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Patuxent River, Md., forms the boundary be-
tween Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties,
and flowing S. E. 40 miles, it turns to the S., and
flows 50 miles, nearly parallel with Chesapeake
Bay, which it enters on the W. side by a large es-
tuary. It is navigable 50 miles, to Nottingham,
for vessels of 250 tons.

Pauwaicun Lake, Winnebago co., Wn. A large
sheet of water, which receives the waters of
Wolf River in the N., and communicates with
Neenah or Fox River on the S.

Pawcatuck River. This river rises in the W.
part of R. I., where it receives Wood and Charles
Rivers, two good mill streams, and empties into
Long Island Sound, between the towns of West-
erly, R. I., and Stonington, Ct. It is navigable 6

Pawlet River rises in Vt., flows W. and N. W.
through Washington co., N. Y., and falls into
Wood Creek just before its entrance into Lake
Champlain. This stream affords good -water
power, and on its banks are situated several
pleasant villages.

Pawnis Deserted River, Ma. A small stream
flowing S. W. into the Missouri River.

Pawtuxet River, R. I., rises in the W. part of
Providence co., and, with its branches, waters a
large part of the state. It enters Narraganset
Bay 5 miles below Providence, and is celebrated
for its fine mill sites.

Payette River, On. It rises among the Salmon
River Mts., flows S. of W., and empties into
Lewis Fork of Columbia River.

Pea River, Aa., is the largest branch of Choe-
tawhatehie River, which it enters near the S. bor-
der of the state, in Dale co.

Pea Patch Island. Situated in Delaware River,
and contains the ruins of Fort Delaware, which
was erected during the American war.

Peabody River, N. H., rises in the E. pass of the
White Mts.. near the head of Ellis's River, a
branch of the Saco, and passes N. into the An-

Peaked Mountain, Monson, Ms. Height 1239 ft.

Pearl Island. A small island lying in the Gulf
of Mexico, at the mouth of the Mississippi.

Pearl Lake, Avoyelles parish, La., discharges its
waters through the Bajrnu de Glaze into the
Atchafalaya River.

Pearl River, Mi. and La. Its head branches
rise near the centre of Mississippi, and running
S. it joins by-several mouths the Rigolets, which
forms a communication between Lakes Pon-
chartrain and Borgne. It forms the boundary
line between Mi. and La. from lat. 31° N. It is
navigable for small craft to Jackson, the capital
of Mi. Some efforts have been made to improve
the navigation, which is obstructed by sand bars,
shallows, and rafts of timber.

Pecan Greek, Ts. An E. branch of Colorado
River, which it enters just above the San Saba.

Peck's Beach, Cape May co., N. J. A long,
narrow island, lying S. fi'om Great Egg Harbor.

Peconic Bay, Great, lies on the E. end of Long
Island, opposite Shelter Island, by which it is
separated from Gardiner's Bay. It is 14 miles
long, from 4 to 5 miles wide, and is separated
from Southold Harbor by Great Hog Neck. Its
borders are somewhat irregular, and Robbins's
Island is situated near its centre. Little Peconic
Bay extends inland 4 or 5 miles. Sloops navi-
gate it to the village of Riverhead, which is the
shire town of Suffolk co.

Peconic River, N. Y., rises in the town of
Brookhaven, Suffolk co., flows
E. through Little
Peconic into Great Peconic Bay.

Pedee, Great, River, N. and S. C., rises at the
foot of the Blue Ridge, Wilkes co., N.
C., and
bears the name of Yadkin River until it enters
S. C. It then flows in a S. direction until it
unites with the Wacamaw, a little below George-
town, and forms Winyaw Bay, which enters the
Atlantic 12 miles belowr Georgetown. It is nav-
igable 200 miles for boats of 60 or 70 tons.

Pedee, Little, River, rises in N. C., and, flowing
S. S. W., enters the Great Pedee, 32 miles above
its mouth.

Pekatonica Riven-, Wn. and Is., rises in Iowa
co., Wn., and, flowing S. and
E., receives Sugar
Creek from the N., and falls into Rock River, Is.,
6 miles below the N. boundary of the state. It
is navigable to Mineral Point, Wn., for flat boats.

Pekende River, Ma., rises in a small lake, and,
flowing W., empties into the Missouri River
opposite Prospect Island.

Pekushino River, Ma. It rises in a small lake
near the source of Rum River, flows S. W., and
emjDties into the Mississippi nearly opposite Sag-
atagon or Spunk River.

Peloose or Flag River, On. A N. branch of
Lewis Fork of Columbia River.

Pemadumcook Lake, or the Bamedumpkok, Pis-
cataquis co., Me. This lake lies a few miles N.
of Baker's Mt., is of an irregular shape, and
contains many islands. The soil on the borders
of the Pemadumcook and the numerous lakes
connected with it is remarkably good. The
Jo-Mary Lakes, lying near, are beautiful sheets
of water, and are surrounded by some of the best
timber land in the state. The facilities for raft-
ing timber down the Penobscot through these
lakes render this part of the state very valuable.

Pemigewasset River, N. H. This stream and
the Winnipiseogee constitute the Merrimack.
The Pemigewasset is formed of three principal
branches, having their sources in Woodstock,
Franconia, and the Ungranted Lands S. W. from
the White Mts. These branches unite in Wood-
stock, from whence the main stream passes in a
S. direction, through Thornton, Campton, be-
tween Plymouth and Holderness; Bridgewater,
Bristol, and New Hampton ; Hill and Franklin:
at which latter town it unites with the Winnipis-

Pemmaquid Point, Lincoln co., Me. This im-
portant point of land is situated between Mus-
congus Bay on the
E. and Pemmaquid River on
the W. It contains a light-house, which bears
about 9 miles N.
E. from Bantam Ledge, and 10
W. from St. George's Island.

Pendleton River, Ga., rises in Laurens co., Ga.,
flows S. W., separating Emanuel and Montgomery
counties, and receiving Alligator, Tiger, Swift,
and Wolf Creeks, and empties into the Great
Ohoopee in Tatnall co.

Pend Oreilles or Kulluspelm Lake, On. A large
sheet of water through which flows the Clarke
Fork of Columbia River.

Penn's Creek, Pa. This stream rises in the N.
part of Huntingdon co., flows N.
E. and E., and
empties into the Susquehanna River in Union co.

Penobscot Bay, Me. This bay extends from
Owl's Head on the W. to Burnt Coat Island on
E., a distance of 30 miles. At its mouth are
Fox Islands, Deer Isle, Isle of Haut, and several
smaller ones. It extends inland to Belfast Bay

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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