brown co., Wn., extends into the
S. part of Green Bay, opposite Point au Sable.

Grass River, N. Y., rises at the S. E. part of
St. Lawrence co., flows N., and enters St. Law-
rence River at the N. boundary of the state, op-
posite Cornwall Island, Canada.

Grassy Brook, Yt. See Brookline.

Gratiot. Fort, St. Clair co., Mn., consists of
a stockade, including a magazine, barracks, &c.,
for a garrison of one battalion, and was erected
in 1814.

Grave Creek, Marshall co., Ya., rises in the E.
part of the county, flows N. W., and empties into
the Ohio River at Elizabeth.

Gravelly Point, Arenac co., Mn., extends into
Saginaw Bay, S. from Whitestone Point.

Gravesend Bay, N. Y., is formed by a curve on
the W. end of Long Island, and enclosed by
Coney Island. On this bay is situated the well-
known Bath House, a favorite resort during the
summer months.

Gray's Harbor, On. A small bay situated be-
tween Points Brown and Chickeeles, and receiv-
ing the waters of Chickeeles River.

Great Bay, Belknap co., N. II., lies between the
towns of Sanbornton and Meredith, and is con-
nected with Winnipisiogee Lake.

Great Barn Island, N. Y. See Barn Island,

Great Egg Harbor, N. Y. See Egg Harbor,

Great Hog Neck, N. Y. This peninsula lies in
the town of Southampton, Suffolk co., between
Gardiner's and Great Peconic, Bays. It is con-
nected to Long Island by a narrow isthmus.

Great Island, N. II. See New Castle.

Great Island, Ms., encloses Wellfleet Bay on
the N. W.

Great Island. N. Y. See Hempstead.

Great Kills, N. Y., on the S. E. side of Staten
Island, extend some distance inland, receiving
several small streams.

Great Marais Harbor, Houghton co., Mn. Sit-
uated on the N. W. coast of Keewaiwona Point.

Great Meadow Hill, Rehoboth, Ms. Height
266 feet.

Great Neck, North Hempstead, Queen's co.,
N. Y., lies between Cow and Little Neck Bays.
It is about 4 miles long and 2 wide. Hewlett's
Point is situated on the N. end.

Great Ohoopee River, Ga. This river rises in
the S. E. part of Washington co., flows S., re-
ceiving many large branches, and empties into
the Alatamaha in Tatnall co.

Great Peconic Bay, N. Y. See Peconic Bay.

Great Pine River, As., has its rise in the S. part
of Newton co., and flows S. into the Arkansas.

Great Rock Hill, Rehoboth, Ms. Height 248 ft.

Great Salt Lake, Uh. This is the largest
sheet of water in the state, lying in the N.E. part,
W. from the Bear River Mts. It contains several
islands, and its waters are salter than those of
the ocean. Bear River flows into it from the
N. E., and Utah River, the outlet of Utah Lake,
on the S. E.

Great South Bay, N. Y., commences at the New
Inlet, 25 miles E. of the city of N. Y., and ex-
tends 50 miles along the S. coast of Long Island.
It is from 1 to 5 miles wide, and affords good
navigation. Its waters abound in fine shell and
scale fish, and different kinds of wild water fowl
are found here in great numbers, affording pleas-
ant and profitable employment for the sportsmen,
and an article of traffic for hundreds of people.

Great South Beach, N. Y., encloses. Great S.
Bay. It is 40 miles long and half a mile wide.
On the W. end, near the Fire Islands, is a light-
house called the Fire Island light.

Great Valley Creek, N. Y., a tributary of the
Alleghany River, rises in Cattaraugus co.

Great Works Stream, Me., an important tribu-
tary of the Penobscot, which it enters on the
side, opposite the Indian settlement at Oldtown.

Great Works Stream, York co., Me., rises in
North Berwick, and enters Salmon Fall River at
South Berwick.

Green Bay, Wn., runs parallel with the N. W.
part of Lake Michigan, and is connected with
it by a broad opening. It is 100 miles long, and
from 15 to 30 broad. It receives Fox and Meno-
monee Rivers, and is navigable to its head for ves-
sels of 200 tons. At its entrance is a succession
of islands, extending -30 miles.

Green Brier River, Va., rises in the N. E. part
of Pocahontas co., and flowing S. W. through
Greenbrier and Monroe counties, enters the Ka-
nawha at the passage through Laurel Ridge.

Green or Tibbett's Island, Albany CO., N. Y., lies
in the Hudson, opposite the city of Troy, to
which it is connected by bridges, and is attached

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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