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Folkestone J unetion, ry. sta. at Folkestone, E. Kent.

Folking, hamlet, 4½ miles E. of Steyning, AY. Sussex.

Folkinghaui, 10 miles E. of Grantham, S. Lincoln¬
shire ;
p.o. See Falkingham.

Folkington, par. and hamlet, E. Sussex, 4 miles
SAV. of Hailsham, 1526 ac., pop. 133; contains the seat
of Folkington Place.

Folksbury, place with ancient camp, 1 mile SW. of
Andover, N. Hants.

Folkstone, Kent. See Folkestone.

F’olksworth, par. and hamlet, Huntingdonshire, 6½
miles SAY. of Peterborough, 867 ac., pop. 201.

Folkton, par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 5½ miles SE.
of Scarborough, 5498 ac., pop. 488.

Follart, Loch, another name for Dunvegan Loch.

F'ollaton House, seat, near Totnes, S. Devon.

Follifoot, township, Spofforth par., E. div. AVest-
Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles NW. of Wether by, 1860 ac.,
pop. 496.

Follistown, par., mid. co. Meath, 3 miles SE. of
Navan, 653 ac., pop. 36.

Folly, Old and New, 2 hamlets, Hatton par., S.

Folly Gill, vil., Hampsthwaite par., E. div. AVest-
Riding Yorkshire.

Folly Hall, vil., in par. and 3 miles SE. of Bradford,
N. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire.

Fonaby, hamlet, in par. andl m. N. of Caistor, Lincoln.

Fonham Hall, seat, 1½ mile NW. of Newcastle,
N orthumberland.

Fonnion, vil., Penmark par., Glamorgan, 5 miles
SE. of Cowbridge; in vicinity is the seat of Fonmon
Castle, a late Norman or an early English edifice.

Fomncrcau, seat, near Ipswich, Suffolk.

Font, river, N. Northumberland; rises near Elsdon,
and flows 17 miles SE. to the AVansbeck at Morpeth.

Fontaine de Mirtre, mineral spring, N. coast of
Jersey, Channel Islands, near Belle Hogue Point.

Fonthill, Bishops. See Bishops-Fonthill.

F'onthill Gifford, par., S. Wilts, 4½ mile SE. of
Hindon, 1961 ac., pop. 478; contains the seats of Font¬
hill Abbey and Fonthill Park.

Fontigary, hamlet, Penmark par., Glamorgan, 5½
miles SE. of Cowbridge.

Fontley, hamlet, Fareham par., S. Hants.

Fontiuell Magna, par. and vil., NE. Dorset, 4 miles
S. of Shaftesbury, 2853 ac., pop. 731; p.o.

Fontstown, par., W. co. Kildare, 5 miles NE. of
Athy, 5293 ac., pop. 613 ; P.O.

Foodie, hamlet, in SW. corner of Dairsie par., Fife,
1| mile N. of Cupar ; in vicinity is Foodie Hill, 400 ft.

Foog Hole, The, artificial recess in the Vale of
Lamorna, W. Cornwall; was used by some Royalists
of the 17th century as a place of concealment.

Fooks-Mill, vil., AYexford. See Foulkesmill.

Foolow, township, Eyam par., N. Derbyshire, 2½
miles NE. of Tideswell, 986 ac., pop. 223.

Footdee, suburb of Aberdeen.

Footherlcy, hamlet, Shenstone par., E. Stafford¬
shire, 4½ miles S. of Lichfield.

Foots Cray, par. and vil., AY. Kent, on Cray rivulet,
5| miles NE. of Bromley, 805ac., pop. 1908 ; P.O., T.O.;
in vicinity of vil. is the seat of Foots Cray Place.

Fopacliy (Phopacliy), landing place, Kirkhill par.,
Inverness, on S. side of Beauly Firth, near Bunchrew.

Forbes, ancient par. (now united to Tullynessle) and
hamlet, Aberdeenshire, on river Don, 2 miles from
Alford ; P.O.; gives the title of baron to the Forbeses
of Castle Forbes.

Forbes, Lough, on river Shannon, between cos.
Leitrim and Longford and co. Roscommon; 3 miles long.

Forbcstown, hamlet, on river Don, in par. and ½
mile E. of church of Strathdon, Aberdeenshire.

Forbnry, The, eminence with pleasure grounds,
Berks, in NE. vicinity of Reading.

Forcett, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Gilling and Stan-
wick pars., North-Riding Yorkshire, pop. 908 ; the
hamlet is 7 miles N. of Richmond; in vicinity is
Forcett Hall. See
Carkin and Forcett.

Ford.—hamlet, Dintonpar., Bucks, 4 miles SAY. of
Aylesbury.—2. Ford, hamlet, Bidston par., Cheshire,
3 miles AY. of Birkenhead. See
Bidston with Ford.
—3. Ford, hamlet, Alwington par., N. Devon. 3

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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