New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 158
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ndon of these operations, was their first
victim, being shot when returning from
market, about six o’clock in the after-
noon of the 28th April, by four persons
concealed in a plantation. So atrocious
a crime, roused the indignation of the
magistrates, and in a few months,
sixty-six persons were committed to
prison on various charges connected
with these disturbances : a special com-
mission for the trial of the offenders,
was held at York, when seventeen of
the prisoners, including three of the
murderers of Mr. Horsfafl, were exe-
cuted ; six were transported for seven
years, and the remainder liberated on
bail. So terrible an example crushed
the rising insurrection, and since that
period, Luddism has quietly expired.
Some persons may possibly think, that
it would be better to suffer such melan-
choly events to sink into oblivion; hut
it is at least satisfactory to pay the meed
of applause to successful courage; and
it may he useful as an example, to shew
in such desperate extremities, that the
most efficacious, and after all the most
merciful remedy, is a prompt, vigorous,
and impartial administration of justice,

Liverton, N. R. (2) a township in
the parish of Easington, wapentake of
8 miles E. from Guis-
borough ; inhabitants, 251; a ehapelry
to Easington.

Lobster House, N.R. (2). See

Lockington, E.R. (6) a parish
and township in the division of Bainton
6 miles N.W. from Beverley;
inhabitants, 367 ; a rectory, value 20/.;
patron, the Rev. Francis Lundy. Part
of the township*is in the adjoining pa-
rish of Kilnwick; Lockington parish
contains a part of the township of Ayke.
Entire population, 426.

Lockton, N.R. (3) a township in
the parish of Middleton, wapentake of
Pickering Lythe, 5 miles N. from
Pickering; inhabitants, 324; a cha-
pelry to Middleton.

Lockwood, W.R. (7) a township
in the parish of Almondbury, wapen-
take of Agbrigg, i§ mile S. from Hud-
dersfield ; inhabitants, 1881. In this
place, William Lockwood, Esq. was
slain in his own house by Sir John
Elland, in the reign of Edward III.
(See Elland.) In this township, are
Longroyd-bridge House, the seat of
John Fisher, Esq.; and Thornton
Lodge, the seat of John Horsfafl, Esq.

Lodge, W. R. (4) a hamlet in the
township of Upper Stoneheck, parish
of Kirkby Malzeard, wapentake of
6 miles N.E. from Kettlewell.

Lodge, W. R. (4) a small hamlet
in the township of Settle, parish of
Giggleswick, wapentake of Staincliffe,
1£ mile S. E. from Settle.

Lodge Green, N.R. (1) a hamlet
in the township of Melbecks, parish of
Grinton, wapentake of Gilling West,
miles W. from Reeth.

Lofthouse, N.R. (2) aparishand
township in the wapentake of Lang-
8 miles E. from Guisborough;
inhabitants, 1178; a rectory, value
10/. lls. Q§*Z.; patron, the King. This
parish is bounded on the north by the
German ocean. The place is chiefly
dependent on the alum works of Lord
Dundas. Lofthouse Hall is the seat
of Alexander Todd, Esq.

Lofthouse, W. R. (8) a township
with Carlton, in the parish of Roth-
well, wapentake of Agbrigg, 3§ miles
N. from Wakefield; inhabitants, 1396.
Lofthouse Hall is the seat of Benjamin
Dealtry, Esq.

Lofthouse, W.R. (5) a small
hamlet in the township and parish of
Harewood, wapentake of Skyrack,
mile S. from Harewood.

Lofthouse Hill, W. R. (5). See

Lofthouses, or Loftus in Nid-
W. R. (4) a hamlet in the
township of Middlesmoor, parish of
Kirkby Malzeard, wapentake of Claro,
10 miles E. from Kettlewell.


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