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Stewart co.. flows S. W, and falls into the Chat-

Palisades, N. Y. This range of precipitous
rocks extends about 20 miles along the W. bank
of the Hudson. They first approach the imme-
diate borders of the river at Fort Lee, in N. J.,
where they are from 300 to 500 feet in almost
perpendicular height, and extend N. to Piermont
at the commencement of Tappan Bay. They
are appropriately named Palisades, meaning
“ palings set out for an enclosure,as they will
probably restrain the waters of this noble river
so long as the earth keeps its foundation.

Palm Island, Hillsboro' co., Fa. Situated be-
tween Long Island on the N. W. and Clam Island
on the S. W.

Palmertown Mountains, N. Y. This range,
which runs parallel with the Kayaderosseras Mts.,
commences in the N. W. part of Washington co.,
extends in a S. direction between Lakes George
and Champlain, through a part of Warren, into
Saratoga co. They rise to a height of from 1000
to 1200 feet in Washington and Warren counties.

Palmetto Creek, Laurens co., Ga., flows S. E.
into the Oconee River.

Pamlico River, N. C., is a broad estuary leading
from Tar River into Pamlico Sound. It is from
1 to 8 miles broad, deep enough to admit any ves-
sels which navigate the sound, and 40 miles long.

Pamlico Sound, N. C. This shallow body of
water is 80 miles long, and from 8 to 30 miles
wide. The principal entrance to it is Ocracoke
Inlet. The N. part is connected with Albemarle
Sound. It is separated from the Atlantic by long,
sandy islands, hardly a mile wide,! covered with
bushes, the outer point of one of which is Cape
Hatteras. Tar and Neuse Rivers flow into the
sound. The land around it is low, and in some
places marshy.

Pamunlcy River, Ya. This river is formed by
the junction of N. and S. Anna Rivers, between
Hanover and Caroline counties, .and unites with
the Mattapony to form York River, between New
Kent and King William counties.

Panther Gap Creek, Bath co., Va. A small
stream, flowing in a S. W. direction into Cow
Pasture River.

Panther River, Mo. A stream rising in the S.
part of Jackson co., and flowing S. E. into the
South Grand, a branch of Osage River.

Papacton River, N. Y., the E. branch of the
Delaware, rises in the
N. part of Delaware co.,
flows S. W. into the town of Hancock, where it
unites with the Mohawk, or W. branch.

Paradox Lake, lying in the town of Schroon,
Essex co, N. Y., is 4 miles long, and from
half a mile to a mile wide. There are many
small lakes in the vicinity, which abound with
trout and other fish.

Paris Island, Beaufort district, S. C., lies in
Broad River, between Port Royal and St. Helena

Parker's Islands, N. H. See Hanover.

Parker's Island, Md., lies in the Chesapeake,
about 15 miles S. from Annapolis.

Parrott's Creek, Jackson co. Fa. A small trib-
utary of the Choctawhatchie River.

Partridge Lake, Brown co, Wn. Situated on
the S. border of the cpunty, and connected on the
E. with Wolf River.

Pascagoula River, Mi. Chickasawhay and Leaf
Rivers unite to form this river, which falls into
Pascagoula Sound, in the Gulf of Mexico, after
a course of 200 miles. It is boatable 150 milea,
and navigable for vessels drawing 6 feet of water
60 miles.

Pascagoula Sound, Mi. and Aa, into which Pas-
cagoula River empties, is separated from the
of Mexico by several low, narrow islands. Its
average breadth is 8 miles, and its length about
55 miles.

Pasquotank River, N. C, rises in Lake Drum-
mond, in Dismal Swamp, and runs S. E. into Al-
bemarle Sound. It is connected with Elizabeth
River by a canal, which forms a communication
between Albemarle Sound and Hampton Roads.

Passadumkeag River, Me. This fine mill stream
rises in the N. E. part of Penobscot co, flows
through the N part of Hancock co, then re tint era
Penobscot co, and receives Cold Stream 2 milea
above its junction with the Penobscot.

Passage Island, Hillsboro' co. Fa, lies at the
mouth of Tampa Bay,
S. E. from Egmont Island.

Passaic River, N. J. This stream rises in
Mendham, Morris co, and though flowing through
a mountainous country, pursues a winding and
somewhat sluggish course of about 70 miles to its
entrance into Newark Bay. It has some falls
which afford good water power, particularly the
great falls at Paterson, where there is a perpen-
dicular fall of 50 feet, and a total descent of
feet, with a width of about 60, affording immense
water power. It is navigable for sloops to Ao-
quacliunonck, 12 miles, and is bordered by marsh-
es near its mouth.

Passumpsic River, Vt, rises in a pond on the E.
border of Westmore, and, running S. through
Newark, passes into the W. corner of East Haven;
thence it pursues nearly a S. course through
Burke, Lyndon, St. Johnsbury, Waterford, and
Barnet, and falls into the Connecticut 1 mile be-
low the foot of Fifteen Mile Falls. This river
flows through much rich interval, is generally deep,
and measures from 4 to 6 rods in width below
St. Johnsbury Plain. It receives several large
branches in Lyndon, two in St. Johnsbury, and
one in Barnet. The name of this stream is said
to beMerivcd from the Indian phrase,
signifying a stream where there is much med-
icine. Length about 34 miles.

Pataguangomis River, Me, in the N. part of Pis-
cataquis co, is an enlargement of the Alliguash

Patapsco River, Md. This fine mill stream rises
in Baltimore co, and enters Chesapeake Bay, bjr
a broad estuary between North and Bodkin's
Points. It is navigable for vessels drawing
feet of water 14 miles, to Fell's Point.

Patkasha River, Ma, flows E, and enters the
Tehan San^an or River a Jaques, a little below
Wamdushka River.

Patoka River, la, rises in Orange co, and pur-
sues a W. course until it enters the Wabash, op-
posite Mount Carmel, Is, and 1 or 2 miles below
the mouth of White River.

Patsaliga River, Aa. This is one of the prin-
cipal branches of the Conecuh River, which it
enters from the N. W. in Covington co.

Patten's Creek, Ky, enters the Ohio in Ion. 85°
50' W. and lat. 38° 22' N.

Patterson s Creek, Va. It. rises in the N. part
of Hardy co, among the Alleghanies, flows N. E.
across Hampshire co, and enters the N. branch
of the Potomac.

Patterson Point, Miehillimackinac CO., Mn., en-
closes Elizabeth Bay on the

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