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BUD    136    BUE

Aylesbury, ducks are reared very early in the
spring, and sometimes at Christmas, which being
sent to London, sell at high price. The only
manufactures of consequence in this county are
those of bonelace and paper. The former is car-
ried on at Olney, Newport-Pagncll, and Han-
slope, and the latter principally in the neighbour-
hood of Wycomb. At Amersham there is a
manufacture of sacking and of white cotton goods ;
and at Marlow7 are some large works of copper,
brass, and brass-wire ; and mills for making thim-
bles and pressing rape and linseed. This county
is adorned with several magnificent seats, and in
various parts Roman roads- and military stations
are traced, and Roman antiquities have been
occasionally discovered. The principal towns
are Aylesbury, Buckingham, Marlow; and of
a secondary class, Amersham, Wycomb, and
Wendovcr ; each of which returns twin members
to parliament, in addition to tw7o for the county.

Buckingham, a borough, and one of the prin-
cipal towns in the preceding county, is situate
on the north bank of the Ouse, by which it is
nearly surrounded, and over which there are
three bridges. It is a place of considerable an-
tiquity, having been fortified by Edward the Elder
in 918, against the incursions of the Danes. It
had formerly a castle in the centre of the town,
on the site of which, towards the close of the last
century, an elegant new church was erected. The
summer assizes for the county are held here. The
town hall is a spacious edifice of brick. A great
number of calves are fattened, and large quantities
of butter made for the London market in this part
of the county : lace is also made here. Market
on Saturday. Pop. in 1821, including four ad-
joining hamlets, 3,465,16 m. north of Aylesbury,
26 N. E. of Oxford, 23 S. W of Northampton,
and 55 N. of London.

Buckingham, an interior county in the E. district
of Virginia, forming nearly a square, the west
and north sides of which are bounded by James
River. Pop. 18,351. The court-house, in the
centre of the county is 64 m. AV. of Richmond.
Also the name of three towns in Pa.

Buckinghamshire, a county of Lower Canada,
m the district of Trois Rivieres, on the south
bank of the St. Lawrence.

Buckland, ph. Franklin Co. Mass. 105 m. W.
N. W. Boston. Pop. 1,039.

Bucks, a frontier county in the E. district of
the state of Pennsylvania, bounded on the north-
east and south-east by the Delaware River, which
divides it from New Jersey, and on the south-west
by Montgomery county, the south-west corner
jetting upon Philadelphia. Population, 45,740.
Bristol, the chief towin, in the south-east part of
the county, on the bank of the Delaw7are, is 142
m. E. of Harrisburg, and 18 N. E. of Philadel-

T.ucksport, ph. Hancock Co. Me. on the E. bank
of tlie Penobscot, 17 ni. above Castine. It is a
maritime towin and has a considerable trade. Pop.

Buda, or Ofen, the capital of Lower Hungary,
situate en the side of a bill, on the west side of
the Danube, over which is a bridge of boats to
Pest. The inhabitants are estimated at 25,000.
The churches and public buildings are handsome.
In the adjacent country are vineyards, which pro
ducxc2xa3 excellent wine. Prior to 1526, when it sur-
rendered to the Turks, it was the residence of the
kings of Hungary. From that period, for 160
years, it was an object of jealousy and contention
between the Turks and the Christian powrers of
Europe ; when, in 1686, it surrendered to the lat
ter, who strengthened the fortifications, and by
whom it has since been retained without inier-
ruption. It suffered greatly by fire in 1810, when
600 houses w7ere destroyed ; but their places have
since been supplied with improved buildings. It
is about 130 m. E. S. E. of A'ienna, and 180 N.
N. AV. of Belgrade. Long. 19. 5. E. lat. 47. 30. N.

Budanitza, a towin at the north-west end of
Sclavonia, near the south bank of the Drave, 23
m. S. AV. of Funfkirchen.

Budlich, a towin of Germany, in the territory
of Treves ; seated on the Traen, 12 m E. N. E. of

Buderich, or Burich, a. town of German}7, in the
duchy of Cleves ; seated on the Rhine, 22 m. S. E.
of Cleves, and 4 S. E. of Wesel.

Budin, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of Ra-
konitz, with a castle, 9 m. S. by AV. ofLeut-

Budingen, a towin of Germany, in AAretteravia,
with a castle ; situate on the Sambach, 25 m. E.
N. E. of Frankfort, on the Maine.

Budinze, a town of Sclavonia, 18 m. S. AV. of

Budoa, a strong seaport of Dalmatia, and a
bishop’s see. It sustained a siege by the Turks,
in 1686, and is 30 miles S. E. of Ragusa. Long.
18. 58. E. lat. 42. 10. N.

Budrio, a town of Italy, in the Bolognese, 8
m. E. of Bologna.

Budweis, a fortified town of Bohemia in the
circle of Bechin, and lately a bishop’s see. In the
environs are mines of gold and silver. It is seat-
ed on the Muldau, 75 m. S. by AV. of Prague.

Budweis, a town of Moravia in the circle of
Znaim, 40 m. S. AV. of Bunn, and 65 N. N. W.
of Vienna.

Buenos Ayres, Under this head it has been
usual to include a vast portion of the southern
divisions of the western hemisphere, extending
from the 13th to the 41st deg. of south lat. com-
prising an area of about 1,450,000 square miles;
constituted a vice-royalty of Spain in 1778, but
from the period of July, 1806, to July, 1821, it
continued in perpetual revolution ; when at the
latter period it was constituted an independent
republic by the title of the
United Provinces of
South America,
under which head its aggregate
and general features will be found exhibited.

Buenos Ayres, one of the eight united provinces
of South America, is the most easterly division
of the republic, being bounded on the east from the
26th to the 34th deg. of south lat. by the Brazilian
territory, and from the 34th to the frontier of Pata-
gonia, in the lat. of41 south by the Atlantic Ocean ;
divided into two parts north and south by the great
river La Plata, which falls into the Atlantic Ocean,
between the lats. of 35. and 37. The north part
of this province is intersected from north to south
by the great rivers Parana and Uruguay, the
united waters of which form the.La Plata. This
part is bounded on the west by a conventional
line, which divides it from the province of Cor-
dova, from 50 to 120 m. W. of Parana River.
The greater portion of this division of the province
is exceedingly fertile, and the congeniality of its
climate wrorthy of the title which it has conferred
upon the country. It contains several considera-
ble towins, the most important of which are Cor-
rientes in the north, on the east bank of the
Parana : Santa Fe, south, on the west bank of
ditto; and Monte Video on the north bank of ths


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