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Phillips River, N. H., a branch of the Upper
Amonoosuck, rises in the towns of Dixville and
Columbia, and, after passing through Millsfield
and Dummer, unites with the main stream in the
town of Stark.

Pickerel Bay, Ma. Situated in the N. E. part
of Leech Lake, N. W. from Leech Lake River.

Pierce Hole River, On. A head branch of
Bitter Root River.

Pig River, Va., rises in the Blue Ridge, and
after a. course of 35 miles, falls into Roanoke

Pigeon River, Te., falls into the French Broad,
in Ion. 82° 56' W., and lat. 35° 46' N.

Pike River, Vt. See Berkshire.

Pilot Mountain, N. H. See Kilkenny.

Pilot Peak, Uh. A high mountain situated
between the Great Salt Lake on the E. and Hum-
boldt River Mts. on the W.

Pine Creek, Pa., rises in Potter co., and flows
in a S. direction into the W. branch of Susque-
hanna River. It is navigable 60 miles to the line
of Potter co.

Pine Creek, Marshall co., Ia., flows N. W. across
an angle of St. Joseph's co. into the Kankakee

Pine Creek, As., rises in Fulton co., flows S. W.,
and enters White River at the town of Athens,
Izard co.

Pine Barren Creek, Aa., flows mostly in Wil-
cox co., and falls into the Alabama River.

Pinebog River, Huron co., Mn., flows N. into
Lake Huron.

Pine Log Creek, Washington co., Fa. A small
stream emptying into Choctawhatchee Bay.

Pine Mountain Greek, Harris co., Ga. A small
stream rising in the Pine Mts., and emptying into
the Chattahoochee River.

Pine Island, Hillsboro' co., Fa. A long, nar-
row island, lying in Charlotte harbor.

Pine Lake, Barry co., Mil. Situated S. from
Gun Lake.-

Pine Lake, Chippewa co., Wn., lies between
Birch and Red Cedar Lakes.

Pine River, N. H. Asmall stream issuing from
a pond in the town of Wakefield, and passing
N. W. into Ossipee Lake.

Pine River, Mn., rises by numerous head
branches in the S. part of Chippewa co., flows

S., and empties into Lake Huron E. from the
mouth of Carp River.    *

Pine River, Mn. It rises in the E. part of
Mecosta co., flows S. E. across an angle of Mont-
calm into Gratiot co., then N. E. into Midland
co., where it enters Chippewa River.

Pine River, Arenac co., Mn., flow's S. E. into
Saginaw Bay.

Pine River, Wn. It rises in the N. W. part bf
Sauk co., and flows S. into the Wisconsin River.

Piney Creek, Ca. A small head branch of
Grand River.

Pinnacle Creek, Logan co., Va. A head branch
of Guyandotte River.

Pinos, Point, Ca., extends into the Pacific at
the city of Monterey.

Pintlala River, Aa., waters the E. part of
Montgomery co., and enters the S. side of Ala-
bama River.

Pipe Creek, Iowa co., Wn., flows in a N. direc-
tion into Wisconsin River.

Piscassick River, N. H., rises in the N. E. part
of Brentford, and passing through New Market,
falls into Lamprey River at Durham.

Piscataqua River, N. H., the only large river
v-hose course is entirely in this state, is formed by
the junction of several small streams in a wide and
deep channel, hollowed out partly by them, and
partly by the tide. The names of these streams,
beginning at the N. E., are Salmon Falls, Cocheco,
Bellamy Bank, Oyster, Lamprey, Squamscot, and
Winnicut Rivers. The last five unite their
waters in a large and irregular bay, between
Durham and Greenland. The waters of this bay
meet those of Salmon Falls and Cocheco Rivers,
at Hilton's Point, a few miles below Dover. Af-
ter this junction, they proceed in a direct line to
the S, E., and join the ocean 2 or 3 miles below
Portsmouth, embosoming several islands, and
forming one of the best harbors on the continent.
Few rivers make a more magnificent appearance
than this ; yet the streams by which it is supplied
are small. Salmon Falls furnishes more than all
the rest. This stream is called New'ichawannock,
from the falls in Berwick till it receives the wa-
ters of the Cocheco, but the name of' Piscataqua
ought to be applied to the whole of Salmon Falls

Piscataquis River, Me. This river rises in the
S. W. part of Piscataquis co., flows 65 miles in
an E. direction, and falls into the Penobscot in
Penobscot co. It receives many tributaries, of
which Sebec and Pleasant Rivers, and Seboois
stream, are the principal. This river affords good
water power, and together with its branches waters
large tracts of country.

Piscataquog River, N. H., is formed from two
principal branches, one from Francestown, the
other from Henniker and Deering, which unite
near the W. line of Goffstown. The main stream
pursues a southerly course through Goffstown and
the N. E. corner of Bedford, where it falls into
the Merrimack.

Piscataway Creek, Prince George co., Md., rises
near the centre of the county, and flows S. W.
into the Potomac River.

Pischous River, On. A W. branch of Clarke
Fork of Columbia River.

Piseco Lake, lying in Arietta, Hamilton co„
N. Y., is 6 miles long, about 2 miles wide, and
abounds with salmon and brook trout of a supe-
rior size and quality. The surrounding country
also affords great quantities of wild game, mak-
ing the region a favorite resort of the angler and
sportsman. The outlet of the lake constitutes
the W. branch of the Sacondaga, a tributary of
the Hudson River.

Piskasau River, Boone co., Is. This stream
is a head branch of Rock River.

Pistakee Lake, Is., Iie3 in the N. W. part of
Lake co. Fox River passes through it.

Pitt Mount, On. A high peak of the Cascade
range, situated W. from Flamath Lake.

Placid Lake, N. Y., lying mostly in the town
of Keene, in the N. part of Essex co., and sur-
rounded by a wild and picturesque region of
country, is 4 miles long, and from 1 to l j miles

Plaisance Bay, Mn. Situated in the W. part
of Lake Erie, opposite the town of Monroe, Mon-
roe co.

Platt or Platt River, Vt. See Laplot.

Platte River, In. Ter., rises by two branches in
the Rocky Mts., which unite in the N. part of the
400 miles from their source, and joins
the Missouri
700 miles from the Mississippi, after
an E. course of about 1600 miles. Its principal

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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