Italian genealogy service available

Produce an index for your ancestral town.

     I have been working on the records available through for my ancestral town of Castelcivita, Salerno, including earlier records when she was named Castelluccia. I have put a lot of valuable genealogy information onto my site at In the process, I have acquired considerable proficiency in these records.

     At this point, I am looking for a customer who can hire me to start the records for his or her ancestral Italian town. I would then enter the important facts from each record into RootsMagic 7 and then produce a GEDCOM file for you.

     My own Castelcivita work reflects my learning curve. I got better with time.

     Am I fluent in Italian? No, but I can read the records. The home page of is in English and Italian, but I must disclose that I paid for a professional translation into Italian.

     I would recommend starting with the marriage records, because these provide the framework that links the generations. I would recommend also, starting with the most recent and working toward the older ones, because the most recent are the ones most easy to read. After finishing the marriage records it would be time to add the birth and death records. Many, but not all, would fit nicely onto the framework built from the marriage records. Often, the identification of the informants provides a valuable genealogical connection. The record might say he is the uncle of the deceased.

     Some of the old records contain transcriptions in Latin of church sacramental records. I have worked many of these.

     I am also able to add your ancestral facts from the site onto FamilySearch, except for the ones recent enough that the person may be living.

     The first order of business would be to identify the years for which records are available on the site, for your ancestral town. Please contact me, naming your ancestral Italian town, and after a free review I will telephone you. My fee is U.S. $30.00 per hour.