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counties, W. by the Mississippi River, separating
it from Louisiana, and N. W. by Yazoo River,
separating it from Issaquena co. Drained by
branches of the Big Black River. Surface rough
and hilly on the E., and liable to inundation in the
W. portions; soil fertile. The Vicksburg and
Brandon Railroad traverses this county.

Warren County, Mo., c. h. at Warrenton. E.
011 the N. bank of the Missouri.

Warren, N. H., Grafton co. This town is
watered by the N. branch of Baker's River, which,
near the
S. line, furnishes valuable mill sites.
S. E. part presents a mountainous aspect,
having a large portion of Carr's Mountain on its
south-eastern border. Copper ore is found here.
Warren was granted by charter, July 14, 1763.
Erom Haverhill, 14 miles
S. E., and 65 N. by
W. from Concord.

Warren County, N. J., c. h. at Belvidere. In-
corporated in 1824. Bounded
N. by Sussex co.,
E. by Morris, S. E. and S. by Hunterdon co., and
W. by the Delaware River, separating it from
Pennsylvania. Drained by Request, Paulinskill,
and Powhatcong Rivers. The surface is uneven,
having Musconetcong or Schooley's Mountain on
the S. E. border.

Warren County, N. Y., c.h. at Caldwell. Formed
« from Washington co. in 1813. It is bound-
ed N. by Essex co., E. by Washington and Lake
George, S. by Saratoga, and W. by Hamilton co.
Watered by the Main and Schroon branches of
the Hudson, which here unite, and by, Lake George
or Horicon, and several smaller lakes. Surface
high, hilly, and broken, the Palmertown Moun-
tains covering the E., the Kayaderosseras the
central, and the Adirondack the W. portions.
Great quantities of magnetic, oxide, and hematite
iron ores are found in this county, besides marl,
graphite, and other minerals.

Warren, N. Y., Herkimer co. Watered by
Nowadaga Creek, and some streams flowing into
Canaseraga and Otsego Lakes. The surface is
hilly, the uplands being well adapted to grazing,
and the valleys to the growth of grain. 12 miles
S. from Herkimer, and 68
N. of W. from Albany.

Warren County, N. C., c. h. at Warrenton.
Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties, Va., are
on the N., Northampton and Fairfax counties, N.
C., E., Franklin S., and Granville W. Through
the N. E. angle of the county crosses Roanoke
River, and it is drained by several creeks, which
flow into that stream, and by Fishing Creek, a
branch of Tar River.

Warren County, 0., c. h. at Lebanon. Green
and Montgomery counties are on the
N., Clinton
on the E., Clermont and Hamilton on the S., and
Butler on the W. This county was settled in
the early part of the year 1796 ; the land is of a
fine quality, and is well watered by the Great
and Little Miami Rivers, and several smaller

Warren, O., c. h. Trumbull co.

Warren, O., Belmont co. The heads of Cap-
tina and Stillwater Creeks water this township.
It is wealthy and agricultural, with rolling land,
excellent for grain and tobacco. Within two or
three miles of this place is a remarkable ancient
fortification. It is a circular enclosure, of 4 or
5 acres, surrounded with a wall, from 3 to 6 feet
high, and in some places 15 feet broad at the
base. Trees of as large a growth as any in the
neighboring forests grow on and within the walls.

Warren County, Pa., c. h. at Warren. Chautau-
que and Cattaraugus counties are on the N.,
McKean E., Jefferson and Venango S., and
Crawford and Erie W. This county is well wa-
tered. The Alleghany River winds obliquely
through it, and within it receives the discharge
of Chautauque Lake, or Connewango Creek, Bro-
ken Straw Creek, and several other large creeks.
The surface is hilly, much of the soil good, and
some highly fertile.

Warren, Pa., c. h. Warren co.. occupies an ele-
vated position on the
N. bank of Alleghany
River, at the mouth of Connewango Creek.

Warren, Pa., Bradford co. Wepasening Creek
and its branches water this town, the surface of
which is hilly, and the soil gravelly loam. 17
N. E. from Towanda.

Warren, R. I., Bristol co. This small town,
comprising an area of only about 2600 acres, is
situated on the E. side of Narraganset Bay. It
is 11 miles S. E. from Providence, and 19 N. by
E. from Newport. Incorporated 1746. The sur-
face of Warren is undulating, with a soil of
rich mould, very fertile and productive. War-
ren has a safe and commodious harbor for ves-
sels of 300 tons' burden. Ship building has been
pursued here to a great extent. The village is
delightfully situated on a rise of ground front-
ing the harbor.

Warren County, Te., c. h. at McMinville.
Franklin bounds this county on the S., Ruther-
ford W., Wilson and Smith N. W., Caney Fork
River, or White, N. E., and Bledsoe S. E. It is
drained mostly by the Creeks of Caney Fork

Warren, Vt., Washington co. Warren is wa-
tered by Mad River, and, although between the
two Green Mountain ranges, the surface is not
much broken. The settlement was commenced
about the year 1797. 23 miles
S. W. from Mont-

Warren County, Va., c. h. at Front Royal.
Bounded N. by Frederick and Clarke counties, E.
by Fauquier and Rappahannock, S. by Page,
and W. by Shenandoah co. Drained by the
Shenandoah River.

Warrenton, Aa., c. h. Marshall co. On the E.
side of a branch of Tennessee River. 135 miles
N. E. from Tuscaloosa.

Warrensburg, Mo., c. h. Johnson co. On
Blackwater River, above Post Oak Fork, and
miles W. from Jefferson City.

Warrensburg, N. Y., Warren co. Bounded on
the E. by the Schroon branch, and W. by the
main stream of the Hudson, the two uniting on
the S. boundary of the town. Surface hilly and
mountainous; soil fertile in the valley of the
Hudson. 6 miles N. W. from Caldwell, and 68
N. from Albany.

Warrenton, Ga., c. h. Warren co. 44 miles E.
N. E. from Milledgeville.

Warrenton, N. C., c. h. Warren co. At the
head of Fishing Creek. 62 miles
N. N. E. from

Warrenton, Va., c. h. Fauquier co. 102 miles
N. by W. from Richmond.

Warsaw, Is., Hancock co. On the E. side of
Mississippi River, at the foot of Des Moines
Rapids, and
114 miles W. N. W. from Spring-

Warsaw, la., c. h. Kosciusco co. On the E.
side of Tippecanoe River. 126 miles N. by E.
from Indianapolis.

Warsaw, Ky., c. h. Gallatin co. In the north-

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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