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face undulating, containing quarries of sandstone
and limestone ; soil very rich.

Eaton, N. H., Carroll co. The soil is moder-
ately good, and the plains furnish excellent
pine timber. There are several ponds in this
town. Six Mile Pond is one ; it is 4 miles long,
and from half a mile to a mile in width. Good
iron ore is found here, and near Snell's Pond a
vein of zinc and lead ores. 64 miles N. E. from
Concord, and 55 N. N. E. from Dover.

Eaton, N. Y., c. h. Madison co. It is wa-
tered by the head branch of Chenango River.
The surface is rolling; soil fertile loam, particu-
larly favorable to the growth of grass. 100 miles
W. from Albany.

Eaton, 0., c. h. Preble co., and is located on the
E. bank of St. Clair's Creek. At this place the
creek has a fall of about 20 feet in 80 rods, which
adds to the importance of the town. It was laid
out in 1806, and is 80 miles N. from Cincinnati,
and 95 W. from Columbus.

Eaton, Pa., Wyoming co. Bounded on the N.
E. and E. by the Susquehanna River, and drained
by Bowman's Creek, one of its tributaries. Sur-
face broken by the Alleghany Mountains. One
peak, called the Knob, rises 1150 feet above the
Susquehanna River. 143 miles N. E. by N. from

Eatonton, Ga., c. h. Putnam co.

Ebensburg, Pa., c. h. Cambria co., occupies an
elevated position on the Alleghany ridge. 139
miles W. by N. from Harrisburg.

Eckford, Mn., Calhoun co. Soil fertile, and
well suited to grain. 101 miles W. from Detroit.

Economy, Pa., Beaver co. On the E. side of the
Ohio River. This town is settled by a community
of SwabianS, and was founded by Mr. George
Rapp, who acted as their temporal and spiritual
leader. 217 miles W. by N. from Harrisburg.

Eddington, Me., Penobscot co. This town lies
on the E. side of Penobscot River, 6 miles above,
and N. N. E. from Bangor, and 70 N. E. by E.
from Augusta. The village is pleasantly situated
at the “ Bend " of the river. The soil of the town
is good, and well wooded.

Eddyville, Ky., c. h. Caldwell co. On the E.
side of Cumberland River. 237 miles W. S. W.
from Frankfort.

Eden, Me., Hancock co. On the N. part of the
Island of Mount Desert. 92 miles E. from Au-
gusta. It has a good soil, good harbors, and
great conveniences for the shore fishery.

Eden, N. Y., Erie co. Cauquaga and Big Two
Sisters Creeks flow through this town into Lake
Erie. The surface is undulating, the soil remark-
ably fertile. 14 miles S. from Buffalo, and 287
W. from Albany.

Eden, Vt., Lamoille co. The streams in this
township are numerous. Wild Branch and Green
River rise in the eastern part. They are both
considerable mill streams. The Branch, which
is the outlet of North Pond, runs across the N.
W. corner of Hyde Park, and falls into the La-
moille, at Johnson. North Pond is 2 miles long,
and of very unequal width. The township is con-
siderably mountainous. Mount Norris and Had-
ley Mountain lie on the N. line of the township,
and partly in Lowell. Belvidere Mountain lies
partly in the N. W. corner. In the western part
of Eden is some good tillage land. The eastern
part, being the dividing ridge between the waters
of Lakes Champlain and Memphremagog, is
moist and cold, but good for grazing. Rocks,
principally mica and chlorite slate. The settle-
ment was commenced in 1800, by Thomas H.
Parker, Isaac Brown, and Moses Wentworth.
10 miles N. E. from Hydepark, and 30 N. from

Edenton, N. C., c. h. Chowan co. At the head
of Edenton Bay, near the mouth of Chowan
River. 66 miles
S. from Norfolk, and 182 E. by
N. from Raleigh.

Edgar County, Is., c. h. at Paris. Bounded N.
by Milton county,
E. by Indiana, S. by Clark,
and W. by Coles county. Watered by Little
Embarrass River, and Big, Brulette's, and Clear
Creeks. Soil mostly fertile.

Edgartown, Ms., Dukes co. This is the shire
town, and a port of entry, comprising the eastern
part of the island of Martha's Vineyard and
Chappequiddick. The harbor is safe, easy of ac-
cess, and is considered one of the best on the
American coast. The surface of the town is
generally plain, with a few elevated spots, rising
from 60 to 120 feet above the sea. Near the
middle of the island is a pond of fresh water, in
size of about 20 by 10 rods, and from 5 to 6 feet
in depth. This pond has never been known to
be dry. As the island contains few streams
for a water power, windmills supply their place
for all domestic purposes. A great variety of
fish are taken, both from the sea and fresh water
ponds. Chappequiddick Island lies on the E.
side of the town, and forms Edgartown Harbor.
The surface of the island is varied by some
moderate elevations ; its soil is light, but gener-
ally productive. 25 miles W.
S. W. from Nan-
tucket, and 30
S. E. by E. from New Bedford.

Edgecomb, Me., Lincoln co. Between the Dam-
ariscotta and Sheepseot Rivers, opposite Wis-
casset, 26 miles S. S. E. from Augusta. Advan-
tageously situated for navigation and the fisheries.

Edgecombe County, N. C., c. h. at Tarboro'.
Bounded N. by Halifax co., E. by Martin and Pitt,
S. by Wayne, and W. by Nash co. Watered by
Neuse River, and by Tar River and its branches.
Surface level; soil of tolerably good quality.

Edgefield District, S. C., c. h. at Edgefield.
Bounded N. E. by the Saluda River, separating
it from Newberry district, E. and S. E. by Lex-
ington, Orange, and Barnwell districts, S. W. by
the Savannah River, separating it from Georgia,
and N. W. by Abbeville district. Drained by
Little Saluda River and Stephens' Creek. Sur-
face slightly uneven; soil well suited to the
growth of cotton.

Edgemont, Pa., Delaware co. Surface hilly,
and watered by Ridley Creek; soil loam. 87
miles E. S. E. from Harrisburg.

Edinburgh, Me., Penobscot co. Incorporated

Edinburgh, N. Y., Saratoga co. Sacondaga
River, and some of its riibutaries, flowthrough this
town. The surface is slightly uneven on the W.,
and hilly and mountainous on the E., the Kay-
aderosseras or Greenfield Mountain stretching
across it. The soil of the W. part is fertile, par-
ticularly in the valley of the Sacondaga. 20 miles
N. W. from Ballston Spa, and 50 N.from Albany^

Edmeston, N. Y., Otsego co. Watered by
Wharton's Creek and the Unadilla River. The
surface is hilly; the soil sandy loam. 15 miles
W. from Cooperstown, and 77 from Albany.

Edmonds, Me., Washington co.- Situated be-
tween Cobscook Bay and E. Machias.

Edmonson County, Ky., c. h. at Brownsville.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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