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Inishcrevan, island, in Upper Lough Erne, Knock -
inny par., co. Fermanagh, 60 ac., pop. 9.

Inishcrone, vil., Kilglass par., AY. co. Sligo, 8 miles
N. of Ballina, pop. 311;
P.O., called Inniscronc.

Inishdoney, island, in Lough Erne, Derryvullen
par., co. Fermanagh, 40 ac., pop. 5.

Inishdooey, island, near Inishbofin, AY. co. Donegal.

Infshdoorus, island, in Lough Corrib, Cong par., N.
co. Galway, 142 ac., pop. 30.

Inlsheeny, island, in AVestport Bay, Ougbaval par.,
AY. co. Mayo, 25 ac., pop. 22.

Inisheer, island (forming par.), one of the Aran
group, SAY. co. Galway, 17 miles SAY. of Spiddal, 1400
ac., pop. 497;
P.O., called Inishere ; Inisheer Light-
house, on south point of island, is 112 ft. high, with
fixed light (Inisheer island) 110 ft. above high water
and seen 15 miles.

Inislierk.—island, in Upper Lough Erne, Knockinny
par., co. Fermanagh, 92 ac., pop. 17.—2. Inisherk,
island, in Lough Corrib, Kilcummin par., AY. co. Gal-
way, 64 ac., pop. 47.

Inlsherkin, island, in Clew Bay, Burrishoole par.,
AY. co. Mayo, 30 ac., pop. 7.

Inishfallen, island, in Lower Lake of Killarney, co.
Kerry ; has ruins of an abbey.

Inishfendra, island, inUpper LoughErne, Knockinny
par., co. Fermanagh, 238 ac., pop. 15.

Inlshfrec, Upper, island in Inishfree Bay, Temple-
crone par., AY. co. Donegal, 341 ac., pop. 178.

Inlshglora, island, Kilmore par., NAY. co. Mayo,
37 ac., pop. 30.

Inlshgort, island in Clew Bay, Kilmeena par., AY.
co. Mayo,
74 miles NAY. of AVestport, 27 ac., pop. 23;
Inishgort Lighthouse, on S. point of island, is 26 ft.
high, with fixed light (Inishgort) 36 ft. above high
water and seen 10 miles.

Inishgowla, island in Clew Bay, Kilmeena par., AY.
co. Mayo, 32 ac., pop. 43.

Inishkea, North and South, 2 islands, Kilmore
par., NAY. co. Mayo—North Inishkea, 464 ac., pop.
126 ; South Inishkea, 344 ac., pop. 175.

Inishkeel, par., AY. co. Donegal, 101,362 ac., pop.
9902; contains Glenties; also Inishkeel Island, in
Gweebarra Bay, 50 ac., pop. 10.

Inishkeen.—island in Upper Lough Macnean, Clee-
nishpar., co. Fermanagh, 32 ac., pop. 11.—2. Inish-
keen, island in Lough Erne, Enniskillen par., co.
Fermanagh, 260 ac., pop. 36.—3. Inishkeen, par.,
cos. Louth and Monaghan, 5 miles AY. of Dundalk,
6206 ac., pop. 1926.

Inishkeeragh, island, Templecrone par., AY. co.
Donegal, 46 ac., pop. 70.

Inishkenny, par., in co. and 5 miles SAY. of Cork,
3857 ac., pop. 645.

Inisklackan, island in Roundstown Bay, Moyrus
par., AY. co. Galway, 129 ac., pop. 161.

Inishleague, island in Upper Lough Erne, Agha-
lurcher par., co. Fermanagh, 122 ac., pop. 7.

Inishloe, island in river Fergus, Killadysert par.,

S. co. Clare, 131 ac., pop. 55.

Inishlounaght, par., cos. Tipperary and AVaterford,
on river Suir, near Clonmel, 9377 ac., pop. 1512.

Inishlyre, island in Clew Bay, Kilmeena par., AY.
co. Mayo, 52 ac., pop. 67.

Inishmaan.—island (forming par.), the middle island
of the Aran group, SAY. co. Galway, 16 miles SAY. of
Spiddal, 2252 ac., pop. 473.—2. Inishmaan, island,
in Lough Mask, 5 miles AY. of Ballinrobe, AY. co.
Mayo; contains church ruins.

Inishmacnaghtan, island, in river Fergus, Kilconry
par., S. co. Clare, 284 ac., pop. 11.

Inishiuacowney, island, in river Fergus, Killadysert
par., S. co. Clare, 225 ac., pop. 75.

Inislunacsaint, par., cos. Donegal and Fermanagh,
44,078 ac., pop. 8560; contains Derrygonnelly and part
of Ballyshannon.

Inishinagrath, par., mid. co. Leitrim, 7 miles SE. of
Drumahaire, 23,413ac., pop.5725; containsDrumkerrin.

Inishiuaine.—island, in Lough Mask, Ballinchalla
par., S. co. Mayo, 165 ac., pop. 29.—2. Inishiuaine,
school, Inishmaan par., co. Galway.

Inishmeane, island, near Gweedore Bay, Tullagh-
obegly par., AY. co. Donegal, 117 ac., pop. 42.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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