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branches are the Elkhorn, entering it near its
mouth, and the Loupfork, 90 miles above. It is
from 1 to 3 miles broad, and so shallow that,
excepting in floods, it is fordable in almost any
place. The number of islands, the shifting
sands in its bed, and the rapidity of the current,
are effectual barriers to all navigation.

Platte River, Little, a N. branch of the Mis-
souri, which it enters 349 m. from the Mississippi.

Pleasant Lake, N. Y., is a beautiful sheet of
water, lying mostly in the town of Lake Pleas-
ant, Hamilton co. It is 3 miles long, from 1 to l£
miles wide, and abounds in fine fish of different
kinds. The surrounding country is a favorite
resort of wild game, and is interspersed with
small lakes, the waters of which are well stocked
with fish.

Pleasant River, Washington co., Me. This
river has its source in a pond in Beddington, and
flows in a N. E. direction into Pleasant Biver
Bay, which lies on the E. side of Naraguagus Bay.

Pleasant River, Piscataquis co., Me. This
important mill stream is a tributary of the Pis-
cataquis. It receives the two Ebeeme branches in
the town of Milo, about 15 miles from its mouth.

Plum Creek, Is. A small branch of the Mis-
sissippi River, which it enters in Carroll co.

Plum Creek, Delaware co., Io. A small branch
of the Macoquetais River.

Plum Island, Essex co., Ms. See Neivburyport.

Plum River, Ma. An E. tributary of North
Red River.

Plumbgut, N. Y., is the channel between Plumb
Island and Oyster Pond Point on the E. end of
Long Island.

Plaquemine Bayou, La., an outlet of the Missis-
sippi, is 117 miles above New Orleans, 8 miles
below the mouth of the Iberville, and 96 below
the efflux of Atchafalaya outlet, which it finally
enters. The waters of the Mississippi only flow
into it when that river is nearly at its greatest
height. It is navigable at such times for vessels^
and steamboats.

Pocomoke River and Bay. The river has its
source in Dismal Swamp, on the boundary be-
tween De. and Md., and proceeds about 70 miles
in a S. W. direction to Pocomoke Bay, a branch
of Chesapeake Bay. The river is navigable to
Snowhill for vessels.

Pocotalico River, Kanawha co., Ya., flows into
the Great Kanawha about 40 miles from its
mouth, after a S. W. course of about 60 miles.
Bituminous coal and iron ore are found on its
borders. It is boatable 20 or 30 miles in high

Pocotaligo River, Sumpter district, S. C., rises
in the W. part of the district, and flows S. E.
into Black River.

Poestenkill, N. Y. This valuable mill stream
rises in the towns of Grafton and Sand Lake,
Rensselaer co., flows W. into the city of Troy,
where it enters the Hudson.

Poinsett Lake, Ma. Situated W. from the
Sioux River, with which it is connected by an

Poinsett Lake, Orange co., Ea. A small lake,
through which flow the waters of St. John's

Poinsett River, Ca. A small head branch of
the Rio Sacramento.

Pointe Seuil Choir, Mn., extends into Lake
Michigan, opposite the S. W. corner of School-
craft co

Point au Betsie, Mn. The W. extremity of
Leelanau co., projecting into Lake Michigan.

Point aux Grais, Arenac co., Mn. Situated
near the mouth of Rifle River, and extending
into Saginaw Bay.

Point Barro de Arena, Ca. Situated N. W.
from Point de los Reye3.

Point de los Reyes, Ca. Situated on the Pacific
coast, N. W. from San Francisco Bay.

Point de Tour, Mn. Situated at the E. entrance
of Big Bay de Noquet.

Point de Tour, Mn. The S. E. extremity of
Chippewa co., extending into Lake Huron.

Point no Point, Matthews co., Ya., extends into
Chesapeake Bay.

Point St. Ignace, Michilimackinac co., Mn.
This is the S. extremity of the county, extend-
ing into the Straits of Mackinaw opposite Fort

Point St. Vital, Chippewa co., Mn., extends
into Lake Huron W. from Point de Tour.

Pollopel's Island, N. Y. This mass of rock lies
in the Hudson River, near its E. shore, 6 miles
above West Point, and opposite Breakneck Hill.

Pojnme de Terre liver, Mo., rises in Greene co.,
and flows N. into Osage River.

Pompton River, N. J., which is formed by the
junction of Pequannock, Riugwood, and Ramapo
Rivers, divides Passaic from Morris co., and falls
into the Passaic. Its length is 8 miles. The
Morris Canal crosses it in a wooden aqueduct
286 feet long, 2 miles above its mouth.

Ponchartrain Lake, La., communicates with
Lake Maurepas on the W., with Lake Borgne
through the Rigolets on the E., and with New
Orleans through St. John's Bayou and a canal
on the S. The largest of its tributaries are Tan-
gipaha and Tchefuncte Rivers, which enter it on
the N. side. It is 40 miles long, 25 miles broad,
and 16 or 18 feet in the deepest parts, but not
more than 9 feet near the shore.

Pond River, Ky. A tributary of Green River,
separating Muhlenburg and Hopkins counties.

Pondicherry Mountain, N. H. See Jefferson.

Ponguamqamook Lake, Piscataquis co., Me., lies
S. of Barnonenungemook Lake.

Poplar Island lies in Chesapeake Bay, in Ion.
76° 28r W., and lat. 38° 45' N. It is about 10
miles in circumference.

Porcupine's Islands, Hancock co., Me., lie in
Frenchman's Bay, off the town of Gouldsboro'.

Porpoise, Cape, York co., Me., is situated in N.
lat. 43° 22', W. Ion. 70° 23', and forms the N.
boundary of Kennebunk harbor.

Portage Lake, Houghton co., Mn. This lake is
very irregular in its shape, having several arms,
one of which communicates with Keewaiwona
Bay, one with Houghton's Lake, and one extends
N. W. almost to the opposite side of Keewai-
wona Point, on the head of which the lake is

Portage Lake, Livingston and Washtenaw coun-
ties, Mn. One of a number of small lakes sup-
plying the head waters of Huron River.

Portage River, O., drains Hancock co., and flow-
ing N. E., enters Lake Erie at Port Clinton. It
affords good water power, and flows through Black
Swamp, an unhealthy region, but which would
make a very fertile country if suitably drained.

Portage River, Mn. One of the head branches
of Grand River, draining the N. E. part of Jack-
son co.

Port Douglass, N. Y., is a convenient landing in

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