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Swynnerton Park, Staffordshire. See Swinnerton.

Swyre, par. and vil., Dorset, on the coast, 5 miles
SE. of Bridport, 1168 ac. (65 water), pop. 213.

Swyre Head,—hill, on coast of Dorset, near Kim-
meridge Bay. — 2. Swyre Head, hill, on coast of
Dorset, near Lulworth Cove, alt. 669 ft.

Swythamley Park, seat, Staffordshire, on border of
co., 6½ miles SE. of Macclesfield.

Sybil Head, 9 miles NW. of Dingle, W. co. Kerry.

Syclmaut Pass (the Dry Valley), mountain pass, Car¬
narvonshire, between Penmaenmawr and Conway, 2½
miles W. of Conway, alt. 550 ft.

Sychtyn. See Soughton.

Sydenham.—dist. and ry. sta., Lewisham par. and
bor., Kent, pop. 6937; the sta. is 1 mile NE. of
Crystal Palace sta. and 6 miles SE. of London Bridge.
The Crystal Palace is at Sydenham, which was origi¬
nally a vil. with some celebrated mineral springs.—
2. Sydenham, par., Oxfordshire, 3 miles SE. of Thame,
1548 ac., pop. 355.

Sydenham, seat, in par. and 2 miles N. of Kelso,

Sydenham, ry. sta., N. co. Down, 2 miles NE. of

Sydenham, Lower, ry. sta., Kent, between Lewis¬
ham and Beckenham.

Sydenham, Upper, ry. sta., Kent, between Lord¬
ship Lane and Crystal Palace.

Sydenham Damerel, par. and vil., Devon, on river
Tamar, 4 miles NW. of Tavistock, 1413 ac., pop. 469 ;
near the vil. is Sydenham House, seat.

Sydenham Hill, ry. sta., Surrey, on E. border of
co., between Herne Hill and Beckenham.

Syderstone, par. and vil., Norfolk—par., 2520 ac.,
pop. 517; vil., 4 miles SE. of Docking; p.o.

Sydling (St Nicholas), par., liberty, and vil., Dorset
—par. and liberty, 5028 ac., pop. 559; vil., 8 m. NW. of
Dorchester ; P.O., T.O.; in vicinity is S. Court, seat.

Sydmonton Court, seat, Hants. See Sidmonton.

Sydney Parade, sta. on Dublin and Kingstown Ry.,
in co. and 2 miles SE. of Dublin.

Syerscote, township, in par. and 2| miles NE. of
Tamworth, Staffordshire, pop. 43.

Syerstou, par. and vil., Notts—par., 610 ac., pop.
165; vil., 5 miles SW. of Newark; p.o. ; near the
vil. is Syerston Hall, seat.

Sykehouse, township and vil., Fishlake par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire—township, 4281 ac., pop. 426;
vil., 4 miles SW. of Snaith; p.o.

Sykeslde, vil., Altham township, Whalley par.,
NE. Lancashire, 5 miles AY. of Burnley.

Syleham, par., Suffolk, on river AVaveney, 3 miles
SW. of Harleston, 1603 ac., pop. 280; contains
Syleham House, seat.

Sylvan Park, seat, 3 m. W. of Kells, W. co. Meath.

Symbister, place, on SW. side of AVhalsay island,
Shetland, 14 miles NE. of Lerwick.

Symington.—par. and vil., Ayrshire—par., 3725 ac.,
pop. 697; vil., 3½ miles NE. of Monkton sta. and 6
miles SW. of Kilmarnock; P.O.—2. Symington, par.
and ry. junction, Lanarkshire, on river Clyde—par., 3504
ac., pop. 462; sta., 3J miles SW. of Biggar and 6|
miles SE. of Carstairs Junction ; P.O.

Symington House, seat, in par. and 3J miles NW.
of Stow, Edinburghshire, on Gala Water.

Symond’s Tat, ry. sta., Herefordshire, on border of
co., 4 miles NE. of Monmouth and 7 miles SW. of
Ross; P.O.; Symond’s Yat was formerly a pass on the
road to AYales.

Symondsbury, par., Dorset, on W. side and partly
in bor. of Bridport, 3925 ac. (100 water), pop. 1221.

Syndale Hall, seat, 3 miles SW. of Pontefract, AYest-
Riding Yorkshire.

Syndale House, seat, 1 m. SW. of Faversham, Kent.

Syudercombc, hamlet, Clatworthy par., Somerset, 3
miles NW. of Wiveliscombe.

Synniness, ruined castle, Old Luce par., Wigtown¬
shire, 3 miles SE. of Glenluce.

Syrencot, seat, Wilts; post-town, Amesbury.

Syreshain, par. and vil., Northamptonshire—par.,
4060 ac., pop. 800; vil., 5 miles NE. of Brackley; P.O.;
has mfrs. of lace and of boots and shoes.

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