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CAP    163    CAR

markets are well supplied with fish from the open
sea, and from the numerous inlets of the coast.

Cape May, a maritime county, forming a prom-
ontory at the south extremity of the state of New
Jersey. The cape, at the extreme south point, is
in lat. 33. 57. N., the west side being washed by
Delaware Bay. and the east to great Egg harbour,
in the lat. of 39. 12. X., by the Atlantic Ocean,
this side in its whole extent being flanked by a
chain of islands. Pop. of the county, 4,945.
The court-house of tire county is 102 m. S. of

In these parts are great numbers of the gazelle or
hart beest, as the Dutch call it. Tiiis is one of
the most common animals of the territory. The

%* For numerous other capes see their respec-
tive names.

Capelle, a town of France in the department of
Aisne, 10 m. N. E. of Guiese.

Capestan, a town of France, ii the department
of Herault, near the river Aude and the ca-
nal of Languedoc, 6 m. west of Beziers.

Caphon Springs, p.v. Frederic Co. Va. At this
place are mineral springs resorted to by invalids.

Capitanata, a province of Naples, east of the
Apennines, bounded on the east for about 70 miles
by the Adriatic, varying in breadth from 40 to 80
miles, containing an area of about 3,500 square
miles, and 270,000 inhabitants. It is watered by
several streams falling into the Adriatic. The
chief town upon the coast is Manfredonia; and
Lucent, 35 m. W. of Manfredonia, and 90 E. by
N. of the city of Naples, is the chief town.

Capo Fino, a barren rock in the territory of
Genoa, with a castle on its eastern pedk. Near it is
a port of the same name, 13 m. E. S. E. of Genoa.
Long. 8. 56. -E. lat. 44. 20. N.

Cicf Istria, a town of Italy,jcapital of Istria,
and a bishop's see. It stands on a small island
in the golf of Trieste, connected with the conti-
nent by s, cause way, which is defended by acastle.
The principal revenue consists in wine and salt.
It is 8 m. S. of Trieste. Long. 14 0. E. lat.
45. 40. N. Pep. about 5,000.

Cappti. a town of Denmark, in the duchy of
Sleswick. on the east coast, 16 m. N. E. of Sles-

Capraria, an isle in the Mediterranean, to the
N. E. of Corsica. 15 miles in circumference. It
has a town of the
same name, with a good har-
bour defended by
a castle. It is included in the
Sardinian States. Pop. about 2,000. Long. 9. 56.
E. lat. 43. 5. N.

Capri, an island in the Mediterranean, at the
entrance of the gulf of Naples, nearly opposite
Sorrento. It is
five miles long and two broad,





















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with steep shores, accessible only in two places;
and was the retreat of the emperor Tiberius, who
here spent the last ten years of his life in luxu-
rious debauchery. A vast quantity of quails come
here every year; and the tenth of what are caught,
forms a great part of the revenue of the bishop,
who is hence called the Bishop of Quails. Pop!
about 3,600.

Capri, the capital of the island of the same
name, and a bishop’s see, with a castle. It was
once a delightful place, embellished with magnifi-
cent winrks, which were demolished after the
death of Tiberius. It is 27 miles S. S. AV cf
Naples Long. 14. 10. E. lat. 40. 32. N.    *

Caprycke, a town of the Netherlands, 18 m. E.
of Bruges, on the road to Phillipina. Pop. abcnt


Capua, a strong city of Naples, in Terra di
Lavoro, and an archbishop’s see, with a citadel.

It is two miles from the ancient Capua, and was
built out of its ruins. No city in Italy, except
Rome, contains a greater number of ancient in-
scriptions. In 1803 it suffered much by an earth-
quake, and a number of cavalry were buried un-
der the ruins of their barracks. It stands at the
foot of a mountain, on the river Volturno, 20 m.
N. of Naples. Long. 14. 19. E. lat. 41. 7. N.

Cara, a river of Russia, which issues from the
north extremity of the Ural mountains, and flpws
into the gulf of Karskoi, in the Arctic Ocean;
forming the boundary between Europe and Asia,
for the space of about 140 miles.

Caracas, a territory extending along the north-
ern coast of South America, between the 64th
and 70th
degree of AV. long. It was first discov-
ered by Columbus, on his third
voyage, in 1498.
Several attempts were immediately after made
hy Spanish adventurers to form settlements,
which being partially effected, it was sold by
Charles V. of Spain to a company of German
trading adventurers, who, by their intolerable op-
pressions, were expelled the country in 1550.

It was then formed into a captain-generalship,
under the command of a supreme governor ap-
pointed by the king of Spain, under whose
sovereignty it remained in undisturbed possession
up to 1806. When the events of the war, which
desolated Europe from 1793 had cut off all
direct intercourse between Spain and her exter-
nal possessions, a futile attempt was made by
General Miranda to revolutionize this part of
South America. In 1810, however, when the
French had obtained the entire possession of Spain,
and proclaimed the sovereignty of all its external
possessions, a congress was convened of deputies
from all the provinces of the captain-generalship
of Caracas, to devise measures either for the es-
tablishment of an independent government, or
for effecting some modification in the then exist-
ing one. This led to internal dissensions and in
veterate hostility between the two parties; one,ad-
vocates for maintaining the government as it then
existed,^faich were supported by Spain on the
restorati^rof Ferdinand in 1812, and the other,
who placed General Bolivar in the command of
their armed forces, resolved upon acceding to
nothing short of unqualified independence. The
contest continued .with alternate success up
the close of the year 1819 when on the 19th of
of December a union was effected between
the provinces of Caracas and those of
Granada, and on the 24th of June, 1821 the
last battle was fought, which decided the fate
of the pretensions of Spain and the final extinction


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