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valuable mineral wealth into the commerce of
the country.

Suquinochee River, Sumpter co., Aa. This river
has several large branches, and flows S. E. into
the Tombigbee.

Suwannee River, Fa., rises in Okefinokee
Swamp, Ga. The Allapahaw flows into it from
N., and the Withlacooehee from the N. W.
The banks in some places are 100 feet high, per-
pendicular, and of beautiful granite. Its bed is
rocky, and it enters into the Gulf of Mexico
through numerous shallow channels. The bar
at its mouth has not more than 5 feet of water,
but above that it has 15 feet for 55 miles.

Suwanuchee River, Ware co., Ga. One of the
head branches of the Suwannee Eiver, which it
enters near Fort Gilmer.

Swamp Creek, On., flows N. W., and enters
Lewis Fork of Bear Eiver a little above Malade

Swan Creek, Te., enters Duck Eiver from the
S. in Hickman co.

Swan Creek, Mo., rises in the S. W. part of
Wright co., flows S. W., and enters White Eiver
at Forsyth, in Taney co.

Swan Lake, Ma. The largest of a chain of
lakes at the head of Swan Eiver.

Swan Point, Md. The S. W. extremity of
Kent co., extending into Chesapeake Bay.

Swan River, Ma. It rises in Swan Lake, flows
S. S. W., and empties into the Mississippi Eiver.

Swatara River, Pa., flows S. W., and enters the
Susquehanna at Middleton.

Sweet Springs, Monroe co., Va. This is one
of the oldest watering-places in the state. There
are extensive accommodations, and the waters
are efficacious in many complaints, resembling
the Bristol Hot Wells, England. The spring is
so copious as to turn a mill 200 yards from its

Swift River, Me., flows S., and falls into the
Androscoggin at Mexico.

Swift River, N. H., rises in the mountains N. W.
of Albany, passes through that town with great
rapidity, and falls into the Saco in Conway. Its
whole course is rapid, and in one place it falls
feet in the distance of 6 rods, through a channel
in the solid rock of about 12 feet wide, the sides
being from
10 to 30 feet perpendicular height.
At the upper part of these falls are several holes,
worn perpendicularly into the rock, several feet
in depth, and from 6 inches to 2 feet in diameter.
There is another small stream of the same name
in the town of Tam worth.

Table Mountain, Pendleton district, S. C. This
remarkable mountain is elevated 3168 feet above
the surrounding country, and about 4000 ft. above
sea level. One side
of the eminence presents an
immense rocky precipice, at the bottom of which
is a dismal valley or gulf, of great depth, and
whitened by the bones of various animals.

Tagabona Bay, Fa., lies off the coast of Benton
co., and receives several rivers, the principal of
which are the Weekiwachee, the Pithlochastotoc,
and the Anclote.

Taghkanic Mountains, N. Y. This range, which
is a branch of the Green Mountains, commences
in the E. part of Eensselaer
co., extends S. paral-
lel to the state line, sometimes entering Ms.,
through Columbia, into Dutchess co., a distance
of 50 miles, where it divides into two ridges, one
of which extends through Putnam into West-
chester co., dividing the waters that flow E. into
Long Island Sound from those that flow W. into
Hudson Eiver,

Tahneenah River, Iowa co., Wn., flows N. into
Wisconsin Eiver.

Tahquameno.w Bay, Mn. This large bay is sit-
uated between the Straits of St. Mary on the S.
E., and Lake Superior on the N. W., and separates
Canada from Michigan.

Tahquamenaw River, Mn. The numerous head
branches of this river rise in Michilimackinac and
Chippewa counties; the main stream then flows in
a N. E. direction, and falls into Tahquamenaw

Talcott Lake, Ma. The Moingonan Eiver passes
through this lake, which lies S. from Lake Shetek.

Tallahala Creek j Mi., has its source in Jackson
co., flows S., receiving several large branches, and
empties into Leaf Eiver.

Tallahatchie River, Mi. This is an important
stream, which, with its branches, drains the prin-
cipal part of the county whose name it bears.

Tallapoosa River, Ga. and Aa., rises in Carroll
and Paulding counties, Ga., flows S. W. into Aa.,
where it receives numerous small tributaries, and
joining with the Coosa between Montgomery and
Autauga counties, forms the Alabama.

Tallulah or Terrora River, Ga. It rises in Eabun
co., flows S. E., separating Eabun and Habersham
counties, and unites with the Chatuga to form the

Tamarac Creek, Crawford co., Wn. A small
tributary of Trempaleau Eiver, which it enters
near its mouth.

Tampa Bay, Fa., called Espiritu Santo by the
Spaniards, is the largest bay in the Gulf of Mex-
ico, being
40 miles long, and in one place 35 miles
in width, and having from
15 to 20 feet of water
on the bar. It receives numerous tributaries, of
which Hillsboro', Manate, Oyster, Indian, and
Alafia Eivers are the principal. The bay is easy
of access, and affords fine anchorage. At its
mouth are numerous islands. Little Tampa Bay,
lying in its N. W. part, is about 10 miles in diam-
eter, but very shallow.

Tampa Creek, Ma. A W. tributary of Shayenn
Oju Eiver.

Tangier Sound, Md. Situated in Chesapeake
Bay, off the coast of Somerset co., and N. W.
from Pocomoke Bay. It contains a number of
islands, and receives the waters of Nanticoke,
Wicomico, Manokin, and some other rivers.

Tangipahao River, Mi. and La., rises in Pike
and Amite counties, Mi., flows S. into La., then
S. by E. to its entrance into Lake Ponchartrain,
its whole length being about
80 miles.

Tankio River, Little and Great. These streams
rise in the S. part of Page co., Io., flow S. into
Mo., and enter the Missouri Eiver in Holt co.,
soon after their junction.

Tanner''s Creek, la., falls into the Ohio Eiver 2
miles .below Lawrenceburg.

Tappan Bay, N. Y., an expansion of Hudson
Eiver, commences 22 miles N. of the city of New
York, and extends to Teller's Point, a distance of
10 or 12 miles. It is from 2 to 3 miles wide, and
is surrounded by a beautiful and highly-cultivated

Tar River, N. C., rises in Person co., flows in a
winding S. E. direction, receives Fishing Creek, a
large branch from the N. in Edgecomb co., and
below Washington expands into a broad estuary,
which is called Pamlico Eiver, and flows into

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