New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 239
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Trinity, that the intimation has not
produced the effect of expunging from
the admirable service of the Church of
England, a metaphysical investigation,
so unintelligible, so presumptuous, and
so uncharitable.

Sowerbv, N. R. (2) a township in
the parish of Thirsk, wapentake of
Birdforth, 1 mile S. from Thirsk; in-
habitants, 748 ; a ehapelry to Thirsk.
This pleasant village commands a fine
view of the adjacent country, termi-
nated by the Hambleton Hills; it is
remarkable for the great number of
excellent residences which it contains.

Sowerbv Bridge, W. R. (7) a
hamlet in the township of Warley, pa-
rish of Halifax, wapentake of Morley,
2£ miles
S.W. from Halifax; a cha-
pelry to Halifax; the old chapel here
has been replaced by a more spacious
and commodious structure in the
Gothic style, recently erected by the
liberality of the inhabitants.

Sowerby under Cotcliffe, N.R.
(2) a township in the parish of Sigston,
wapentake of Allertonshire, 3 miles E.
from Northallerton ; inhabitants, 53.

Sowersett, N. R. (1) a small ham-
let in the township of Carlton High
Dale, parish of Coverham, wapentake
of Hang West, 7 miles S.W. from Mid-

Soyland, W. R. (7) a township in
the parish of Halifax, wapentake of
Morley, 5 miles S. W. from Halifax ;
inhabitants, 3242. In this township
are Kebroyd, the seat of Walker Priest-
ley, Esq., and Royd, the seat of Mrs.

Spacey Houses, W. R. (5) two
inns, the one in the township and pa-
rish of Kirkby Overblow, the other in
the township of Follyfoot, parish of
Spofforth, wapentake of Claro, 5 miles
N. from Harewood.

Spark Hagg. W.R. (5) a small
hamlet in the township and parish of
Selby, wapentake of Barkston Ash, 1§
mile N. W. from Selby,

Spaldington, E.R. (5) a town-
ship in' the parish of Bubwith, division
Of Holme Beacon, 10 miles E. from
Selby; inhabitants, 361. This town-
ship seems to have been formerly of
greater extent than at present, as it has
given name to that extensive tract [of
land called Spalding Moor. The an-
cient mansion of the Vavasour family
is yet to be seen here; a handsome
specimen of the architecture of the age
of Queen Elizabeth.

Spaldington, Outside, E.R. (5)
a hamlet in the preceding township.

Spanham, N. R. (1) a small ham-
let in the township of Scargill, parish
of Barningham, wapentake of Gilling
West, 4 miles S. W. from Greta Bridge.

Sparrow Hall, N. R. (5) a small
hamlet in the township and parish of
Salton, wapentake of Rydale, 7 miles
N. W. from Malton.

Spaunton, N.R. (2) a township
in the parish of Lastingham, wapen-
take of Rydale, 4 miles N. E. from
Kirkby Moorside; inhabitants, 109.
Spaunton Lodge, in the adjoining town-
ship of Hutton le Hole, is a shooting
box of Henry Darley, Esq.

Speeton, E. R. (6) a township in
the parish of Bridlington, wapentake of
Dickering, 5 miles N. from Bridling-
ton; inhabitants, 116; a perpetual
curacy ; patron, W. J. Denison, Esq.

Spen Hall, W. R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Gomersall, parish of
Birstall, wapentake of Morley, 4 miles
N. W. from Dewsbury.

Spennythorne, N. R. (1) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Hang
West, 1 mile N. E. from Middleham;
inhabitants, 249; a rectory, value
20/. 10s. 5
d.; patron, Marmaduke
Wyvile,:Esq. In this village was born,
1674, John Hutchinson, a great He-
braist and exemplificator of Butler’s
aphorism, that
Hebrew roots are found
To flourish most on barren ground.”
This writer published a curious work,


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