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and others. 15 miles N. from Keene, and 50
W. by S. from Concord.

Marquette County, Wn., c. h. at Marquette.
Bounded E. by Winnebago and Eond du Lac,
and S. by Dodge and Portage counties, and W.
and N. by Puckaway Lake and Eox River, sep-
arating it from Portage co.

Marshall County, Aa., c. h. at Warrenton.
Bounded N. by the Tennessee River, separating
it from Madison and Jackson counties, E. by De
Kalb co., S. by Blount, and W. by Morgan co.
Drained by small streams flowing into the Ten-
nessee River.

Marshall County, Is., c. h. at Lacon. Illinois
River runs on the W. border of this county.

Marshall, Is., c. h. Clarke co. 123 miles E. S
E. from Springfield, on the national road.

Marshall County, la., c. h. at Plymouth. Bound-
ed N. by St. Joseph co., E. by Kosciusko, S. by
Eulton, and W. by Stark co. Watered by Yel-
low and Tippecanoe Rivers.

Marshall, Io, c. h. at Marietta. Central.

Marshall County, Ky., c. h. at Benton. W.
part of the state. Washed on the N. E. by the
Tennessee River.

Marshall, Mn., c. h. Calhoun co. 105 miles
W. of Detroit. On the Northern Michigan

Marshall County, Mi., c. h. at Holly Springs.
Bounded N. by Tennessee, E. by Tippah and
Pontosoc counties, S. by the Tallahatchie River,
separating it from Lafayette co., and W. by Po-
nolo and De Soto counties. Watered by the
head branches of Tallahatchie and Coldvvater
Rivers. Surface undulating ; soil productive.

Marshall, Mo., c. h. Saline co. 87 miles N. W.
from Jefferson City.

Marshall, N. Y., Oneida co. Drained by the
Oriskany Creek, and is also crossed by the Che-
nango Canal. The surface is rolling; soil rich
sandy loam. 12 miles S. W. from Utica, and
106 N. of W. from Albany.

Marshall County, Te., c. h. at Lewisburg.
Bounded N. by Williamson co., E. by Bedford,
S. by Lincoln and Giles, and W. by Maury co.
Watered by Duck River and tributaries. Surface
undulating; soil productive.

Marshall County, Va., c. h. at Elizabethtown.
Bounded N. by Ohio co., E. by Pennsylvania, S.
by Tyler co., and W. by the Ohio River, separat-
ing it from Ohio. Drained by Grave Creek and
other small branches of the Ohio. Surface hilly;
soil well adapted to grazing and the growth of

Marshfield, Ms., Plymouth co. Until its in-
corporation in 1641, this town was a part of
Duxbury, and was called Green's Harbor, or
Rexham. Its Indian name was
North River separates Marshfield from Scituate
on the N., and Massachusetts Bay bounds it on
the N. E. The surface is pleasantly diversified.
South and North Rivers give to Marshfield a
good water power. The lamented
country seat was situated in the S. part of the
town, about 12 miles N. from Plymouth.

Marshfield, Vt., Washington co. The surface
of this township is very uneven. That part of it
W. of the river is timbered with hard wood, and
the soil is good. E. of the river the timber
consists principally of evergreens, and the sur-
face is broken, wet, and stony. The town is wa-
tered principally by Winooski River. Here in
this stream is a fall, said to be 500 feet in the
distance of 30 rods. In the N. E. part of the
town is a considerable natural pond. The rocks
are principally slate and granite. In the N. part
of the town is a pleasant village. The town was
granted to the Stoekbridge tribe of Indians Oc-
tober 16, 1782, and chartered to them June 22,
1790. The township was purchased of the In-
dians by Isaac Marsh, Esq., of Stoekbridge, Ms.,
from whom the town derives its name, for £140,
and was deeded to him July 29, 1789. The im-
provements were commenced here in the spring
of 1790, by Martin and Calvin Pitkin, from East
Hartford, Ct. 15 miles
N. E. from Montpelier.

Marshpee District, Ms., Barnstable co. A tract
of 22 square miles, reserved for the Marshpee
Indians. It was incorporated in
1834 as a dis-
trict, the people having the privilege of choosing
their own officers, and managing their own affairs,
assisted by a commissioner appointed by the
state. The land cannot be sold without the con-
sent of all the inhabitants, who are only 102 by
the census of
1850, —the largest remnant of New
England Indians west of the Penobscot, —and of
these only five or six are of pure blood.

The land is good for grain, and is well watered
by Marshpee and Quoshmet Streams, and numer-
ous ponds. It lies on the ocean, 12 miles S. W.
from Barnstable.

Martic, Pa., Lancaster co. Beaver, Muddy,
and Pecquea water this town, affording good
hydraulic power. The Susquehanna River also
runs on its S. W. border. Surface hilly; soil
calcareous loam. 10 miles S. from Lancaster.

Martin County, la., c. h. at Mount Pleasant.
Bounded N. by Green, E. by Lawrence and Or-
ange, S. by Dubois, and W. by Daviess co. The
E. fork of White River drains this county, its
branches affording water power. The surface E.
of White .River is rough and hilly, and W. level,
or slightly uneven.

Martin County, N. C., c. h. at Williamston. Bound-
ed N. by the Roanoke River, separating it from
Bertie co., E. by Washington co., S. by Beaufort
and Pitt, and W. by Edgecombe co. Surface
level, and some portions marshy.

Martinez, Ca., c. h. Contra Costa co.

Martinsburg, N. Y., c. h. Lewis co. Watered by
Martin's Creek, a branch of Black River, which
bounds it on the E. Surface undulating; soil
rich loam, well adapted to the growth of grain.
142 miles N. W. from Albany.

Martinsburg, Va., c. h. Berkley co. 21 miles
N. W. from Harper's Eerry, and
169 N. by W.
from Richmond.

Martinville, la., c. h. Morgan co. On a beau-
tiful plain about half a mile E. from the E.
branch of White River.

Martinville, Va., c. h. Henry co. On Smith's
River, a branch of Dan River.
194 miles S. W.
from Richmond.

Maryland, N. Y., Otsego co. Schenevas Creek
waters this town, the surface of which is hilly,
Crumhorn Mountain lying in the W. part. The
soil, consisting of clay loam, is fertile in the val-
leys. 12 miles S. from Cooperstown, and 66 W.
from Albany.

Marysville, Ca., c. h. Yuba co. On the Yuba,
just above its confluence with the Eeather

Marysville, 0., c. h. Union co. On the S.
side of Mill Creek, a branch of Little Scioto
River. 30 miles N.
W. from Columbus.

Maryville, Te., Blount co. On a branch

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