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Rush Hall, school, Offerlane par., Queen’s co.

Rush Mill, paperworks, Northampton.

Knsh Fark, seat, E. co. Antrim ; post-town, White-
house, Belfast.

Rush and Lusk, ry. sta., in co. and 14 miles NE. of
Dublin. See Rush, and Lusk.

Rnshall.—par., Norfolk, 3 miles W. of Harleston,
1170 ac., pop. 209.
—2. Rushall, par. and ry. sta.,
Staffordshire, on NE. side and partly in bor. of Walsall,
1924 ac., pop. 5809.
—3. Rushall, par., Wilts, on river
Avon, 3J miles SW. of Pewsey, 2164 ac., pop. 195; con-
Rushall Hall, seat.

Rushbrook, ry. sta., S. co. Cork, 14 mile N. of

Rushbrooke, par., Suffolk, on river Lark, 3 miles
SE. of Bury St Edmunds, 1060 ac., pop. 135 ; Rush-
brooke Hall, seat of the Rushbrooke family, is a
splendid moated mansion, standing in an extensive
park, and is partly of the time of John and partly of
that of Elizabeth.

Rushbury, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Shropshire, 8|
miles SW. of Much Wenlock, 4132 ac., pop. 500.

Rnshcliffc, wapentake, Notts, 43,933 ac., pop.
11,862; contains 27 pars, and parts of 2 others.

Rushcliffe Division, parl. div. of Notts, pop. 50,671.

Rushden.—par. and vil., Herts, 4 miles NW. of
Buntingford, 1509 ac., pop. 270; near vil. is
seat.—2. Rushden, par. and vil., Northampton-
shire, 1 mile S. of Higham Ferrers, 2770 ac., pop. 3657;
P.O., T.o.;
Rushden Hall and Rushden House are

Rusheenacholla Island, Moyrus par., W. co. Gal-
way, 78 ac., pop. 22.

Rnshen, par., in SW. of Isle of Man, 7456 ac., pop.
3527 ; contains Port Erin and Port St Mary ; near the
church, 1 mile NE. of Port Erin, is a tall Runic monu-
mental cross.

Rnshen Ahbey, ruin, near Ballasalla, 2 miles NE.
of Castletown, Isle of Man; was one of the last
monasteries dissolved in the British Isles.

Rnshen Castle, Isle of Man. See Castletown.

Rnshett Common, vil., 5 miles SE. of Guildford,
Surrey; P.O.

Rushey Green, hamlet, Lewisham par., Kent, on
river Ravensbourne, near Catford Bridge sta.

Rnshey Flatt, ry. sta., Wilts,ljm. NW. of Swindon.

Rnshl'ord, par., Norfolk and Suffolk, on river Little
Ouse, 4 miles SE. of Thetford, 6118 ac. (including Great
and Little Snarehill), pop. 169; the church was that of
a college founded here about 1342.

Rnshl'ord Castle, modern shell, with fine view,
Dartmoor, Devon, on river Teign, 1J mile NE. of

Rushlakc Green, vil., Warbleton par., Sussex, near

Rnshley, hamlet, Ilam par., Staffordshire, on river
Manifold, 94 miles NE. of Cheadle.

Rushmere (near Beccles), par., Suffolk, 54 miles
SE. of Beccles, 759 ac., pop. 145.

Rushmere (near Ipswich), par. and vil., Suffolk—
par. (partly in bor. of Ipswich), 2142 ac., pop. 630; vil.,
24 miles E. of Ipswich ; P.O.

Rtishmonden, hundred, Pevensey rape, Sussex,
19,038 ac., pop. 4595 ; contains 3 pars.

Rushmore, hundred, Dorset, 823 ac., pop. 145.

Rnshmore Lodge, seat (formerly of Lord Rivers), on
S. border of Wilts, in Cranborne Chase, 6 miles NW. of
Cranborne; was the residence of the Princess Char-
lotte in 1814.

Rnshock.—hamlet, Kington par., Herefordshire, 6
miles NE. of Kington.—2.
Rushock, par. and vil.,
Worcestershire, 5 miles SE. of Kidderminster and 54
miles N. of Droitwich, 1218 ac., pop. 185; P.O.

Rusholme, town and township, Manchester par.,
SE. Lancashire, on S. side and within the parl. limit* of
Manchester—township, 974 ac., pop. 9227; town (in-
cluding also parts of Moss Side and Withington town-
ships), 1153 ac., pop. 11,238.

Rushton.—township, Tarporley par., Cheshire, on
NE. side and in town of Tarporley, 1797 ac., pop. 334.
Rushton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., North-
amptonshire, on river Ise, 34 miles NW. of Kettering,
2960 ac., pop. 495; P.O.; near vil. is
Rushton Hall,
seat.—3. Rushton, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Leek par.,
Staffordshire, 5 miles NW. of Leek, pop. 936; contains
the townships of Rushton James, 1390 ac., pop. 267;
and Rushton Spencer, 1860 ac., pop. 341; P.O.

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