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24,974 ac., pop. 14,117; contains 16 pars.—4. Whit-
stone, hundred, Somerset, 30,664 ac., pop. 11,135;
contains 12 pars.

Whittaker Flat, sand off SE. coast of Essex, 5
miles NE. of Foulness.

Whittering, Northamptonshire. See Wittering.

Whittern, seat, Herefordshire, in NW. of co., 2
miles NE. of Kington.

Whlttingham.—township and vil., Kirkham par.,
N. Lancashire, 5 miles NE. of Preston, 3192 ac., pop.
2158 ; P.O., T.o.; contains Whlttingham Honse, seat.
—2. Whlttingham, par., township, and vil., North-
umberland—par., 7838 ac., pop. 1575; township, 6216
ac., pop. 520; vil., 8% miles W. of Alnwick; P.O.

Whittlnghame, par., Haddingtonshire, 15,595 ac.,
pop. 639; P.O.; Whlttinghame House, seat, is on
Whittinghame Water, 3 miles SE. of East Linton; the
ruins of Whittinghame Castle are in the vicinity.

Whittington.—par. and ry. sta., Derbyshire, 2%
miles N. of Chesterfield, 1581 ac., pop. 7271; P.O., T.O.,
called Whittington Moor; contains the vils. of New
Whittington; P.O., T.O. ; and Old Whittington;
P.O.; has large collieries, iron and steel works, and
mfrs. of bricks, tiles, stone bottles, and coarse earth-
ware ; near the sta. is Whittington Hall, seat.—2.
Whittington, par., Gloucestershire, 4% miles SE. of
Cheltenham, 5830 ac., pop. 225; contains Whitting-
ton Court, seat.—3. Whittington, par. and vil., N.
Lancashire—par., 4416 ac., pop. 346; vil., 2 miles SW.
of Kirkby Lonsdale; P.O.; in vicinity is Whittington
Hall, seat.—4. Whittington, eccl. dist., Northwold
par., Norfolk, 1 mile SE. of Stoke Ferry, pop. 243.-5.
Whittington, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Shropshire
—par., 8501 ac., pop. 2111; vil., 2 miles NE. of
Oswestry; P.O.; Whittington Castle is an ancient
ruin surrounded by trees.—6. Whittington, par.,
Staffordshire, 2% miles SE. of Lichfield, 2921 ac., pop.
2099; P.O., T.o.—7. Whittington, hamlet, Grendon
par., AVarwickshire, 1 mile NW. of Atherstone.—8.
Whittington, township and vil., Worcester St Peter
par., Worcestershire — township, 989 ac., pop. 373;
vil., 2% miles SE. of Worcester; P.O.; in vicinity is
Whittington Lodge, seat.

Whittington, Great and Little, 2 townships,
Corbridge par., Northumberland, 7 miles NE. of Hex-
ham; Great AVhittington, 1494 ac., pop. 219; Little
Whittington, 362 ac., pop. 14.

Whittington, New, vil., AVhittington par., Derby-
shire, near Whittington sta.; P.O., T.o.

Whittington, Old, vil., AVhittington par., Derby-
shire, 2% miles NE. of Chesterfield; P.O.

Whittington Moor; p.o., t.o. See Whittington.

Whittle.—township, Shilbottle par., Northumber-
land, 5 miles S. of Alnwick, 549 ac., pop. 19.—2.
Whittle, township, Ovingham par., Northumberland,
11 miles W. of Newcastle on Tyne, 288 ac., pop. 20.—

3. Whittle, Derbyshire. See Beard, Thornsett, &c.

Whittle, Welsh. See Welsh Whittle.

Whittle le Woods, eccl. dist., township, and vil.,
Leyland par., N. Lancashire—dist., pop. 2519; town-
ship, 1355 ac., pop. 1937; vil., 2 miles E. of Leyland
sta. and 6 miles SE. of Preston; P.O.; has a brewery,
and is much frequented on account of its medicinal
springs, which were discovered in 1845, and gave rise to
spacious baths, a commodious hotel, and other requi-
sites for summer visitors.

Whittlebury, par. and vil., Northamptonshire—
par., 2870 ac., pop. 493; vil., 3% miles S. of Towcester;
P.O., T.o. ; Whittlebury Lodge, seat, is in vicinity.

Whittlesey (or Whittlesea), market town and par.
with ry. sta., Cambridgeshire, in NW. of co., 5% miles
E. of Pe. .borough—par., 25,131 ac., pop. 6455; town,
640 ac., pop. 3682; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-day,
Friday. Whittlesey, known at Domesday as AVitesie,
has two ancient churches, two endowed schools, a
town hall, public library, &c. Whittlesey Mere, 4
miles SAV. of the town, a shallow lake, 2 miles long by
1 mile broad, and abounding in fish and wildfowl, has
been drained, and is now a fertile tract.

Whittlesford.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., Cam-
bridgeshire, in S. of co.—par., 1915 ac., pop. 849 ; vil.,
8 miles S. of Cambridge; P.O.; has an endowed school;
in vicinity is Whittlesford Hall, seat.—2. Whittles-
ford, hundred, Cambridgeshire, in S. of co., 11,078 ac.,
pop. 4409; contains 5 pars.

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