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miles long, from 1 to 2 miles wide, and abounds
with a variety of fish of fine flavor. At its outlet,
which is the source of Susquehanna Eiver, lies
the flourishing village of Cooperstown. This
lake and vicinity is a favorite resort of the sports-
man and angler, and noted for pleasant scenery.

Otselic River, N. Y., rises in Madison co., flows
through Chenango and Cortland counties, and
enters Toughnioga Eiver in Broome co. This
stream affords good water power, and abounds
in fine trout.

Otsquaga Creek, N. Y., rises in Herkimer co.,
flows N. E., and enters the Mohawk in Mont-
gomery co.

Otta Quechee River, Vt., (called also Water
and Quechee River,) rises in Sherburne,
runs E. through the S. part of Bridgewater, thence
E. N. E. through Woodstock, into the S. part of
Hartford, and thence S. E. through the N. E. cor-
ner of Hartland, into Connecticut Eiver, about
2 miles above Quechee Falls. In Bridgewater it
receives two considerable mill streams, namely,
North Branch, which rises in the N. part of this
township, and South Branch, which rises in
Plymouth. In Woodstock it receives two other
fine mill streams : one, rising in the N. E. corner
of Bridgewater and S. E. corner of Barnard, falls
into Quechee Eiver just below the N. village in
Woodstock. Quechee Eiver, in its course, re-
ceives numerous other tributaries. It is about 35
miles in length, and waters about 212 square
miles. The name is of Indian origin, and is said
to signify quick whirling motion, probably given
on account of appearances at the falls.

Otter Creek, Vt., is the longest stream in the
state. It rises in Mount Tabor, Peru, and Dor-
set, within a few rods of the head of the Batten-
kill. In Dorset it turns suddenly towards the
N., and returns into Mount Tabor, running
through the W. part of this township and Wal-
lingford, and through the central part of Claren-
don into Eutland; it then takes a N. W. course
through Pittsford and Brandon, between Leicester
and Salisbury on the E., and Whiting and Corn-
wall on the W., through Middlebury, between
New Haven and Weymouth, through the N. E.
corner of Addison, between Waltham and Pan-
ton, and through Vergennes and Ferrisburg, into
Lake Champlain. From the S. W. it receives in
Ferrisburg a large creek, which rises in Bridport;
in Weybridge, Lemonfair Eiver; in Eutland,
Little West Eiver, or Furnace Brook; and in
Mount Tabor, Mill Eiver. From the E. it re-
ceives New Haven, Middlebury, Leicester, and
Furnace Kivers, East Creek, Cold and Mill Kiv-
ers. all of which are considerable mill streams.
Otter Creek affords many excellent mill sites,
and is navigable 8 miles for the largest vessels on
the lake. Its whole length is about 90 miles,
and it waters about 900 square miles. The allu-
vial flats along this stream are very extensive
and fertile. It was named by the French
aux Loutres,
the Eiver of Otters, long before any
settlements were made by the English in this

Otter Creek, N. Y., rises in Herkimer co., flows
W., and falls into Black Eiver in Lewis co.

Otter Creek, la. A small branch of the Wa-
bash Eiver, which it enters in the N. part of
Vigo co.

Otter Creek, Is., flows S. W. through Macoupin
co., and empties into Macoupin Eiver.

Otter, PeaJcs of, Va., are situated between Bed- ;

ford and Bottetourt counties, 30 miles W. by N.
of Lynchburg. They are a part of the Blue
Eidge, and the highest land in the state. The
E. peak is 3104, or, according to some statements,
4260 feet high, and the W. 2946 feet.

Otter Tail Lake, Ma. The largest and most
N. of the chain of lakes supplying the head wa-
ters of North Eed Eiver.

Ottonwey River, Ma. It rises in several small
lakes, flows S. S. W., and empties into the Mis-
sissippi a little below Peterah Eiver.

Ottowas Bay, Mn. A part of Saginaw Bay,
bordering on Iosco and Arenac counties.

Overslaugh, N. Y., is situated in the Hudson
Eiver, 3 miles below the city of Albanyj and
formerly consisted of a succession of bars or
flats, through which there were narrow channels,
affording but a small depth of water at low tide.
This obstruction, however, has been mostly re-
moved by the U. S. government, and the in-
creased depth of water has much improved nav-

Owasco Lake, Cayuga co., N. Y., is 12 miles
long and about 1 mile wide. Its waters are very
transparent, abounding with trout and other fish.
The banks are rugged and picturesque.

Owasco Outlet, N. Y., commences in the town
of Auburn, 2 miles S. of the village, and falls
into Seneca Eiver in the town of Metz. This
stream affords extensive water power, and many
of the fine mill sites are already occupied.

Owawichah River, Ma. It flows S. W., and
empties into the Missouri a little above Third
Cedar Island.

Oivego Creek', N. Y., rises in Cortland and
Tompkins counties, and empties into the Sus-
quehanna at the village of Owego, Tioga co.
This creek passes several pleasant villages, and,
together with its tributaries, affords extensive
water privileges.

Owen's Lake and River, Ca. The lake is a
small sheet of water situated at the S. part of
the Sierra Nevada, and the river a stream empty-
ing into it from the N.

Owl's Head, Me. See East Thomaston.

Owyhee River, On. This river rises in the SL
part of the territory, takes a semicircular course,
bending into Ca. for a short distance, and finally
enters the Lewis Fork of Columbia Eiver a little
below Big Wood Eiver.

Oxbow Lake, N. Y., is a beautiful little sheet of
water lying in the town of Lake Pleasant, Ham
ilton co. Its waters abound with trout of a fine
flavor. The outlet of this lake is a valuable mill
stream, emptying into Piseco Lake.

Oyster Bay, N. Y., a large and important body
of water, lies in the town of Oyster Bay, on the
N. side of Long Island, and is connected with
Oyster Bay and Cold Spring harbors, all of which
abound with shell and scale fish, and wild fowl.

Oyster Creek, Ts., falls into the Gulf of Mexico
N. E. from the mouth of Brazos Eiver.

Oyster River, N. H. See Durham.

Packard's Mountain, New Salem, Ms. Height
1278 feet.

Pacolet River, N. and S. C., has its source in
the Blue Eidge, N. C., and falls into Broad Eiver
at Pinckneyville, Union co., S. C.

Paint Creek, O., rises in Madison co., and after
a course of 60 miles enters the W. side of the
Sciota, 5 miles below Cliillicothe.

Palala Creek, Ga., rises near the centre of

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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