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Mullinahone, small market town, Kilvemnon par.,
E. co. Tipperary, 6 miles SAV. of Callan and 9 miles
NE. of Fethard ry. sta., pop. 733; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank.

Mull inn vat, vil. with ry. sta., Kilbeacon par., S. co.
Kilkenny, on river Blackwater, 8 miles N. of Waterford,
pop. 399; P.O.

Mullingar, market and co. town, par., and town-
ship with ry. sta., mid. co. Westmeath, on Royal
Canal and river Brosna, 50 miles NAV. of Dublin—par.,
21,048 ac., pop. 8153; township, 1376 ac., pop. 4787;
P.O., T.O., 3 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Mullingar is an important centre of trade, and
has extensive infantry barracks.

Mullion, par. and vil., Cornwall, 5% miles N. of
Lizard Head and 6% miles S. of Helston, 5015 ac., pop.
607; P.O.; Mullion Cove (or Portlimnllin) has a re-
markably fine cave; about 1 mile off shore is Mullion
Island, and to the left is Mullion Gull Rock.

Mullock Cleevaun, mountain, 6 miles SE. of Bless-
ington, N. co. Wicklow, alt. 2783 ft.

Mullochiuore, hill, N. co. Westmeath, on E. side of
Lough Sheelin, alt. 849 ft.

Mnllyask Hills, co. Monaghan, greatest alt. 1034 ft.

Mullyrodden, 4 m. from Dungannon, co. Tyrone; P.O.

Mulrankln, par., in co. and 7 miles SAV. of AVex-
ford, 2433 ac., pop. 791.

Muirany, 11 m. from Newport, AV. co. Mayo; P.O.

Mulrath, hill, near Lough Arrow, E. co. Sligo, 740 ft.

Mulroy Bay, between Sheep Haven and Lough
Swilly, N. co. Donegal; 13 miles long by from % mile to
2 miles broad.

Muliyfarnliam, par. and vil. with ry. sta., N. co.
Westmeath, 7% miles NAV. of Mullingar—par., 3973 ac.,
pop. 762; vil., pop. 272; P.O.; has ruins of an abbey
(1236) with steeple 90 ft. high.

Mulwilh, Yorkshire. See Newby with Mulwith.

Mumbles, vil. with ry. sta., Oystermouth par., Gla-
morgan, on AV. side of Swansea Bay, 5 miles SW. of
Swansea, P.O., T.O.; is a much-frequented watering-
place, and has a large oyster-fishery; the cliffs at AV.
extremity of Swansea Bay terminate in two large rocky
islets, called Mumbles Head, within which is a good
roadstead; on outer islet is Mumbles Lighthouse,
56 ft. high, with fixed light 114 ft. above high water
and seen 15 miles.

Mumbles Boad, ry. sta., Glamorgan, 1% mile N. of
Mumbles sta.

Mumby, par. and vil., Lincolnshire, 4 miles SE. of
Alford, 2620 ac., pop. 639; P.O.

Muncaster, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Cumberland,
on river Esk—par. (containing Ravenglass), 6496 ac.,
pop. 638; the sta. is 1% mile E. of Ravenglass; Muncas-
ter was a Roman station; Muncaster Castle is the seat
of Lord Muncaster; the old castle is now a ruin ; Mun-
caster Fell is 757 ft. high.

Munches, seat, Buittle par., Kirkcudbrightshire, on
Urr Water, 2 miles S. of Dalbeattie.

Muncraig, headland, Borgue par., Kirkcudbright-
shire, alt. 200 ft.

Munden, Great, par., Herts, 6% miles N. of Ware,
3402 ac., pop. 439; Rownea Nunnery was founded here
in time of Henry II.

Munden, Little (or Munden Frewell), par. and vil.,
Herts, 2 m. SAV. of Great Munden, 2247 ac., pop. 468.

Munden Furnlval, hamlet, Great Munden par.,
Herts, 3% miles SAV. of Buntingford.

Mundesley, 5 miles NE. of North Walsham, Norfolk;
p.o. See

Mnndford, par. and vil., Norfolk, on river Wissey,
4% miles NE. of Brandon, 2050 ac., pop. 285; P.O., T.o.

Mundham, par. and vil., Norfolk, 5% miles N. of
Bungay, 1547 ac., pop. 295.

Mundham, North, par. and vil., Sussex, on Arundel
and Portsmouth Canal, 2 miles SE. of Chichester, 1892
ac., pop. 401; P.O.

Mundham, South, vil., Pagham par., Sussex, 1%
mile S. of North Mundham.

Mnndon, par. and vil., Essex, 3% m. SE. of Maldon,
3107 ac., pop. 320; P.O.; near vil. is Mnndon Hall, seat.

Mundsley, coast, par. and vil., Norfolk, 5 miles NE.
of North Walsham, 674 ac. (100 water), pop. 377; P.O.,
called Mundesley; is a small port, a fishing village, a
coastguard station, and a quiet watering-place, with
excellent sands for bathing; bones of elephants, &c.,
have been found.

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