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Stanwix, par., Cumberland, on N. side of Carlisle,
6251 ac. (164 water), pop. 2877; P.O.

Stapcley, township and vil., AVybunbnry par.,
Cheshire, 1 mile SE. of Nantwich, 1249 ac., pop. 602;
contains Stapeley Honse, seat.

Stapenhill, par. and township, Derbyshire, on river
Trent, on SE. side and partly in bor. of Burton on
Trent—par., 4629 ac., pop. 8246 ; township, pop. 3843.

Staplake House, seat, near Starcross sta., Devon.

Staple.—hundred, Hastings rape, Sussex, 14,145 ac.,
pop. 3274; contains 4 pars.—2. Staple, hamlet, Tis-
bury par., AVilts, 3 miles SE. of Hindon.

Staple Fitzpaine, par. and vil., Somerset, 4g miles
SE. of Taunton, 2864 ac., pop. 188.

Staple Hill, 2miles from Fishponds sta., Gloucester-
shire ; P.O.

Staple Inn, par., Middlesex, in bor. of Finsbury, 1
ac., pop. 38.

Staple Street, hamlet, Hernehill and Boughton
under Blean pars., Kent, 3 miles SE. of Faversham.

Staple Tor, Great, summit, Dartmoor, Devon, 4
miles NE. of Tavistock; in vicinity are Mid Staple
Tor and Little Staple Tor.

Staple next Wingltam, par. and vil., Kent, 2 miles
SE. of AVingham, 1009 ac., pop. 521.

Staplecross, vil., Ewhurst par., Sussex, 6 miles NE.
of Battle;
P.O., t.o.

Staplefleld Common, eccl. dist. and vil., Cuckfield
par., Sussex—dist., pop. 721; vil., 4 miles NAV. of
Cuckfield; P.O.

Stapleford.—par. and vil., Cambridgeshire—par.,
1400 ac., pop. 560; vil., 4 miles SE. of Cambridge; P.O.
—2. Stapleford, par. and vil., Herts—par., 1355 ac.,
pop. 200; vil., 2g miles N. of Hertford; P.O.—3.
Stapleford, par., Leicestershire, 4 miles E. of Melton
Mowbray, 3960 ac., pop. 114; contains Stapleford
Bark.—4. Stapleford, par., Lincolnshire, on river
AVitham, 6 miles NE. of Newark, 2930 ac., pop. 154.—
5. Stapleford, market town and par. (ry. sta. Staple-
ford and Sandiacre), Notts, on river Erwash, 6 miles
AV. of Nottingham, 1450 ac., pop. 3196; P.O., T.o., 1
Bank. Market-days,
Monday and Friday. Stapleford
has an ancient church and an endowed school. Silk
and lace are manufactured. Stapleford House is a
seat.—6. Stapleford, par. and vil., AVilts—par., 2084
ac., pop. 228 ; vil., 4 miles NAV. of AVilton; P.O.

Stapleford Abbots, par., Essex, 5 miles N. of Rom-
ford, 2365 ac., pop. 492.

Stapleford Hall, seat, on border of Leicestershire
and Rutland, 4g miles SE. of Melton Mowbray.

Stapleford Tawney, par., Essex, 3 miles SE. of
Epping, 1657 ac., pop. 222.

Staplegate, par., Kent, in Canterbury city, pop. 259.

Staplegrove, par. and vil., Somerset—par., 1059 ac.,
pop. 571; vil., lg mile NAV. of Taunton; P.O.; has
flax mills and a tannery.

Staplehoe, Lower and Upper, 2 hamlets, Eaton
Socon par., on NE. border of Bedfordshire, 2 miles AV.
of St Neots.

Staplehurst, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Kent—par.,
5897 ac., pop. 1637; vil., 8 miles S. of Maidstone;
P.O., T.o. ; near the vil. is Staplehurst Place, seat.

Staplers neath, sandy ridge, Isle of AVight, lg mile
E. of Newport; commands a magnificent view.

Staples, The, Northumberland. See Fern Islands.

Staplestown, seat, in co. and 2 m. SE. of Carlow.

Stapleton.—par. and township, Cumberland, 9 miles
NE. of Longtown—par., 11,764 ac., pop. 841; town-
ship, 4744 ac., pop. 372.—2. Stapleton, seat, Dorset,
near Pimperne Down, 3 miles N. of Blandford.—3.
Stapleton, par. and local government dist. (ry. sta.
Stapleton Road), Gloucestershire, on NE. side and
within the parl. limits of Bristol, 2554 ac., pop. 10,833;
was the birthplace of Hannah More (1745-1833), novelist
and essayist. The residence of the bishops of Glou-
cester once stood here; the building now forms a board-
ing-school.—4. Stapleton, township, in par. and
lg mile
NE. of Presteigne, Herefordshire, 3252 ac., pop. 186.—
5. Stapleton, townshipand vil., Barwellpar.,Leicester-
shire—township, 1380 ac., pop. 204 ; vil., 3g miles NE.
of Hinckley; P.O.—6. Stapleton, par. and vil., Shrop-
I shire—par., 1836 ac., pop. 258; vil., 5 miles S. of
! Shrewsbury; P.O.—7. Stapleton, hamlet, Martock

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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