New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 162
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passage after a sudden thunder storm
which took place in the year 1730.
Near the village of Malham is Jennett’s
Cave, a spacious and gloomy cavern,
surrounded with evergreens.

Malham Moor, V/. R. (4) a town-
ship in the parish of Kirkby Malham
Dale, wapentake of Staincliffe, 5§ miles
E. from Settle; inhabitants,
88 ; Mal-
ham Water House, here, is
a seat of
Lord Ribblcsdale.

Malin Bridge, W. R. (8) a ham-
let in the township of Wadsley, pa-
rish of Ecclesfield, wapentake of Straf-
forth and Tickhill, 3 miles N.W. from

Malsis Hall, W. R. (4) a small
hamlet in the township of Glusburn,
parish of Kildwick, wapentake of Stain-
6 miles S. from Skipton.

Maltby, W. R. (8) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Strafforth
and Tickhill, 4§ miles S.W. from Tick-
hill ; inhabitants, 679 ; a vicarage, va-
lue 4/. 13s.
4d.; patron, the Earl of
Scarborough. Maltby Hall is the seat
of John Cooke, Esq. In this town-
ship is Sandbeck, the superb mansion
of the Earl of Scarborough, built about
half a century ago, in the Grecian style,
hut being situated in a valley, and sur-
rounded by plantations, cannot be seen
at any great distance : a little beyond
the western boundary of the park, stand
the venerable remains of Roche Abbey,
consisting only of one side of the nave
of the church under the middle tower,
some few unconnected arches, and va-
rious scattered fragments: the cele-
brated landscape gardener, Brown, has
very happily embellished the scene, pro-
ducing, in his usual style, a truly fas-
cinating combination of rock, wood,
and water: the monastery was founded
in the reign of King Stephen, 1147, for
an abbot and monks of the Cistercian
order. The stone of which the abbey
was built was dug out from a neigh-
bouring quarry; it is of a peculiar
whiteness and fineness of texture, and
is still known to masons by the name
of Roche Abbey stone; but however
beautiful may he this material, it is to
be regretted that it is not of a very
durable nature. The parish|of Maltby
contains the township of Hooton Levett.
Entire population, 774.

Maltby, N. R. (2) a township in
the parish of Stainton, wapentake of
Langbarugh, 4 miles E. from Yarm;
inhabitants, 168.

Malton, New, N. R. (5) a borough
and market-town, in the wapentake of
Rydale, 9 miles S. from Pickering, 18
miles N. E. from York, 217 miles from
London; inhabitants, 4005 ; the town
consists of the two parishes of St. Leo-
nard and St. Michael; both churches
are perpetual curacies; patron, the Arch-
bishop of York ; market, Saturday ;
fairs, the whole week before Palm Sun-
day, Saturday before Whit Sunday, Sa-
turday before November
11. Malton
made two returns to parliament in the
reign of Edward I., but the privilege
was discontinued till 1640, when it was
restored; the right of voting is in the
householders, in number about 500 : the
town is governed by a bailiff. Malton
is situated on the river Derwent, over
which it has a stone bridge, very pecu-
liarly constructed, being somewhat in
the form of the letter Y; at the foot
are some small remains of a castle,
built by the family of de Vesci, which
was destroyed by Henry II.; during
its existence the town was burnt down
by Thurston, Archbishop of York,
who besieged it, for the purpose of
dislodging the Scots; at the rebuilding
of the town it assumed the name of New
Malton. On a part of the site of the
castle are to be seen the lodge and gate-
way of an ancient castellated mansion,
built by Lord Eure, in the reign of
James I.; at his decease; the estate
falling into the hands of two sisters,
co-heiresses, they could not agree about
the possession, and, after an expensive
litigation, the house was pulled down,


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