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Wednesday.—2. Easky, rivulet, co. Sligo, flowing from
Lough Easky 12 miles NW. to the Atlantic.

Easixaxubroc, waterfall on river Glass, Inverness-
shire, 1 mile above Fasnakyle ; has a leap of 30 ft.

Easneye, seat, Herts ; post-town, AVare.

Easoie, hamlet, Nonmgton par., E. Kent.

Eassie, ry. sta., on W. border of Forfarshire, 4£
miles NE. of Alyth Junction and 24| NE. of Perth.

Eassie and Xcvay, united par. (ry. sta. Eassie), on
W. border of Forfarshire, 5053 ac., pop. 561; the church
is 1
b mile SW. of Eassie sta.; Eassie Burn flows 6
miles N. through Denoon Glen to Dean Water 24 miles
NW. of Glamis.

East. — hundred, E. Cornwall, at Devon border,
137,206 ac., pop. 40,550; is in 3 divisions — North,
52,762 ac., pop. 7525 ; Middle, 47,710 ac., pop. 17,427;
South, 32,734 ac., pop. 13,598.—
2. East, hundred, E.
Rutland, 18,743 ac., pop. 3283.—3. East, hamlet, Stan-
ton Lacy par., S. Shropshire, 2 miles NW. of Ludlow.—

4. East, ward, NE. Westmorland, 184,866 ac., pop. 14,515.

East1 Acointo (Northumberland). See Acomb, East.

East Anglia, kingdom of the East Angles from 571
or 575 to 792; it comprised (broadly) the cos. of Nor-
folk, Suffolk, and Cambridge.

East Axxstey, ry. sta., on N. border of Devon, 11
m. E. of South Molton. See
Anstey, East and AVest.

East Ardsley, 3J miles NW. of Wakefield, AVest-
Riding Yorkshire ; P.O., T.o. See
Ardsley, East.

East Aytoxx, 4 miles SAV. of Scarborough, North-
Riding Yorkshire; P.O. See
Ayton, East.

East Barnet, \ mile SE. of New Barnet sta., Herts ;
p.o. See
Barnet, East.

East Barns, vil., 3 m. SE. of Dunbar, Haddington.

East Barkwith, ry. sta., 3^ miles NE. of AVragby,
Lincolnshire; P.O. See
Barkwith, East.

East Benhar, vil., Linlithgowshire. See Benhar.

East Bex-gholt, 9 miles SW. of Ipswich, Suffolk;
p.o. See Bergholt, East.

East Bilney, 5 miles NW. of Dereham, Norfolk;
p.o. See Bilney, East.

East Boldon, hamlet, Boldon par., Durham; P.O.

East Boldre, eccl. dist., Boldre par., S. Hants, pop. 601.

East Bolton, seat, 5 m. W. of Alnwick, Northumb.

East Bratooxxrnc, vil., Brabourne par., Kent; P.O.

East Brent, 6 miles SAV. of Axbridge, Somerset;
p.o. See
Brent, East.

East Bridge Hospital, par., Canterbury city, pop. 36.

East Bridgford, in co. and 9 miles NE. of Notting-
ham ; P.O. See
Bridgford, East.

East Buckie, part of town of Buckie, Rathven par.,
Banffshire, pop. 2431. See

East Bxxdleigli, 5 miles SAV. of Sidmouth, Devon;
p.o. See
Budleigh, East.

East Burra, island, Shetland. See Burra.

East Burton, vil., 6 miles AV. of Wareham, Dorset.

East Calder (Edinburghshire). See Calder, East.

East Castle, ancient earthwork, near Wilton, Wilts.

East Chinixock, 4 miles SAV. of Yeovil, Somerset;
p.o. See
Chinnock, East.

East Clandon, 4\ miles NE. of Guildford, Surrey;
p.o. See
Clandon, East.

East Clcvedon, eccl. dist., Clevedon par., Somerset,
pop. 886.

East Cliff, seat, in co. and near Lincoln.

East Cliffe lodge, 1 mile NE. of Ramsgate, E. Kent;
seat of Sir Moses Montefiore (born 1784—died 1885).

East Cowes, eccl. dist., Whippingham par., Isle of
Wight, pop. 2543 ; P.O., T.o. See

East Cowick, hamlet in par. and 1 \ mile SE. of
Snaith, E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire ; P.O.

East Cowton, 7 miles NW. of Northallerton, West-
Riding Yorkshire ; p.o. See
Cowton, East.

East Cramlington, hamlet, Cramlington par., S.
Northumberland; P.O. See

East Croydon, ry. sta. at Croydon, E. Surrey.

East Dean, 2 miles SW. of Eastbourne, E. Sussex;
p.o. See Dean, East.

East Dikes, hamlet, at foot of Ditchen Hills, near
Clovelly, N. Devon.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1887. Public domain image from


East . For names (other than those of railway sta-
tions and post-offices) prefixed by
East, and not found under
East, see principal name.

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