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BES    94    BET

ty of Oels, with a castle, seated on the Weida, ' Besighdm, a town of Suabia, in the kingdom of
20 m. E. of Breslau. Pop. 2,350.    Wirtemburg,    with two old castles, at the conflu-

Bcrre, a town of France, in the department of ence of the Neckar and Ens, 25 m. N. by W. of
Mouths of the Rhone, formerly one of the strong- Stuttgard. Pop. about 2,000.
est towns of Provence. It stands on a lake of
Bessarabia, or Budzac, a territory of European
xe2x80xa2    the    same name, at the influx of a river, 18 m. W. Turkey, on the N. W. coast of the Black Sea,

S. W. of Aix. Pop. 1,800.    between the mouth of the    Danube    and    the

Berry, a late province of France, bounded on    Dniester. On the    banks    of    the last    river    the

tlie north by the Orleanois and Blaisois, east by    Tartar inhabitants rove from place to place.    Their

fie Xivernois and Bourbonnois, south by the    common food is the flesh of oxen    and    horses,

Bourbonnois and Marche, and west by Touraine    cheese, and mares’    milk.    Bender is    the capi-

and Poitou. It is fertile in corn, fruit, hemp,    tal.

and flax; and there is excellent wine in some pla-    Bessay, a town of France, in the    department It now forms the two departments of Cher    of Allier, 8 m. S. of Moulins.

and Indre.    Besse, a town of France, in the department ol

Berrysburg, p.v. Dauphin Co. Pa. 30 m. fr. Har- Puy de Dome, 18 m. S. of Clermont,
Bessenay, a town of France, in the department

Bersello, a town of Italy, in the Modenese, of Rhone, 12 m. W. of Lyons,
with a castle, seated on the Po, at the influx of
Bestricia, a town of Transylvania, with gold
the Linza, 10 m. N. N. E. of Parma.    mines in its neighbourhood. It is 85 m. N. W. of

Bertie, a County of North Carolina, bounded Hermanstadt. Long. 28. 45. E. lat. 47. 30. N.
rn the south by the Roanoke River, and east by    
Betanzos, a town of Spain, in Galicia, seated

Albemarle Sound. Pop. 12,276. Windsor the    on the Mandeo, at its entrance into the bay of

chief town, is 194 m. E. by N. of Raleigh.    the Atlantic, 20 m. S. of Ferrol. Long. 8. 6. W.

Beitinero, a town of Italy, in Romagna, with lat. 43. 20. N.
a citadel, seated on a hill, 15 m. S. of Ravenna.    
Betelfaugi, or Beit-el-fakih, a town of Arabia

Bertrand, St. a town of France, in the depart- Felix, famous for the vast quantity of coffee
ment of Upper Garonne. It was lately an epis-    bought and sold in it. It is 25 m. E. of the Red

copal see, and is 45 m. S. of Auch. Long. 0. 48.    Sea. Long. 57 20. E. lat. 15. 40. N.

E. lat. 42. 56. N.    Bethabara, a town of North Carolina, in Stokes

Bervie, or Inverbervie, a borough of Scotland, County, noted for being the first settlement of
in Kincardineshire, at the mouth of the Bervie, the Moravians in those parts, begun in 1753. It
which forms a harbour for small vessels, 12 m. N. is 6 m. N. of Salem.

E. of Montrose. Pop. 1,092.    Bethania, or Bethany, a village at the foot of

Berwick-upon-Tweed, a borough on the borders Mount-Olivet, on the east side, where Lazarus
of England and Scotland. It was once a strong dwelt, and was raised from the dead ; and where
fortress, of great importance, when England and Christ appeared among his disciples for the last
Scotland were hostile nations, to each of which time after his crucifixion. It is about two miles
it alternately belonged, or was considered as a dis- to the east of Jerusalem.

trict separate from both countries. It now be-    Bethania, p.t. Stokes Co. N. C. 125 m. N. W

longs to the bishopric of Durham, and the Eng- Raleigh. This place was settled by the Moravians
lish judges hold the assizes here. It is still forti-    
Bethany,    t. Wayne Co. Pa.

fled, and has good barracks for the garrison, but    Bethany,    ph. Genessee Co.    N.    T    250    m. W.

its castle is now in ruins. It supplies the Lon- Albany. Pop. 2,374.

don markets with considerable quantities of sal-    Bethel, there are 14 towns of this name in the

mon, pickled pork, and grain, and has some manu-    U. States;    namely in Me., Vt., Conn., N. Y., Pa.,

factures. Pop. in 1821, 8,723. It returns two    and Ohio.

members to parliament, and is seated on the north    Bethlehem, a town of Syria, in Palestine, fa-

side of the Tweed, near the sea, 54 m. S. E. of mous for the birth of Christ. It was once a flour-
Edinburgh, and 337 N. by W. of London. Long, ishing town, but now an inconsiderable place.
2. O.W. lat. 55. 46. N.    Here is a church erected by the famous Helena,

Berwick, ph. York Co. Me. 7m. N.W. York. Pop. in the form of a cross; also a chapel, called the
3,168. There are also 3 towns of this name in Pa. Chapel of Nativity, where they pretend to show
Berwickshire, a maritime and the S. E. border the manger in which Christ was laid; another
county of Scotland. Coldstream, Greenlaw, called the Chapel of Joseph; and a third of the
Danse, and Lauder are the principal towns; it is Holy Innocents. Bethlehem is much visited by
an agricultural county, and has but few manu- pilgrims; and is seated on a ridge of hills, six
factures.    miles S. E. of Jerusalem

Berwick, North, a borough of Scotland, in Had-    Bethlehem, a town of Pennsylvania, in North-

dingtonshire,onthe Frith of Forth, 9 m. N. of Had- ampton County, situate on the Lehigh, a branch
dington and 22 E.N. E. of Edinburgh. Pop. 1,694. of the Delaware. The town being partly on an
Sesalu, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, seated eminence, and partly on the lower banks of the
near the Fluvia, 44 m. N. N. W. of Gerona.    Manakes (a fine creek) has a pleasant and healthy

Besancon, a fortified city of France, and an situation, and is frequently visited in summer by
archiepiscopal see, capital ofthe department of the gentry from different parts. It is the princi-
l)oubs. It has a citadel, on a high rock, the base pal settlement in America of the Moravians, who
'    of    which touches two sides of the Doubs, which were fixed here by count Zinzendorf, in 1741

here forms a peninsula; also an university, an The German language is more in use than the
academy of sciences, a literary, military society, English; but divine service is performed in both
and a public library in the abbey of St. Vincent, languages. It is 53 m.N. N. W. of Philadelphia.
The triumphal arch of Aurelian, and other Ro- Long. 75. 8. W. lat. 40.37. N. There are 11 other
man antiquities, are still to be seen. It is 52 m. towns called Bethlehem, in N. H., Conn., N. Y
F<. of Dijon, and 228 S. E. of Paris. It has sev- Pa., Va., Geo., Ohio., and Ind.
pral manufactures. Pop.
28,200.    Bethnal-Green, one of the out-parishes on the

















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