New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 71
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dent, and exhibits some curious spe-
cimens of sculpture at each corner of
the tower; its spire is a conspicuous
and pleasing object to a circle of many
miles : to the west of the village is
Ingmanthorp Hall, the seat of Richard
Fountain Wilson, Esq. The parish con-
tains the township of North Deighton;
entire population, 512.

Deigton North, W.R. (5) a town-
ship in the parish of Kirk Deighton,
wapentake of Claro,
2 miles N. from
Wetherby; inhabitants, 141. In this
place is a tumulus of remarkable mag-
nitude, being scarcely less than 500 feet
in circumference, and the height of the
slope about 70 feet; it is supposed to
enclose the bones of Danish soldiers
slain in some battle, the particulars of
which are not ascertained. Deighton
Lodge is the seat of John Brewin, Esq.

Delph, W. R. (7) a hamlet in the
township of Quick, parish of Rochdale,
Lancashire, wapentake of Agbrigg, 1
mile N. W. from Dobcross ; at a short
distance is the small village of New

Demming, E. R. (6) a small ham-
let in the township of Fraisthorpe, pa-
rish of Carnaby, wapentake of Dicker-
ing, 4 miles S. from Bridlington.

Denaby, W. R. (8) a township in
the parish of Mexborough, wapentake
of Strafforth and Tickhill;
6 miles N.E.
from Rotherham ; inhabitants, 141.

Denby, or High Den by, W.R.
8) a township in the parish of Penis-
stone, wapentake of Staincross, 3 miles
N. from Penistone; inhabitants, 1412;
a chapelry to Penistone.

Denby, Low, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the preceding township,

Denby, W. R. (8) a hamlet in the
township of Whitley, parish of Kirk-
heaton, wapentake of Agbrigg, 7 miles
S. W. from Wakefield. Denby Grange
is the seat of Sir John Lister Kaye,
Bart.; it is pleasantly situated in a fer-
tile valley, through which winds the
river Colne.

Denholme, W. R. (4) a hamlet in
the township of Thornton, parish of
Bradford, wapentake of Morley,
6 miles
S. from Keighley.

Dent, W. R. (1) a township and
market town in the parish of Sed-
bergh, wapentake of Ewcross, 5 miles
S.E. from Sedbergh, 59 W.N.W. from
York, 270 from London; inhabitants,
1782; a perpetual curacy; patrons,
24 sidesmen; market, Friday; fairs,
first Friday after February 13th, and
every Friday fortnight till May
This town is situated in a dale entirely
surrounded with mountains; the enclo-
sures are highly cultivated, and the scene
excites in the tourist, the idea of the
happy valley of the Abyssinian prince
Rasselas; in addition to their other
blessings, the inhabitants seem to enjoy
the gift of longevity, as in 1664, two
persons, a father and son, were sub-
poenaed in a cause tried at York, the
former being in the 140th and the latter
in the
100th year of his age.

Denton, W. R. (4) a township in
the parish of Otley, wapentake of Claro,
7 miles N. E. from Bingley; inhabi-
tants, 192; a chapelry to Otley. Den-
ton Park, the seat of Lady Ibbetson,
a spacious and elegant modern struc-
ture, is delightfully situated upon the
banks of the river Wharfe, and was
for several generations the seat of the
Fairfax family: here was born Ed-
ward Fairfax, the translator of Tasso;
and here also Ferdinando, and his son
Thomas, successively lords Fairfax,
and commanders in the parliamen-
tary army; the latter is the more cele-
brated, and without being a memorable
personage himself, says Mr. Hume,
performed many great actions, and
allowed himself to be carried into many
criminal enterprises with the most up-
right intentions; he was attached to
antiquarian pursuits, and to him the
world is indebted for the voluminous
MS. collections of Dodsworth, preserv-
ed in the Bodleian library at Oxford.


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