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KICHI/AIB—was formed from Williams town, as part of Oneida co., Feb. 20,1807. Orwell
was taken off in 1817, Sandy Creek and Albion in 1825, a part of Mexico in 1836, and a part of
Orwell in 1844. It lies upon the shore of Lake Ontario, n. of the center of the co. The surface is
generally level or gently rolling, broken by the deep ravines of the streams. The
e. part is 250
feet above Lake Ontario, and Pulaski Village is 131 feet above,—giving to the town a decided
westerly inclination. The principal streams are Salmon River,1 Deer and Sandstone Creeks; and
upon each of them are falls, furnishing a large amount of water-power.2 Spring Brook is a small
stream flowing from several large springs in the
e. part of the town, and in the course of 3 mi. falls
150 feet. The springs are perpetual, and rather increase than diminish in summer; so that the
power furnished is abundant and constant. The mouth of Salmon River furnishes a good harbor.
The underlying rock is the Lorraine shales; the soil is a sandy loam, -with some clay in the s. w.
part, and is generally fertile. Pulasltl, (p.v.,) on Salmon River, about 3 mi. from its mouth,
is tbe half shire of the co. and was incorp. April 26, 1832. It contains 4 churches, a courthouse,
an academy,3 a newspaper office, a bank, and several manufacturing establishments.4 Pop. 1,168.
Port Ontario, (p.v.,) on Salmon River, near its mouth, contains about 50 houses; and
Holmesville (South Richland p.o.) 1 church and 20 houses; SeUtirlA, at the mouth of
Salmon River, contains a church, a U. S. lighthouse, and 30 dwellings.
KYcIilasicI Station,
on the W. & R. R. R., is in the
e. part of the town. The first settlement was made near the mouth,
of Salmon River, in 1801, hy Nathan Tuttle, of Canada, and Nathan Wilcox and Albert Bohannan,
from Rome.5 The first church (Cong.) was organized Jan. 22, 1811; and the Rev. Oliver Leavitt
was the first settled pastor. There are 7 churches in town.6

SAYDY CKEEM.—was formed from Richland, March 24,1825. It lies on the shore of Lake
Ontario, upon the
n. border of the co. Its surface is rolling and has a westerly inclination, its e.
border being elevated about 500 feet above the surface of the lake. It is drained hy Little Sandy
Creek and many smaller streams, all of which have rapid currents and are frequently interrupted
hy falls, which furnish a good supply of water-power. Little Sandy Pond, a portion of Lake Ontario,
nearly landlocked, lies principally within the limits of this town. The soil consists of gravelly loam
and disintegrated shale, and is generally productive. Lumber is the principal manufactured pro¬
duct.7 W asltisigt on ville, (Sandy Creek p.o.,) situated on Little Sandy Creek, 4 mi. from
its mouth, is a station on the W. & R. R. R. Pop. 423. The first settlement was made in 1804,
hy Joseph Hurd and Elias Howe, from Oneida co.8 The first church (Presh.) was organized in
1817, hy Rev. Mr. Dunlap. There are now 3 churches in town.9

SCHROEPPEL10 —was taken from Volney, April 4, 1832. It lies in the s. part of the co.,
in the
n.e. angle formed by the junction of Oneida and Oswego Rivers. The surface is level or
gently rolling. It is watered by Scotts and Fish Creeks and many smaller streams. A swamp
extends northward from the mouth of Fish Creek to the
n. border of the town, and is a half mile
to a mile in width. The soil is a rich sandy loam and clay. The underlying rocks, which belong
to the Clinton group, nowhere crop out in the town. There are 10 sawmills, 4 shingle mills, and
other manufactories in town. Plicenix,11 (p.v.,) on Oswego River, 2 mi. below Three River
Point,'was incorp. in 1848. It contains 3 churches and a newspaper office. Pop. 1,164 Gil-
bertsville, (Gilberts Mills p. o.,) in the n. part, contains 2 churches. Pop. 442. MilimaitS”
Ville, (p. v.,) in the extreme w. part, on Oswego River, contains 25 houses; and Peniielville,

Drake, Eli Strong, Benj. Austin, Samuel Brooks, Eliakim Si-
monds, Nathan Cook, Ebenezer Chamberlain, David Harmon,
and Blihu Ingraham. The first birth was that of Ezra L. H. Cham¬
berlain ; and the first death, that of an infant son of Dr. Alden,
in 1801. The first saw and grist mills were built in 1801; and
the first inn was opened the same year, by David Butler. The
first school was taught in 1802, hy Rev. Joshua Johnson.

1 At the month of Salmon River is a harbor admitting vessels
of light draught.

2 There are 19 sawmills, 8 shingle mills, 6 flouring and rist
mills, 2 paper mills, a tool factory, and several other manufac¬
turing establishments in the town.

3 The Pulaski Academy was organized June 4,1853.

4 2 paper mills, 4 flouring and grist mills, 3 sawmills, 3 tan¬
neries, and a thundery and machine shop.

6 Among the early settlers were Hugh Montgomery, in 1801;
John Ingersoll, Benj. Bull, Israel Jones, John Farnham, and

  Johnson, in 1804; Jeremiah Matthewson, in 1807; and

Ephraim and Justus Fox, in 1808. The first birth was that of
Benj. Ingersoll, Aug. 28, 1804; the first marriage, that of Sami.
Crippen and Ruth Tuttle, the same year; and the first death,
that of a child of Nathan Tuttle. The first.inn was kept hy

Benj. Winch, in 1806; and the first store, hy John Meacham, in
1810. The first sawmill was built by John Hoar, in 1806; ai d
the first gristmill, by Jeremiah Matthewson, in 1808. Milly
Ellis taught the first school, in the summer of 1808.

6 3 Bap., 2 M. E., Cong., and Prot. E.

7 There are 11 sawmills. 2 shingle mills, 2 gristmills, and 2
tanneries in town.

8 In 1805 Asel Hurd and 5 families from Vt., by the name of
Meacham, settled in town. The first sawmill was built by Wm.
Skinner and Joseph Hurd, in 1804; and the first gristmill, by
James Hinman, in 1806. Simeon Meacham kept the first store
and tavern, in 1806; and the first school was taught at the
house of George Harding, by his daughter, in 1807-08. The first
birth was that of Laura Hurd; the first marriage, that of Ilenry
Patterson and Lucy Meacham, in 1S06; and the first death, that
of Mrs. Elias Howe, in 1807.

9 Presb., M. E., and Bap,—all at Washingtonville.

70 Pronounced scriJple; named from Henry W. Schroeppel.
His father, Geo. C. Schroeppel, purchased the whole of Township
24 and a large part of 16, of George Scriba. Henry VT. settled
in the town in 1819. and is still a resident.

n Named in honor of Alex. Phoenix.


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