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Kilumney, sta. on Cork and Macroom Ry., in co.
and 10 miles W. of Cork.

KUvarce, hamlet, Ardchattan and Muckairn par.,
Al-gyllshire, 6| miles NE. of Oban.

Kilvarnet, par., mid. co. Sligo, on river Owenmore,

4 miles NW. of Ballymote, 6598 ac., pop. 1185.

Kilvaxter, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile S. of Kilmuir

church, Skye island, Inverness-shire.

Kilve, coast par. and vil., Somerset, in NAV. of co.,

5 miles NE. of Watchet, 1770 ac., pop. 222; P.O.

Kilvellane, par., W. co. Tipperary, on river Clare,

8678 ac., pop. 2329; contains Newport.

Kilvemnon, par., SE. co. Tipperary, on river Anner,
8 miles NE. of Fethard, 10,551 ac., pop. 2180; contains

Kilvergan, 3 m. from Lurgan, N. co. Armagh; P.O.

Kilverstone, par., Norfolk, 4½ mile E. of Thelford
ry. sta., 2026 ac., pop. 85; contains the seat of Kilver-
stone Hall.

Kilvey, eccl. dist., Llansamlet and Swansea pars.,
Glamorgan, 4 miles W. of Neath, pop. 3220; has
copper works.

Kilviekeon. See Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon.

Kilvine, par. and vil., S. co. Mayo, on river Dalgan,
8 miles SE. of Clare—par., 5426 ac., pop. 1735; vil.,
pop. 237.

Kilvington, par. and township, Notts, in SE. of co.,
on river Devon, 7 miles S. of Newark—par., 900 ac.,
pop. 41; township, pop. 24.

Kilvington, North, township, Thornton le Street
par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles NE. of Thirsk,
935 ac., pop. 87; contains the seat of
Kilvington Hall.

Kilvington, South, par. and township, North-Riding
Yorkshire, on Cod Beck and Whitelass Beck rivulets,
2 miles N. of Thirsk—par., 2836 ac., pop. 414; town¬
ship, 1083 ac., pop. 261.

Kilvrough, seat, Gower, Glamorgan, 7 miles SAY.
of Swansea.

Kilwatermoy, par., W. co. Waterford, on river
Blackwater, 3 miles SE. of Tullow, 6549 ac., pop. 893.

Kilwa lighter, par., E. co. Antrim, 2 miles W. of
Larne, 9797 ac., pop. 1450; P.O.; contains the seat of
Kilwanghter Castle.

Kilwinning, town and par. with ry. sta., N. Ayr¬
shire—par., 10,989 ac., pop. 7037; town, on river
Garnock, 3½ miles NW. of Irvine, 25½ SW. of Glasgow,
and 392 NW. of London, pop. 3469; P.O., T.o., 2
Banks. Kilwinning has some remains of an abbey,
founded in 1140 and destroyed in 1561. It is tradition¬
ally the birthplace of Scottish Freemasonry, and the
Kilwinning Lodge claims (or claimed) to be the Mother
Lodge of Scotland; in the Statutes of 1599, however,
precedence was given to the lodge at Edinburgh. The
Royal Company of Archers of Kilwinning dates from at
least 1488 ; their annual custom of shooting at the pa-
pingo or popinjay is described in Scott’s
Old Mortality.
Kilwinning has a woollen factory and large engineering
and fire-clay works, and many of the inhabitants find
employment in the neighbouring Eglinton Ironworks.

Kilworth, town and par., NE. co. Cork, on river
Funshion, 3 miles N. of Fermoy—par., 5457 ac., pop.
1165; town, pop. 598 ; P.O., T.o.

Kilworth, North, and Kilworth, South, 2 adjacent
pars, with vils. (ry. sta. Kilworth), Leicestershire, on
river Avon and Grand Union Canal—North Kilworth,
2230 ac., pop. 443; P.O.; South Kilworth, 1470 ac.,
pop. 423; P.O.; the sta. is 8½ m. SW. of Market Har-
borough; in the vicinity is the seat of
Kilworth Hall.

Kiiworthy, ancient seat of the Granvilles, 2 m. N.
of Tavistock, Devon; modernised in time of George III.

Kilybehyll, Glamorgan. See Killybebill.

Kimberley.—town and eccl. dist. with ry. sta.,
Greasby and Nuthall pars., in co. and 5 miles N. of Not¬
tingham, pop. 4978; P.O., 1 Bank; is a busy and thriving
place, carrying on coal mining, brewing, and framework
knitting, and has a large corn mill.
—2. Kimberley,
par. and vil. with ry. sta., Norfolk, 4 miles NW. of
AVymondham and 14 miles SW. of Norwich, 1460 ac.,
pop. 181.

Kimberley Hall, seat of the Earl of Kimberley,
AY'ymondham par., Norfolk, 1½ mile NE. of Kimberley
sta. and 3 miles NAV. of Wymondham; the park is
famous for its oaks.

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