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Sankey, Great, eccl. dist., township, and vil. (ry.
stations Sankey, and Sankey Bridges), Prescot par.,
SW. Lancashire—dist., pop. 1869; township, 1923 ac.,
pop. 630 ; vil., on Sankey Canal, 2 miles AV. of War-
rington ; P.O. at Sankey Bridges.

Sankey Bridges, ry. sta., % mile E. of Sankey sta.,
SW. Lancashire; P.O.

Sankey Brook, river, SW. Lancashire; rises near
Bickerstaffe, and flows 15 miles SE. past St Helens to
the Mersey.

Sankey Canal, SW. Lancashire, extending from St
Helens 12 miles SE. to the Mersey near Warrington,
thence 3% miles AV. to vicinity of Runcorn Gap; was
made in 1755-68; was the earliest artificial navigation
in England; was amalgamated with the St Helens
Railway in 1845, and passed with that railway to the
North-Western Railway in 1864.

Sannox, hamlet, on NE. side of Arran island, Bute-
shire, at foot of Glen Sannox, 7 miles N. of Brodick.

Sanquhar, pari, and royal burgh and par., Dum-
friesshire, on river Nith, 26 miles NW. of Dumfries
and 56 miles SE. of Glasgow by rail—par., 40,846 ac.,
pop. 3109; pari, burgh, pop. 1339 ; royal burgh, pop.
1299 ; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks ; has mfrs. of carpets, spades
and shovels, and bricks. Sanquhar was made a roj^al
burgh in 1598, and forms one of the Dumfries District
of Parliamentary Burghs, which returns 1 member.

Sanquliar House, seat, in par. and 1 mile S. of
Forres, Elginshire.

Sansaw HaU, seat, 4 miles S. of Wem, Shropshire.

Santon.—hamlet, Irton par., Cumberland, on river
Irt, 4% miles NE. of Ravenglass ; the river is here
crossed by Santon Bridge, where there is an inn. See
Irton, Santon and Melthwaite.—2. Santon, par.,
Norfolk, on Brandon river, 3 miles E. of Brandon ry.
sta., 1500 ac., pop. 35.—3. Santon, ry. sta., Isle of
Man, 5£ miles SAV. of Douglas. See
St Anne.

Santon, High and low, 2 hamlets, Appleby par.,
Lincolnshire, 5 miles NW. of Brigg.

Santon Bridge, Cumberland. See Santon.

Santon Burn, stream, Isle of Man ; rises at foot of
South Barrule, and flows SE. and S. to the sea.

Santon Downham, par., Suffolk, on river Ouse, 2
miles SAV. of Brandon, 3860 ac., pop. 101.

Santry, par., in co. and 3 miles N. of Dublin, 4709
ac., pop. 860; P.O.; contains Santry House, seat.

Sapcote, par. and vil., Leicestershire, 4 miles E. Of
Hinckley, 1380 ac., pop. 693; P.O.

Saperton. See Sapperton.

Sapey, Lower, par. and vil., AVorcestershire—par.,
1697 ac., pop. 230; vil., on river Frome, 4% miles NE.
of Bromyard ; P.O., called Sapey Bridge.

Sapey, Upper, par. and vil., Herefordshire, in NE.
of co., 6 miles N. of Bromyard, 2190 ac., pop. 323.

Sapiston, par. and vil., Suffolk, 3 miles NW. of
Ixworth, 1230 ac., pop. 263.

Sapley, hamlet, in co. and 2 miles N. of Huntingdon.
Hartford and Sapley.

Sapperton.—par. and vil., Gloucestershire—par.,
3908 ac., pop. 529; vil., 5 m. AV. of Cirencester; P.O.—

2. Sapperton, hamlet, Church Broughton par., Derby-
shire, 6 miles E. of Uttoxeter.—3. Sapperton, par.,
Lincolnshire, 4 m. AA7. of Falkingham, 656 ac., pop. 40.

Saracen’s Head, 3 miles from Holbeach, Lincoln-
shire ; P.O.

Sarclet, fishing vil., in par. and 5 miles S. of Wick,

Saredon, township, Shareshill par., Staffordshire,
4 miles SE. of Penkridge, pop. 270.

Sarlshnry, eccl. dist. and vil., Titchfield par., Hants
—dist., pop. 1022; vil., 5 miles AA7. of Eareham; P.O.,
called Sarisbury Green.

Sark (or Serq), one of the Channel Islands, consist-
ing of 2 parts, Great Sark and Little Sark, 8% miles
NE. of Guernsey—Great Sark, 1035 ac., pop. 526;
Little Sark, 239 ac., pop. 45; P.O. Great Sark and
Little Sark are connected by a narrow neck of land
called the Coupee. The island is almost entirely sur-
rounded by inaccessible rocks; but a fine pier has
recently been erected. Fishing is the principal occupa-
tion, but agriculture is also carried on ; and there are
some manufactures of stockings, gloves, and Guernsey

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