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1 Bank; the industries are weaving, mining, and
quarrying. In vicinity of vil. is Cumbernauld House,
seat of Lord Elphinstone.

Cumberworth.—par., mid. Lincolnshire, 3½ miles
SE. of Alford, 950 ac., pop. 223.—2. Cumberworth,
township and vil. with ry. sta., Silkstone and Kirk-
burton pars., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 8 miles
SE. of Huddersfield, 1185 ac., pop. 1471; P.O.

Cumberworth Half, former township, now a part
of the vils. of Cumberworth and Skelmanthorpe, S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire.

Cumbrae, par., Buteshire, 2841 ac., pop. 1856; com¬
prises the island of Great Cumbrae.

Cumbrae, Great, island (3½ m. by 2 m.), Cumbrae
par., Buteshire, lying midway between Bute island and
the coast of Ayr; contains the vil. of Millport, a
favourite seaside resort.

Cumbrae, Little, island (1 mile by ½ mile), Ardrossan
par., Buteshire, 1 mile S. of Great Cumbrae, 673 ac.,
pop. 23. On S. coast are curious caves wrought in the
stratified rocks by the action of the sea. On W. side is
a lighthouse, with fixed light (Cumbrae) seen 16 miles.

Cumbria, N. kingdom of the Romanised Britons.
It extended from the Clyde to the Dee and from Dum¬
barton to Chester. The name Cumbria still lives in
Cumberland, that is, Cumbri-land.

Cumdivock, hamlet, Dalston par., E. Cumberland,
5½ miles SW. of Carlisle.

Cuminestone, Cummestone, or Cu in mi nest own,
vil., Monquhitter par., E. Aberdeenshire, 6 miles E. of
Turriff, pop. 525; P.O., called Cumminestown, 1 Bank.

Cumledge, seat, in par. and 2 miles N. of Duns, Ber¬
wickshire ; in vicinity is a large mill for the mfr. of
blankets and plaidings.

Cumlodden, q.s. par., Glassary and Glenaray pars.,
Argyll, on Loch Fyne, adjacent to Inveraray, pop. 890.

Cumloden, seat of the Earl of Galloway, SW. Kirk¬
cudbrightshire, 2 miles NE. of Newton-Stewart.

Cumlongan, castle, Dumfries. See Comlongan.

Cummeenduff. See Black Valley.

Cummer.—par., mid. co. Galway, 4 miles S. of
Tuam, 9314 ac., pop. 1092; P.O.—2. Cummer, vil.,

2 miles N. of Bally william ry. sta., W. co. Wexford.

Cummersdale, township and ry. sta., Carlisle St

Mary par., E. Cumberland, on river Caldew, 2 miles
SW. of Carlisle, 2015 ac., pop. 848.

Cummertrees, par. and vil. with ry. sta., S. Dum¬
friesshire, 3¾ m. W. of Annan, 9466 ac., pop. 1094;

Cumminestown, vil.; p.o. See Cuminestone.

Cumming’s Camp, remains of ancient fortification,
on Barra Hill, Bourtrie par., E. Aberdeenshire.

Cummings town, coast vil., Duffus par., N. Elgin¬
shire, 4½ mile E. of Burghead, pop. 244.

Cumnock, market town with ry. sta., Auchinleck
and Old Cumnock pars., E. Ayrshire, on r. Lugar, 17
m. E. of Ayr, 491 S. of Glasgow, and 64½ SW. of Edin¬
burgh, pop. 3345; P.O., T.O., called Old Cumnock,

3 Banks, 2 newspapers. Market-day, Thursday; has
mfrs. of tweeds and other woollen stuffs, pottery, and
dairy and agricultural implements, but the chief industry
is mining. In the churchyard Alexander Peden, “Pro¬
phet Peden,” the Covenanter (1628-1686), lies buried.

Cumnock, New, par. and vil. with ry. sta., E. Ayr¬
shire, at the confluence of the Afton Water and the
Nith, 5½ miles SE. of Cumnock and 24½ miles SE. of
Kilmarnock — par., 48,096 ac., pop. 3781; vil., pop.
1265; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks; is rich in minerals.

Cumnock, Old, par. (including greater part of town
of Cumnock) with ry. sta., E. Ayr, 14,140 ac., pop. 4861;
P.O., T.O.; has quarries of excellent limestone and sand¬
stone, and mines of bituminous and anthracite coal.

Cumnor, par. and vil., N. Berks, 3½ miles SW. of
Oxford, 5962 ac. (32 water), pop. 1011; P.O.; Cumnor
Place, the scene of the murder of Amy Robsart, has
entirely disappeared.

Curnrew, par., E. Cumberland, 6 miles N. of Kirk-
oswald, 2772 ac., pop. 122; contains the hamlets of
Cnmrew Inside and Cumrew Outside.

Cumrue, loch, Kirkmichael par., mid. Dumfriesshire.

Cumwhinton, hamlet with ry. sta., Wetheral par.,
E. Cumberland, 3 miles SE. of Carlisle. See
with Cumwhinton.


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