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surface is elevated and uneven; soil fertile, and
adapted to the growth of grass and grain. 118
miles N. of W. from Albany.

Cecil County, Md., c. li. at Elkton. On the
eastern shore, at the extreme N. The in-
terior is watered by Elk River. Surface undu-
lating ; soil tolerably fertile. Crossed by the
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, and by the
Newcastle and Frenchtown and Philadelphia and
Baltimore Railroads.

Cecil, Pa., Washington co. Miller's branch of
Chartier's Creek waters this town, which has a
diversified surface and loamy soil. Coal is
found here in large quantities.

Cedar Bluff", Aa., c. h. Cherokee co.

Cedar County, Io., c. h. at Tipton.

Cedar County, Mo. S. W. part. The Sac, a
tributary of the Osage River, flows N. through it.

Cedar Rapids, Io., Linn co. On ffedar River,
the northern fork of the Iowa.

Celina, 0., c. h. Mercer co.

Centre, Pa., a township of Butler co. On the
height of land between the Alleghany and Beaver.

Centre, Pa., Perry co. 36 miles N. W. from

Centre, Pa., Greene co. Ten Mile Creek and
its branches water this town, which has a hilly
surface and loamy soil.

Centre, Pa., Indiana co. Watered by Yellow
and Twolick Creeks, branches of Black River.
Surface hilly; soil clay and loam.

Centre, Pa., Union co. Watered by Penn's
and Little Mahonialy, or Middle Creeks. Sur-
face various.

Centre County, Pa., c. h. at Bellefonte. Central.
Watered by the W. branch of the Susquehanna
River, and by Bald Eagle and Penn's Creeks.
The surface is rough and mountainous, and iron
ore is found here; soil productive on the margins
of the streams.

Centre Harbor, N. H., Belknap co. Between
Winnipiseogee and Squam Lakes. Soil mostly
a rich loam. 37 miles from Concord, with which
it is connected by railroad.

Centreville, Aa., c. h. Bibb co. On the E. side
of Catawba River, at the lower falls. 38 miles
S. E. from Tuscaloosa.

Centreville, la., c. h. Wayne co. On the E. side
of Whitewater River, 62 miles E. from Indian-

Centreville, Md., c. h. Queen Ann co. 39 miles
E. by N. from Annapolis.

Centreville, Mn., c. h. St. Joseph co. On Prai-
rie River, 139 miles W. S. W. from Detroit. One
of the branches of the University of Michigan is
established here.

Ceres, Pa., McKean co. Tunangwant, Sugar,
Willow, and Kenjua Creeks water this town, the
surface of which is rolling, and the soil loam and

Chambers County, Aa., c. h. at Chambers. On
the E. border. The Chattahoochee River forms
part of its E. boundary. Surface undulating;
soil productive.

Chambersburg, Pa., c. h. Franklin co. Watered
by Conecocheague and Falling Spring Creeks,
tributaries of the Potomac River. S. W. from
Harrisburg 45 miles. A large and prosperous
place, having a good water power improved for
propelling cotton and woollen factories, flouring
mills, paper mills, &c.

Champaign County, Is., c. h. at Urbana. E.
"•entral. Watered by Embarras, Kaskaskia, Illi-
nois, Sangamon, and Vermilion Rivers. Surface
undulating; soil of good quality.

Champaign County, 0., c. h. at Urbana. W.
central. It takes its name from the level face of
the country; is wealthy and fertile. Mad River,
Duck, Nettle, Chapman's, King's, and Stony
Creeks, are the most important streams. The Cin-
cinnati and Sandusky Railroad passes through it.

Champion, N. Y., Jefferson co. Black River
and some of its tributaries water this town. Sur-
face hilly; soil very fertile. 148 miles N. W.
from Albany.

Champlain, N. Y., Clinton co. On the shore of
Lake Champlain, on each side of Chazy River,
and bounded on the N. by Canada. The sur-
face on the E. is level, on the W. hilly. Soil
generally fertile. The Ogdensburg Railroad passes
through the centre of this town, which lies 4 miles
W. of Rouse's Point, on Lake Champlain. 15
miles N. from Plattsburg, and 188 N. from Al-

Chanceford, Pa., York co. 47 miles S. S. E.
from Harrisburg.

Chapel Hill, N. C., Orange co. On New Hope,
a branch of Cape Fear River. Seat of the Uni-
versity of North Carolina. (See
Colleges.) The
locality is elevated and healthy, the soil fertile,
and the water good. 28 miles N. W. from Ra-

Chaplin, Ct., Windham co. Taken from Mans-
field, Hampton, and Windham, in 1832. It is
watered by Neaehaug River, which passes nearly
through its centre. The town is small, but the
soil is good, and populated by industrious farm-
ers, who, by their practice of keeping a large num-
ber of sheep, seem to be convinced of the fact that
wool is one of the most important staples of New

Chapman, Pa., Union co. The Mahantango
Creek waters this town, affording good mill priv-
ileges. Surface hilly ; soil alluvial and gravelly.
42 miles N. by W. from Harrisburg.

Chapman, Pa. A township of Clinton co.

Chardon, O., c. h. Geauga co. Situated about
600 feet above Lake Erie, on the elevated land be-
tween the head waters of Grand, Cuyahoga, and
Chagrin Rivers. 168 miles N. E. from Colum-
bus, and 28 E. by N. from Cleveland.

Chariton, Io., c. h. Lucas co. 100 miles S. W.
from Iowa City.

Chariton County, Mo., c. h. at Keytesville. N.
central. The Missouri River runs along its S.,
and Grand River along its W. boundary, while
Chariton River flows through the interior.

Charlemont, Ms., Franklin co. This was for-
merly a frontier town, in which many Indian ag-
gressions were committed. The traces of Hanks's,
Taylor's, and Rice's garrisons are still to be seen.
Mount Peak, and other lofty elevations, with the
Deerfield meandering through the town, give to
Charlemont much delightful scenery. Although
the general features of the town are rough and
cragged, it contains large tracts of valuable land.
It has a great water power. 15 miles W. from
Greenfield, and 105 W. N. W. from Boston.

Charles County, Md., c. h. at Port Tobaeco.
On the western shore, near the southern extrem-
ity, between the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers.
Surface broken; soil tolerably fertile.

Charles City County, Ya., c. h. at Charles City.
E. part. In the western angle between the
Chickahominy and James Rivers. Surface undu

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