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Albert Bridge, tubular viaduct, on the Cornwall
Ry., between Devon and Cornwall, over the estuary of
the Hamoaze. It is 2240 ft. long, 30 ft. broad, and
260 ft. high from the foundations ; opened in 1859.

Albert Town, a N. suburb of London.

Albion, ry. sta., E. Staffordshire, 6 miles NAY. of

Albourne, par. and hamlet, Sussex, 8 miles NAY. of
Brighton, 1763 ac., pop. 306 ; P.O.

Albrlghtlcc, place, St Alkmond par., N. Shropshire,
3 miles NE. of Shrewsbury.

Albrfgliton.—hundred, par., seat, and vil. with ry.
sta., S. Shropshire, 5 miles SE. of Shiffnal, 29,964 ac.,
pop. 3754; par., 3424 ac., pop. 1212; P.O., T.O.—2.
Albrighton, township, N. Shropshire, 3 miles N. of
Shrewsbury, 771 ac., pop. 102; P.O.

Alburgli, par., S. Norfolk, on affluent of river AYave-
ney, 3 miles NE. of Hurleston, 1512 ac., pop. 602; P.O.

Albury.—par., hamlet, and seat, E. Herts, on river
Ash, 44 miles NAY. of Bishop Stortford, 3248 ac., pop.
621; P.O.—2. Albury, par. and civ. par., E. Oxfordsh.,
3 miles NAY. of Tetsworth—par., 1110 ac., pop. 209;
civ. par., 674 ac., pop. 31.—3. Albnry, par. and vil.
with ry. sta., AY. Surrey, 5 miles SE. of Guildford—
par., 4353 ac. (14 water), pop. 1286; P.O., T.O. Here is
Albury Park, a seat of the Duke of Northumberland.

Alby, par., N. Norfolk, 44 miles NE. of Aylsham,
811 ac., pop. 256.

Albyns, seat, Essex, 5 miles SAY. of Chipping Ongar.

Alcaig, hamlet, in detached section of Nairnshire,
1 mile S. of Dingwall; P.O.

Alccstcr.—liberty, St James Shaftesbury par., N.
Dorset.—2. Alcester, par. and mkt. tn., S. AYarwicksh.,
at confluence of rivers Alne and Arrow, 15 miles SAY.
of AYarwick by rail,'1530 ac., pop. 2430; P.O., T.O., 3
Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Tuesday. Has mfrs.
of needles and fish-hooks.

Alois ton, hundred and par., E. Sussex, 4081 ac., pop.
207 ; par., 2088 ac., pop. 191.

Alcoiube, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile NAY. of Dun-
ster, AY. Somerset; P.O.

Alconbury, par., in co. and 4 miles NAY. of Hunting-
don, 3700 ac., pop. 689 ; P.O.

Alconbury Weston, par., in co. and 5 miles NAY. of
Huntingdon, 1540 ac., pop. 413.

Alcott-End, hamlet, Ampney-Crucis par., Glouce-
stershire, 3 miles E. of Cirencester.

Aleiuulow. See Moreton-cum-Alcumlow.

Aldarder, rivulet, in Knockando par., Elginshire,
flowing 4 miles to the Spey.

Aldbar Castle, seat, SE. Forfarshire, 24 miles SAY.
of Brechin.

Aid borough.—par., N. Norfolk, on r. Bure, 44 m. N.
of Aylsham, 788 ac., pop. 352; P.O.—2. Aldborougli,
par., township, and seat, N. and AY. Riding Yorkshire,
7 m. SE. of Ripon—par., 10,098 ac., pop. 2265 ; town-
ship, 2241 ac., pop. 507 ; P.O., 1 Bank. Mkt.-day,

Aldborougli Hatch, eccl. dist., Great Ilford par.,
Essex, 8 miles ENE. of Bishopsgate, pop. 515.

Aldbourn, par. and vil., N. AYilts, 6 miles NE. of
Marlborough, 8495 ac., pop. 1488 ; P.O.

Aldbrough.—par. and township, East-Riding York-
shire, 104 miles NE. of Hull—par., 7126 ac., pop. 864;
township, 4167 ac. and 90 ac. foreshore, pop. 724;
P.O., T.O.—2. Aldbrough, township, St John Stan-
wick par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 64miles N. of Rich-
mond, 1807 ac., pop. 400 ; P.O., T.o.

Aldbury, par., AY. Herts, 3 miles NE. of Berkhamp-
stead, 2058 ac., pop. 912 ; P.O.

Aldby Park, seat, Yorkshire, 24 miles N. of Stam-
ford Bridge.

Aldcauibus, ancient par., on coast of Berwickshire,
now united to Cockburnspath.

Aldcatlile, an ancient par., now a detached portion
of Dalmeny par., Linlithgowshire.

AldclitTe, township and seat, in par. and 14 mile
SAY. of Lancaster, N. Lancashire, on estuary of river
Lune, 1016 ac. (337 water), pop. 94.

Aide, river of Suffolk; flows from near Haxted for
about 30 miles to Orford Haven.

Aldcburgh, or Aldborough, par. and seaport,
E. Suffolk, between the sea and estuary of the Aide,
6 miles SE. of Saxmundham and 100 miles NE. of

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