New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 259
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died in 1784, and was buried at Thorn-
hill with his ancestors. The windows
of the church were once ornamented
with stained glass, of which there are
still some small remains. Thornhill
contains the townships of Flockton,
Shitlington, and Lower Whitley. En-
tire population,

Thornhill Lees, W. R. (8) a
hamlet in the preceding township and
parish. This place is remarkable only
for its being the scene of the appre-
hension of some persons, called Ra-
dical Delegates, in the year
who, partly from the pressure of se-
vere distress, partly from a seditious
spirit, and partly from the instigation of
the notorious spy Oliver, had assembled
here to deliberate, doubtless, on some
very exceptionable, dangerous, and il-
legal undertakings : being surrounded
by a detachment of military, they were
carried before an assembled body of
magistrates, but luckily the result was
not sanguinary, as the evidence was
insufficient to go to a jury. Whatever
might be the feeling of a majority in
parliament, the nation was generally
displeased at the system of espionage
avowed by the prime minister on this
occasion, as it is difficult to imagine that
the social compact can receive any be-
nefit equivalent to the evil resulting from
the destruction of confidence between
man and man. Let those who advocate
such a system remember, that the most
odious appellation attached to the cha-
racter of the arch fiend himself, is that
of “ the accuser,” whose practice and
pastime it is, first to seduce and then
to betray.

Thornhills, W. R. (7) a hamlet
in the township of Hartshead, wapen-
take of Morley, 4§ miles E. from

Thornholme, or Thurnholme,
E. R. (6) a township in the parish of
Burton Agnes, wapentake of Dicker-
ing, 4£ miles S.W. from Bridlington ;
inhabitants, 94.

Thornhurst, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Owston,
wapentake of Osgoldcross, 4 miles N*
from Doncaster.

Thorn Park, N. R. (3) a hamlet
in the township of East Ayton, parish
of Seamer, wapentake of Lythe, 5 miles
W. from Scarborough.

Thorns, W. R. (4) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Horton, in
Ribbiesdale, wapentake of Ewcross, 12
miles N. from Settle.

Thorns, N. R. (1) a hamlet in the
township of Muker, parish of Grinton,
wapentake of Gilling West, 2 miles
N. W. from Muker.

Thornscoe, or Thurnscoe, W. R.
(8) a parish and township in the wa-
pentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, 8
miles W. from Doncaster; inhabitants,
205; a rectory, value 11/. 7s.8£r/.; pa-
tron, Earl Fitzwilliam.

Thornseat, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township of Bradfield, parish of
Ecclesfield, wapentake of Strafforth and
Tickhill, 7 miles S. from Penistone.

Thorns House, W. R. (8). See

Thorns House. W. R. (5) a ham-
let in the township of Temple New-
sam, parish of Whitchurch, wapen-
take of Agbrigg, 2 miles S. W. from

Thornthorpe, E. R. (6) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Bury-
thorpe, wapentake of Buckrose, 2§
miles S. from Malton.

Thornthwaite, W. R. (4) a
township with Padside, in the parish
of Hampsthwaite, wapentake of Claro,
5 miles S. from Pateley Bridge ; in-
habitants, 309; a chapelry to Hamps-

Thornton, W. R. (4), a township
in the parish of Bradford, wapentake
of Morley, 4 miles W. from Brad-
ford ; inhabitants, 4100 ; a chapelry to

Thornton, W. R. (4) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Stain-
cliffe, 6 miles S. W. from Skipton; in-
habitants, 1829 ; a rectory, value 19/.


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