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Thnrton, par., Norfolk, 2J miles NAY. of Loddon,
771 ac., pop. 199; P.O.

Thnrvaston. See Osleston and Thurvaston.

Thuxton, par. and ry. sta., Norfolk, 4g miles SE. of
Dereham, 1102 ac., pop. 101.

Thwaite.—(or Thwalte St George), par., Suffolk,
4g miles SAY. of Eye, 832 ac., pop. 146; p.o.—2.
Thwaite, hamlet, Grinton par., North-Riding York-
shire, 1 mile NAY. of Muker.

Thwaite St Mary, par., Norfolk, 3 miles SAY. of
Loddon, 676 ac., pop. 120.

Thwaite near Norwich (or Thwaite All Saints),
par., Norfolk, 4 miles N. of Aylsham, 676 ac., pop. 138.

Thwing, par. and vil., East-Riding Yorkshire, 6
miles SAY. of Hunmanby and 9 miles AV. of Bridling-
ton, 4024 ac., pop. 439; P.O.

Thwing Garth, hamlet, Romald Kirk par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 11 miles NAY. of Barnard Castle.

Tiaquin, bar., N. co. Galway, 100,135 ac., pop.
16,959; Tiaquin House, seat, is 7 m. NE. of Athenry.

Tibaldstone, hundred, Gloucestershire, 6209 ac.,
pop. 1000 ; contains 3 pars.

Tibbenham, Norfolk. See Tibenham.

Tibberaghny, par., SAY. co. Kilkenny, on river
Suir, 1 mile SAY. of Pilltown, 1147 ac., pop. 147.

Tibbermore, par. and ry. sta. (Tibbermuir Crossing),
in co. and 5 miles AY. of Perth, 6140 ac., pop. 1883;
P.O.; the par. contains a small part of the parl. and
royal burgh of Perth; the battle of Tibbermore (or
Tippermuir), in which the Marquis of Montrose defeated
the Covenanters, was fought Sept. 1, 1644.

Tibbers, vestiges of ancient castle, 2f miles NAY. of
Thornhill, Dumfriesshire.

Tibberton.—par. and vil., in co. and 6 miles NAY.
of Gloucester, 1400 ac., pop. 363; P.O.; near vil. is
Tibberton Court, seat.—
2. Tibberton, eccl. dist. and
township, Edgmond par., Shropshire, 4 miles NAY. of
Newport—dist., pop. 575; township, 1494 ac., pop. 392;
has paperworks (Tibberton Mill).—3. Tibberton, par.
and vil., in co. and 3 miles NE. of AYorcester, 1320
ac., pop. 347; P.O.

Tibbett’s Hill, Lundy island, Bristol Channel, alt.
510 ft.

Tibbie Shiels Inn, Yarrow par., Selkirkshire, be-
tween St Mary’s Loch and the Loch of the Lowes, 19
miles SAY. of Selkirk; in vicinity is a monument to
James Hogg (1770-1835), “the Ettrick Shepherd.”

Tibbington, Staffordshire. See Tipton.

Tibenham, par. and vil., Norfolk, 2 miles NAY. of
Tivetshall sta. and
7jt miles SE. of AVymondham, 3286
ac., pop. 629; P.O.

Tiberton, par., in co. and 8 miles AY. of Hereford,
llll ac., pop. 123 ; contains Tiberton Court, seat.

Tibobine, par., NAY. co. Roscommon, 44,092 ac.,
pop. 13,897; P.O.; contains Frenchpark.

Tibslielf, par. and vil., Derbyshire, 4 miles NE. of
Alfreton, 2371 ac., pop. 2244 ; P.O.

Tibthorpe, township, Kirkburn par., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 5 m. SAY. of Driffield, 2885ac., pop. 281; P.O.

Ticehurst, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Ticehurst
Road), Sussex, 8265 ac., pop. 3007; P.O., T.o.; the sta.
is 3g miles SAY. of vil. and 9J miles SE. of Tunbridge
AArells; in the neighbourhood are extensive hop-grounds.

Tichborne, par. and vil., Hants, 2 miles SAY. of
Alresford, 3261 ac., pop. 334; P.O.,calledTitchbourne;
Tichborne Park is the seat of the Tichbornes, who
have held the manor from before the Conquest; Tich-
borne became famous in the annals of the law in 1586,
and again in 1873-74.

Tichmarsh, par. and vil., Northamptonshire, 2 miles
NE. of Thrapston, 4480 ac., pop. 920; P.O., called

Tickencote, par., Rutland, 3 m. NAY. of Stamford,
1256 ac., pop. 103 ; contains Tickencote Hall, seat.

Tickenhall, Derbyshire. See Ticknall.

Tickenham, par. and vil., Somerset, 2f miles NAY.
of Nailsea sta. and 8 miles AY. of Bristol, 1627 ac.,
pop. 332; near vil. is Tickenham Honse, seat.

Tickenhurst, hamlet, Northbourne par., Kent, 3
miles S. of Sandwich.

Tickford Abbey, seat, in par. and 1 mile SE. of
Newport Pagnell, Bucks; a monastery was founded
here in time of AVilliam Rufus.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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