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Seaforth, eccl. dist. with ry. sta., Sefton par., SW.
Lancashire, 4 miles N. of Exchange Station, Liverpool,
pop. 4044; p.o.,
t.o. See Waterloo with Seaforth.

Seafortli, Loch, sea-loch, on E. side of Lewis island,
Outer Hebrides, between Lochs par., Ross-shire, and
Harris par., Inverness-shire ; is 14 miles long and from
f mile to 3 miles wide. Seaforth gave the title of earl
(1623-1716) to the family of Mackenzie.

Seagate Castle, Ayrshire. See Irvine.

Scagoc, par., N. co. Armagh, on river Bann, 9876ac.,
pop. 9053; contains part of Portadown.

scagrave, par. and vil., Leicestershire, 6 miles SE.
of Loughborough, 2470 ac., pop. 360.

Seagry, par., Wilts, 6 miles NE. of Chippenham,
1014 ac., pop. 151; P.O.

Seagry Heath, hamlet, Great Somerfordpar., Wilts,
4 miles SE. of Malmesbury.

Seaham.—coast par. and township, Durham—par.,
2910 ac., pop. 3185 ; township, 1518 ac., pop. 2989 ; the
par. contains Seaham Colliery, vil. with ry sta,.,
4 miles S. of Sunderland, and has rapidly increased in
population since the rise of Seaham Harbour in 1828.—
2. Seaham, ry. sta., Durham, 5J miles S. of Sunder-
land. See
Seaham Harbour.

Seaham, New, eccl. dist. and vil. (ry. sta. Seaham
Colliery), Seaham par., Durham—dist., pop. 2851; vil.,
2 miles N. of Seaham Harbour; P.O.

Seaham Colliery, vil. with ry. sta., Seaham par.,
Durham, 4 miles S. of Sunderland.

Seaham Hall, seat of the Marquis of Londonderry,
near Seaham Harbour, Durham.

Seaham Harbour, seaport town and eccl. dist. with
ry. sta. (Seaham), Dalton le Dale par., Durham, 5J?
miles S. of Sunderland, 1089 ac., pop. 7714 ; P.O., T.O.,
1 Bank, 1 newspaper. Seaham Harbour (which is iden-
tical with the township and local government district of
Dawdon) dates from 1828. It has bottle works, chemi-
cal works, &c., but it depends for its prosperity mainly
on the coal trade. It communicates by railway with
several extensive collieries, and has spacious quays,
jetties, and other conveniences for the shipping of
coal. On Red Acre Point is a lighthouse 58 ft. high,
with fixed light (Seaham) 94 ft. above high water and
seen 14 miles, and with revolving light (Seaham)'94 ft.
above high water and seen 11 miles.

Seal.—par. and vil., Kent, lg mile E. of Sevenoaks,
4445 ac., pop. 1609; P.O., T.o. — 2. Seal (or Scale),
par., Leicestershire, 4 miles SW. of Ashby de la Zouch,
4890 ac., pop. 1708 ; contains Seal Hall and Seal Old
Hall, seats.—3. Seal (or Seale), par. and vil., Surrey
—par., 2994 ac., pop. 912 ; vil., 4 miles E. of Farnham ;
P.O., called Seale; the par. contains part of Tongham
eccl. dist., and is sometimes called Seal with Tongham.

Seal, Nether and Over, township, Seal par.,
Leicestershire, 5J miles SW. of Ashby de la Zouch,
pop, 1338 ; contains Netherseal vil.; P.O.; and Over-
seal vil. ; P.O., T.O.

Seal Houses, hamlet, Arkengarth Dale par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles NW. of Reeth.

Seal Howe, eminence, AYestmorland, near Shap.

Seal Island, Sutherland. See Eilean-NAN-Roan.

Seal Island, in Trawbreaga Bay, NE. co. Donegal.

Seal with Tongham, Surrey. See Seal.

Seale, in W. of Surrey, 4 miles E. of Farnham ;
p.o. See

Seals, The, rocky point, on E. side of Lundy Island,
Bristol Channel.

Scaly, Loch, Ross-shire. See Shell, Loch.

Sealyham, seat, Pembrokeshire, 6 miles S. of Fish-

Seamab Hill, a summit of the Ochils, Muckhart
par., Perthshire, alt. 1442 ft.

Seamer (near Northallerton), par., township, and
vil., North-Riding Yorkshire,
2\ miles NAY. of Stokes
ley—par., 3320 ac., pop. 308; township, 2650 ac
pop. 246.

Seamer (near Scar borough), par., township, and
vil. with ry. sta. (Seamer Junction), North Riding York
shire—par., 11,947 ac., pop. 1908; township, 4691 ac.
pop. 752; vil., 3 miles SW. of Scarborough ; P.O.

Scapark.—seat, near Malahide, E. co. Dublin.—2
Seapark, seat, in co. and 3 miles S. of AYicklow.

Scapatrick (or Newtown), par. and vil., W. co


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